Walking with Spirit by your side, as you continue your journey.

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Today, Spirit wants me to pass on a message to my readers:

Your spiritual path and purpose are not a separate part of your life that is floating around, waiting for you to notice it.  It is an integral part of you, and you are living it every day.  

Having shared that, here’s a little update on my own spiritual path and progress.

My move to Florida to build a new life from a fresh start has challenged me to remember this very thing.  I’m still in the process of looking for a full time job, which is a job in and of itself.   In the interim, I’ve been very actively meditating and talking to my People in Spirit about my new life and what my Human self can do to move the process along.  I’ve been instructed to work on making friends with my body, and to work toward making it healthier and stronger.  I have physical limitations that do not allow me to just go gangbusters at the gym.  In addition, I’ve not been active in a very long time, so I’m very much a beginner, all over again.   My People have helped me understand that my idea of how to make my body healthier is too narrow.  It doesn’t need to involve my ‘pushing’ through the pain, and going further than my body can comfortably handle.  I’ve been drawn to Yoga for some time, but have held off on that too.  Why?  Because I couldn’t do each pose perfectly, and therefore I thought I just couldn’t do it.  My People have brought this to the surface and made me see it for what it is.  Fear.   I’d be the first one to tell another person they don’t have to be perfect, but when it comes to myself, I show no mercy.  I’m grateful for the experiences I’ve had that have allowed my fear to surface, so I can see it, understand it, and heal it.  Now I do a very mild Yoga routine that may seem very easy to most people, is still quite challenging to me, but you know what?  I’m okay with that.

In general, I must learn to be more gentle with myself.  I admit, I am a very harsh critic.  Most people have been made to cry by what others think, but I am best at making myself cry with my own hurtful thoughts– but that is part of my journey.

It’s been very interesting, just plopping myself down in a new city, and a new state, not knowing anyone and having no real plan other than ‘get a job!’  But I’m actually very comfortable with where I am.  I trust Spirit.  I’ve never been lead in the wrong direction when I tune in and listen to my Soul.   While I know I am to work in a specific type of way with people, I’m still unsure how that process will unfold.  I had thought I would be going back to school- and I still might- but I am starting to see there is more than one way and I need to stay open to that.

I’ve been guided to become a part of a community of people here that I never would have approached on my own.  Typically, I like to stand at a distance first, and make sure everything looks okay before I make the decision to step into the Light, so to speak.  This time the decision was easy, because it came from a higher place, and I have learned to trust it.  There’s need for my brain to evaluate and overthink things, or for my mind to race through possible scenarios that I may find myself in.  I listened and I stepped into my place.  I’ve only been to 2 gatherings, and I’m already overwhelmed with the amazing souls I’m encountering as a result.  On the way out of the last gathering, it was raining so hard that you couldn’t see the grass in some areas outside.  I had no umbrella, so I just said out loud, “Oh, I’m going to get wet, but that’s okay, it’s only water.”   When I turned around, the head of this organization was standing there with an umbrella for me.  He said I could return it the next time I came to the center.   Now let me make this clear before I say anything else-  It’s not so much that I expect people will not care, it’s just that I’ve never felt the degree of openness and genuine caring for others that I’ve found here.  This is another confirmation that I’m where I’m supposed to be.

Know that you are safe and being looked after, even if you are not aware of it.  My wish for all of my readers is to discover their own inner voice, and to know it comes from a place of Love.  Many blessings to you, and the beautiful Soul I know you are.

Who do you think you are?

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This question is one that we can carry with us all of our lives.  Who are we, really?  I’ve had my own battles with conflicting philosophies, or world views.  When the time was right, Spirit explained a simple truth to me that shines a light through all of the conflict and it is a beautiful truth.

We all have a soul.  In fact, all living things have a soul.  The soul is our source of life.  The soul has an identity.

When we incarnate as humans, we take on the task of experiencing life from a new perspective.  We willingly let go of our infinite knowledge in order to experience life as human beings.  This results in a new identity with each incarnation, which I will refer to as the Ego Identity.

The conflict that we face as humans, is demonstrated beautifully through the life of Jesus Christ.  That is, we are both Human and Divine.

When we come into Human form, consciousness of our Soul and its Identity is diminished.  However, it is not entirely absent.  Modern man and his inventions have shifted our attention from having a greater consciousness of our Soul by distracting us from our inner world. The more we have turned our attention outward through technology and artificial attachments, the more we have grown to embrace our Ego Identity as our only Identity.

All ancient and indigenous Peoples have known we are Spirit incarnate.  This was not ‘religion,’ it was a universal truth, that connected us to all living things, and allowed the consciousness of our Souls to be present.   Evolution is the explanation for how, as a species, we went from here to there.  But, evolution is a scientific concept, not a spiritual one, and accounts for the physical only.  Science can only explain what we have the ability to perceive through our human senses and current technology.  In other words, it operates purely from the Ego Identity.

Why is this important and why am I talking about this today?  Well, it’s not a secret that mass consciousness has undergone a major shift, with 2012 being a major milestone.  People have been confused and without their internal compass for a long time, seeking means outside of themselves to understand who they are and their place in the world.  Now that the energy in consciousness has shifted, our awareness of our Soul Identity is coming to the surface at a rapid pace.  We are becoming more aware of who we really are.  This sudden awareness is frightening to those who have molded their reality based on science and religion, each which tells a story about reality that is finite, and limited.

I noticed most of the good people who have come to me for spiritual guidance have had the same dominating theme in their lives- a sense of uncertainty, and a crisis of direction.  Spirit’s explanation regarding our Soul Identity and Ego Identity is the answer to all of these issues, simultaneously.  It is precisely the shift in consciousness that has brought us here.

The best example of this is the unemployment crisis.  It’s more than just the economy.  As a society, we’ve created industries with hierarchies, and jobs as a means to obtain money in order to live.  Many have wanted more than the means to live, creating competition for resources and a world that appears to be more of a battlefield than of interconnectedness.  Because of the consciousness of our Soul’s Identity, we are no longer contented with our Ego as the only source of Identity.  People who have spent 20 years in an executive role, making tons of money and climbing the corporate ladder are finding themselves conflicted, simply because their Soul knows this is not their highest purpose.  The lack of awareness that drove people to pursue power and wealth cannot compete with the power of our Soul, which is why so many of us are calling our lives into question.

Our well-formed concepts of who we are and what we are here to do, are being challenged by the expanded awareness of our Souls.  For example, how can a person go to work in a cubicle every day, entering data and taking a one-hour lunch possibly feel a sense of deep fulfillment when their Soul is calling them to a life of healing others?   So many people have found themselves in a position where they have done all they have been taught to be correct, and feel something must be wrong with them because they are still not happy.  They are learning that there is one simple truth that must be followed in order to be whole, fulfilled beings:

Trusting in the outer world, those who possess power through prominent positions,

wealth and worldly knowledge is not enough to propel you

to that place of peace and happiness we all long for.  

Trusting in God, and the voice of your Soul is.

If everything you know is being challenged, and what you thought was the truth is suddenly unstable, this message is for you.

Everything is alive and communicates

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Time for a more personal post. I recently moved to Fort Myers, FL. This change has been in the works for a few months. The short story is it is time for me to begin my life’s work, which includes going back to school and becoming a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.  I fully intend for my intuitive work to continue as well.  My dream is to combine a clinical background with my spiritual insights and mediumship work. Ultimately, I will be specializing in working with the dying and terminally ill.

As I’m settling in, and getting used to my new surroundings, I’m finding that my soul is closer to the surface than it has been since I was a little girl.  My ‘knowing’ was not something I questioned as a child.  I trusted it, and it never lead me astray.  One of the major themes that has resurfaced is the theme of truth.  It’s all I’ve ever cared about.  I have always been empathic.  My feelings seem to encompass my entire energy field at any given time.  One of the things I’ve heard from people in the psychic community is that it is important to ‘turn off,’ and that it’s not good to be ‘open’ all the time.  From a certain perspective I can understand what they mean, however, for myself, this is not possible.  My empathic and psychic abilities are intertwined with how I experience the world.  To close one off would be like putting on ear muffs, or a blindfold.  They all work together.  My lesson, though, is in how to interpret all of the incoming information in a way that is comprehensive, and not just pieces that don’t fit together. In essence, my Spirit must learn to become part of my Human/Ego to merge into one Whole Self.  I can no longer be a Soul Identity and a Human Identity.  It is time for me to be who I truly am.

What I’ve found is that when I become clear- that is, my guidance comes through with amazing clarity- there are signs all around me.  Tonight as I walked in the light rain, just as the sun was beginning to set in the sky, I had the most peaceful feeling. I looked up, and saw a single, white, fluffy dandelion seed, floating in between the raindrops.  It seemed to be invincible to the wet rain drops, and was being carried by the breeze.

Every seed is a chance for life to begin anew.
Every seed is a chance for life to begin anew.

I tried to catch it, but it floated upward toward the sky just as I was reaching for it. I knew this tiny seed that could float between the raindrops was a sign from God because over the last 3 weeks, I’ve been seeing the little fluffy seeds everywhere- actual dandelions as well as in patterns on clothing and fabrics. They respresent my dream.  The seed had a message.  When it’s the right time and the right place, nothing can stop my dream from reaching its full potential.

I continued my walk and saw a squirrel climbing up a palm tree.  This made me smile, as it’s the first squirrel I’ve seen, and Squirrel is one of my Animal Totems.  When it reached its desired height, It turned around and looked at me.  I greeted him and silently let him know I was grateful for his appearance.  It was another sign- a ‘Welcome’ sign.

When you trust and follow your guidance, everything seems to communicate with you, and you can easily perceive the interconnectedness of all living things.

I look forward to writing more posts, more often, and sharing my journey with you. I thank you, my readers, for being my companions, walking by my side every step of the Way.

So you really think talking about your problems does nothing?

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If you’ve read my past blogs, you know that I spent 5 years as a Massage Therapist, and my insight has been that the physical is the last place problems manifest.  Unfortunately for most people, problems are not addressed until the physical calls out to them- an ache, a pain, a stiff neck.  These are not the inconveniences we think they are.  They are Messages.  And when you don’t listen, they become LOUDER.  When they become loud enough, some people may see a doctor.  Other people end up on a massage table.

Some issues were relatively simple at first glance.  Of course, administrative workers came in with neck and shoulder problems, atheletes came in with sore muscles , and waitresses came in with stiff backs from standing and carrying heavy plates. Their pain made sense in a practical way, but that’s not where the problems started.  Each person had their aches and pains, but they also had a story.  This is where the Message Therapy comes in.

Rule of thumb in massage- the client is there to relax, not to chat with you.  I would turn down the lighting, put on relaxing music, and start my work– and my clients started talking.  They didn’t just talk, they were animated in their story-telling, and even passionate. There’s something special about saying something out loud and hearing it in our own voice.  This is where the healing began. My clients would suddenly have insights and come up with solutions they’d never considered.  Some of them would simply let out a sigh of relief at having unloaded a heavy emotional burden.  All of them received what they needed to heal and let go of the pain they were holding on to.

When I hear people say talking about their problems does nothing, I can’t help but shake my head.  The funny thing is, I hear this kind of thing most often from frustrated, disgruntled people who don’t talk about their problems.  Of course, I respect that they may not be at a point where they are ready to heal.  Sometimes of our lessons here are hard to take, and we avoid them by building boundaries and being defensive.  Some may never be ready to face them.

I have seen people transform right before my eyes,

just from sharing a story or confessing a worry.

Just seeing a look of recognition in they face of another human being when voicing our emotions can be transformative.  Talking about our problems helps us relieve stress, come up with new insights, create a sense of community with others, and validates our feelings, to name a few benefits.  It helps us get perspective.  It helps us feel less alone and isolated.  Might I also mention that those of my clients who did tend to open the floodgates would get better faster?

Massage really was the gateway I had to walk through to get how the process works for us stubborn humans.  We feel depressed but we tell ourselves we are fine.  We stay in situations that are detrimental to our mental health.  All the while, we know what must be done, remaining blissfully ignorant until it reaches the physical level, where we can no longer ignore that something wrong!  We may try to get rid of it with a pill, but if there’s a Message for you in the pain, it will persist until you get it.  Most people will put themselves through enormous amounts of suffering before they are willing to address the underlying problem.  That’s how far the lies we tell ourselves can go.  Speaking your Truth really is the best medicine.

Trusting in Your Guidance

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When you make the commitment to follow Spirit, you must understand that you have entered into a very personal relationship that requires attention and continual trust. You will have many instances where your guidance does not follow any line of logic, but you must trust it!

William Adolphe Bouguereau’s “Dream of Spring”

A couple of weeks ago, I was having a visit with a friend. We stopped in a natural food store, and upon walking in I noticed some free publications- one of which was Wisdom–  a spiritual magazine. Since leaving the Boston area, I had not been able to find it anywhere. I was so excited! After shopping, we went to have lunch, and as we waited for the food to arrive, I poured through the pages of this awesome resource. As I looked through the ads for people offering services of a psychic nature, one word stood out to me- Lightarian. I didn’t know what it referred to, or meant at the time, but I know when something stands out to me in this way, Spirit is trying to get my attention. I spoke the word out loud, and asked my friend if she knew what it was about. She didn’t seem to have any reference points either, so we moved on and had a nice lunch.

The next stop I had on my list was to a place called The Sanctuary, a spiritual shop that carries things like books, oracle decks, jewelry and although I didn’t know it at the time, a variety of classes. We walked around, and explored the little nooks and crannies of the store. The woman at the desk started to ask us some friendly questions. The word, “Lightarian” popped into my head, and although I had no idea what I was asking, I asked. “Do you have anyone here who does Lightarian work?” “Yes, as a matter of fact we do!” was the response. It was quite surprising! She went on to tell me about something called AngelLinks, and a brochure that explains it further. I left my name, and asked if I could be contacted when the next class was being offered.

It wasn’t too long before I received a call from the facilitator, Amy Marino, to explain more about what AngelLinks was all about. She had left a voicemail, and as I was getting ready to call back my thoughts started to turn toward how I would be able to afford to take these classes that I knew I was supposed to take. I decided immediately that if I had to take it one-on-one, I would need to schedule the attunements over 5 months (there are 5 attunements). I called her back, and she explained a bit more about the process, and that she was planning on having the classes over a 5 month period to make it more affordable for people! This was an incredible confirmation that my connection to Spirit was very clear!

I’m happy to say that I booked that class and received my first attunement on Valentine’s Day. I’m looking forward to the next 4!

Had I tried to rationalize any of this, it would not have happened. I had to follow what I was being shown. It’s been over a period of months that my attention has been drawn toward the angelic realm, but nothing had presented itself for me as an action step. I had to wait. Impatience is a hard thing to pair with Spirit! Spirit works in its own time.

As always, my words are meant to serve as an example, not direction. You must always trust your own guidance, and be patient. There is no end-game. This is a never-ending journey.

Let me call you sweetheart

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again– when Spirit wants to send us a message, it always finds a way.

For the last few days I’ve been hearing “Let me call you sweetheart,” gently streaming through my mind.  This was a song that my grandfather used to like to sing.  It was soft, not too much of a nudge, but it was there and made me think of him and the time in my life that to this day I consider the best time of my life.

I recently became a listener of iTunes Radio, which is a nice change of pace from scrolling through my personal library of music over and over. Since my taste in music is very eclectic, I have quite a few stations that you’d be surprised to see alongside one another. Today, I decided to create a new station, so I typed in “Let me call you sweetheart” and let the music play.

Oh what a different time it was when songs like this were popular. I found myself flying through my work at a very steady pace with artists like Perry Como, Patti Page and The McGuire Sisters, reminding me of a more gentle time in the background. I thought about being a little girl in my grandparent’s North End apartment, and how every time I turned on the bathroom light, the radio would turn on and I would hear all of these artists and more.  Then my thoughts turned toward my grandmother and how much I’ve missed her every single day of my life since she went Home in 1983.  It always brings me back to myself when I think of her. She was the only person in the world who I ever felt truly understood me. She never had an unkind word, although she was a tough cookie.  She’s the one who taught me how to tidy my room, saying things like, “if you take care of your things, you’ll always have new things.”  I thought about how my life would have been different if she was still with me.

And then, all of a sudden, there it was.

Patti Page- Old Cape Cod
Patti Page- Old Cape Cod

My grandmother saying hello, through a song.  A song that came because I listened to my grandfather saying, “let me call you sweetheart.” She hears me.  She knows I’m still at her favorite place, Cape Cod.

When your loved ones are trying to reach out to you, they will use whatever means necessary to do so. My grandmother knows me so well, and can give me messages easily, but she never does!  She still remains that wonderful, fun Gramma that wants me to be as surprised now as I was when I was a little girl. She knows that even though I can hear her, there are times when I need to see something in the physical world that shows me I’m not alone.  And believe me, she loves to see the look on my face when she does the things she does to reach me. They are always ridiculously hard to ignore and absolutely perfect in the way they come to me.

So, why do I write about these things and share them with people on the web?  It’s simple. I’m the person people talk to when something amazing happens to them and they think they are nuts.  When the story is followed by the quesiton, “do you think it was “so and so” trying to send me a message?” I can’t help but share my own experiences.

It’s been said that for those who believe, no proof is necessary, and for those who do not, no proof will be sufficient.  This is one of those things for most people.  What you know in your heart, is your own truth. It is yours, and no one else’s.  Don’t let that truth become less than the beautiful light it is because a third-part perspective cannot see, feel or understand what you know in your heart.

Even when I’m sure everyone in the Spirit world is busy with other things, they make it known to me that I am never forgotten.

What better gift could I ask for?

The Path is before you. You need only to shine your Light upon it.

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The beauty of the Spirit world is that no matter where we find ourselves, it is always present with us.  This can be a hard concept to grasp, as most of us are much more familiar with the physical world where the Eiffel tower is in France, and the Empire State Building is in NY.  But when it comes to Spirit, no matter where you find yourself, Spirit has already found you!


The Path is before you.

You need only to shine your Light upon it.

A couple of weeks ago, I was looking through a local paper, and saw that there was going to be a Native American Harvest event in a neighboring town.  I looked closer, and saw that it was centered around the American Girl Doll.  “Hmm,” I thought.  Until I read that part, I was considering going.  My brain surmized that it wouldn’t be the place for me.

Fast foward to Saturday, Nov 8.  I was looking through the paper again, and there it was, again!  I realized this was not a coincidence.  As I considered the possibility of going to the event, my attention turned to the television in the background- tuned to the Science Channel’s “How it’s Made.”  After the commercial break, the first image on the screen was a Native American drum, followed how it’s made, of course!.  I watched as native people stretched the wet cow hide across the wooden base of the drum- all of it made by hand.  It was another nudge from Spirit, and I knew it.  Even though I would have liked to stay in my pajamas and snuggle with my Sadie (my affection-loving pitbull rescue) I knew it was time to get up.

Lately,I have been making an effort to follow the whisperings of Spirit, instead of just listening, and dismissing them with my ego’s judgment.  This is something of a confession itelf, as the main thing I teach people is to trust their intuition.  In truth, it’s not that I don’t trust it. That’s not it at all.  It’s that I have a choice to do something other than what it’s telling me.  The good thing about a true sign is that it will keep repeating until we listen.  This was going on the third sign– first I saw the listing, two weeks later, I saw it again, and then the making of the drum on tv.

Over the past month or so, I’ve actively been working toward developing a ministry.  As you may know, I’m an Ordained Minister for Our Lord & Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church.  My mind told me that it was best to keep quiet about this part of me because in my mainstream job and family life it’s not something that everyone is comfortable with.  That’s the ego part of me, trying to protect me, in theory, but in actuality– holding me back.  Luckily for me, with age comes wisdom and my intuition quickly showed me all of the times I was accepting of others around me with various lifestyles, occupations and beliefs.  Yes, I get the message, and yes, it is time I started listening. It was time for me to expose this part of myself to the world, or rather, for the world to finally be exposed to the loving energy of who I am.

I drove to the event, and realizing it was in an Episcopal Church, almost backed out.   I did grow up Christian, but Catholic, and didn’t know much about Episcopalian Churches, except that women were allowed to be ministers.  I wiped the thought out of my mind that I didn’t belong there, and walked right into the hall behind the Church, itself.  I was greeted by warm smiles from some very lovely older ladies, who welcomed me and told me I didn’t need a reservation, and to come on in.  I paid the admission fee and grabbed a program.

As I walked into the hall, I noticed it was full of round tables, each occupied by women of all ages, mostly ages 2-10!  What was I doing here again?  I kept walking, tuning into my intuition very keenly.  “Where should I sit?” I asked silently.  I was directed to circle back around, and to take a seat next to a man who looked about 50 with glasses and a gray beard.  The Native American drummers were in the center of the room, so I had a great view no matter where I sat.  I explained that I had come alone and asked if I could sit at the table.  He smiled and invited me to sit next to him.  He was there with his mother and his little daughter.  We began talking and I found out that not only was he into going to Pow-Wows, and had lived in New Mexico just to be closer to the native culture, he was…. one of us!  While we were not entirely of the same system of spiritual practices, we saw eye-to-eye on many points.  After the drumming was over, the conversation turned toward my position as a Minister and the true reason for the conversation came about.  He turned to me and said,” no matter who it is, I can talk to anyone, anywhere about spirituality in any form.”  This was pivotal, because it’s a message I’ve heard from my own Guides over and over. It finally occurred to me that my ministry was already in practice– just not the kind I was tryng to fit into.

Another bit of wisdom shared with me by my Guides came back to me in this moment: Every soul is important.  If everyone on earth became enlightened except for 5 souls, it would be every bit as important to Heaven to reach out to those 5 souls as it had been to reach all of the others.  In Heaven, the absense of one soul is felt by all. The same way a Shepherd leaves the flock to find the one sheep that is lost, Heaven finds a way to reach a soul seeking the light. To help one, is no less than to help a thousand. I had been judging my work as a minister to be less because it took place quietly, and usually between myself and one or two others at a time who found their way to me.

I hope my experience speaks to you. If you are reading this, it surely is meant to touch you in some way.  And in that spirit, I ask you this– how many times have you hidden the very core of yourself to ‘protect’ others from being offended or uncomfortable (real or perceived)?  How long have you remained silent about your beliefs or the way you really feel about something in order to keep from rocking the boat?  The time has come, my fellow Souls, to step forward from the Shadows, and BE THE LIGHT.  There are many, many others like us out there, who need to be shown that it is safe to be who they are.  We are everywhere!  We are in hospitals, law enforcement, schools, businesses, and the list goes on.  By hiding your light, you are re-affirming that it is acceptable for you to be less than you are.  The more we stay quiet, the more we are saying, ‘it is okay to dismiss me. I have nothing to offer.”   The real truth is, the more of us that give our community a voice, the closer we become to helping the world see that there is nothing to fear from people who are ‘different.’   It only matters that we come from a place of Love and repect. This is such an important part of our Human-ness, and evolution.  Please, move into your light.  You are not only denying yourself the beauty you have within, you are denying others the opportunity to see and feel that beauty.

Namaste, my fellow Souls.