How to move past blocks and into your future

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There are so many different approaches and systems that are in the self-help genre, it can be difficult to choose which one is right for you.  For many of the people I’ve worked with, a sense of failure quickly follows when whatever the newest trend in self-help, and self-healing didn’t yield the results they were looking for.  This has been a sense of frustration for me, personally, over the years as well.  Until now.

What I’ve discovered is the first step to any self-help approach has to begin with self-examination.  If you had to plan a party, for example, you wouldn’t just go out and buy up whatever you saw in the party store and plop it all down on the counter.  There’s a thought process that goes into planning a party, and there’s a thought process that goes into self-healing.  After all, you could be setting up for a Bat-Mitzvah, when you wanted to end up with a Graduation party.  The process makes a BIG difference in the end result.

Step 1

Since most of who find ourselves in a pinch try to think ourselves out of it, let’s start with your thinking.  Do you even know what you’re really thinking, or what words you use most?  This is important, because so many of us are stuck in a pattern that keeps repeating because we are unaware of them.  So how do you get aware?  You need to start writing things down.  Journaling is one of those things that is recommended by almost every guru I’ve ever come across and there’s a good reason for it.  It helps you to get out your thoughts without anyone’s judgement, which can be a calming exercise.  It also gives you the opportunity to be totally honest, because this journal is not meant for anyone else to read.  This is a healing process in and of itself.  Being bottled up often leads to destructive behaviors and can lead to illness.  Human beings weren’t meant to hold things in, but we don’t necessarily need to share them with other human beings to get them out.

You may be thinking, “Can’t I just go to the gym and work out my frustrations there?” or “I meditate to get calm myself, and I think that’s enough.”  Those are valid ways of working out frustrations, and I applaud you for realizing that you are frustrated enough to actually implement a practice.  However, like the party-planning, there’s something to be said for the method and the results it yields.  You can jog until you’re too exhausted to remember why you were upset to begin with.  You can meditate and reach amazing states of altered consciousness, melting away the worries of the world.  But here’s what journaling does that other practices does not.

You may think you talked it out in your own mind while you were exercising, or you may feel you got a sense of peace from your spiritual practice, but the pen is mightier than the sword!  When you journal, you’re using the written word, which is very powerful, especially if you handwrite, because your energy is pouring out along with those words onto paper.  In addition, you are creating a written record of events, and thoughts that you may not be aware of if you simply let those thoughts pass and be on your merry way.  At first, your journal may seem like page after page of ranting. That’s okay.  We all need to do that sometimes, and it’s the first step to this process!  When you’re writing in your journal, no one can see so they cannot judge, but it’s also important for you not to judge yourself either.  Don’t think about what is right or wrong to write down.  Just think and record.  Pretend that you’re in a courtroom and you’re taking down every word that is uttered during a trial.  Doesn’t matter which ones are valid in that scenario, does it?  What’s important is the record.  It doesn’t hav to be a certain length.  When you feel you’re finished with your thoughts, you’re finished with your writing.  This process requires commitment, but it doesn’t require any set standards or rules to follow.

For those of you who are drawn to this blog and this post in particular, I’d like to ask you to give this a try for a period of 1 week.  That’s it.  Set aside a time each day where you won’t be interrupted and make sure to write once a day.  You can do more than that if you feel guided to, but once a day is usually how most people start.

Stay tuned for Part 2, and please feel free to comment here.

*I am not a licensed mental health professional, and none of what is written intended as medical or psychiatric advice. If you are having a serious issue, please seek the help of a medical or psychiatric health professional.*

Namaste.  I see you.

“Hello? Is anyone there?”

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Upon going to bed, have you ever had thoughts about what might be hiding in the dark?  Perhaps you even look under the bed.  Maybe you can’t sleep unless your closet door is closed.  The dark is scary, but why?   Logic would tell us that everything should be just the same as it is with the lights on, with the only exception being that we do not have the ability to see it in the absence of light.  So why is it that so many of us are afraid of the dark?

The dark is when things are quiet.  It’s a time when our other senses are naturally heightened to make up for our lack of visibility.  This means that we may hear things that wouldn’t catch our attention during the day when there are a multitude of sounds and distractions around us.

When your senses are heightened, it’s important that you maintain your sense of calm, and there are a couple of reasons for this.  First, it’s entirely possible to drive yourself crazy with anxiety and fear, sending adrenaline into your system at the slightest sound.  In this case, yes, it is all in your head- and your body chemistry.  However, the second reason is that your vibration is like a magnet for anything with a similar vibration.  You are like an antenna, sending and receiving signals.  And when that signal goes out, it WILL attract!

Yes, I’m going to say it.  It is possible for entities to find you and to draw near to you because you are broadcasting, knowingly or unknowingly.

So when you’re laying in bed silently thinking, “Is there anyone there?” someone will most certainly hear you and respond.   Although it can happen at any time, during this time of year, the veil between the worlds is very thin, and spirits are much more aware of us, as we are of them.  Since like attracts like, keeping your vibration high and your energy field clean is essential to keeping yourself protected and safe.The natural and supernatural world is filled with opposing forces. It is naive to disregard or scuff off the notion that the Dark co-exists with the Light.

This is not to say that you should obsess over it or put your focus there, but if you are going to play in the etheric realms, you must be aware. Just as we put on a seatbelt as a measure of caution when we get in a car, we must also take care to protect ourselves when we connect with Spirit.

So how do you manage this process?  Glad you asked!

  1.  Like attracts like, so the easiest way to keep the Boogey Man at bay is to vibrate at a higher vibration.  You certainly don’t want lower!  The energies that vibrate faster, are the ones that will bring you peace and protection, such as loved ones, guides and angels.  How?  During your day, monitor your thoughts and feelings.  If you find yourself being more positive than negative, catch yourself and try to repeat the thought in a more positive or loving light.  For example, if you are at work and a customer snaps at you, you may think, “this person sucks.”  Catch yourself and then think a more positive thought such as, “this person is struggling so much he/she could use some kindness and care.”  You’ll find that it motivates you in your actions as well as keeping your vibrations high.
  2. Keep yourself clean!  I say this in a playful way, but seriously as well.  All day long we are walking through fields of energy.  If your energy field isn’t clean and strong, you will be affected much more strongly and often by the energy you encounter during your day.  My suggestion is to develop your own script for an evening meditation, asking for Divinity, your angels, Jesus or whomever you feel comfortable asking, to clear any blocks, repair any holes and to strengthen your auric field.  Some people like to use the chakras as a way to gage any energetic blocks or issues, which is also a way to clear your energy.  Find what feels right for you, and do it!
  3. Whenever opening up to Spirit, always have a ritual of setting protection and intention.  Lots of people simply imagine White Light surrounding our entire being as we are doing our spiritual work.  If you like, you can invite your angels or loved ones to lend their energy and protection as you are entering this space.
  4. Choose a time and place that will be comfortable for you to connect to Spirit.  In your bedroom at night probably isn’t the best choice.  If you have little privacy, a better choice may be the bathroom!  Perhaps the best time for you to connect is during your morning preparation.  Spirit hears your thoughts, so you can brush your teeth and talk to Spirit at the same time.  Morning may be less frightening than night, and the bathroom or other area is probably less frightening than your bedroom.
  5. Don’t forget to close the door!  When you’ve opened up and invited the Spirit world to join you, it’s vital that you intentionally set some sort of guidelines for ‘closing’ the door when you are through.  You wouldn’t send out an invitation for a party without designating a specific time slot, and it’s no different with Spirit.  Leave the door open, and you will find very quickly that missing this step will be much like having a party that never ends because your guests don’t know when to go home.  They came because you invited them, so give them the courtesy of letting them know when communication is done, and you are closed for business.

As always, I am here to help!  If you have a specific question or would like to explore your personal path, you can email me at  Personal sessions are confidential and can give you an opportunity to open up with someone who certainly understands where you’re coming from.

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In Love, we live forever

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For a long time now, Spirit has been guiding me to speak to people  about Death.  I’ve been meditating and blending with their energy as much as I can so I can find a way to pass on this message.  Here it is.

When we are born, we are in a dark place, waiting to emerge into the arms of people who are here waiting for us.  We arrive vulnerable and must trust that we are in the good hands of people who will care for us.  Loved ones gather to greet us.  People fuss to make sure we are comfortable.   There is so much joy surrounding us as we are welcomed by the new world around us.

When we are born, those who make up our Soul Family in Heaven send us off with Love, wish us well, and promise to keep watch over us while we are in our incarnated form.  A part of us stays behind, as our Souls are made of Light, and when our Light touches the Light of another, some of ours is deposited there and becomes part of their Light as well.

When we die, we are not necessarily in a dark place, though we can feel that we are leaving all of the Light of our lives and the world.  We are vulnerable and dependent on those around us for comfort and care.  And when we cross the threshold, our Loved ones are there waiting to receive us.  There is joy surrounding us as we are welcomed to the world of Spirit, and into the arms of all those Souls who know us and are part of our Light Family.

When we die, our families, and the people we lived our lives with, see us off, promising to pray for us and talk to us even when they can no longer see us in our physical existence. They tell us that we will be a part of them forever, always in their Hearts.

When you love someone, your Light blends with theirs. The piece of your Light that you share, never goes away or disappears. It simply becomes part of another's Light.
When you love someone, your Light blends with theirs. The piece of your Light that you share, never goes away or disappears. It simply becomes part of another’s Light.

When we die, a tiny piece of us stays behind, on Earth.  We share our Light through giving Love, and when we give our Love, a piece of our Light becomes part of all those we share it with.  When our Light touches the Light of another, some of ours is deposited there and becomes part of their Light as well.

In this way, we never truly die.  Our Light is always alive in one form or another.  The greatness of our Soul, lies in the magic that is our Light, which can be in many places at the same time.

When you love someone, your Light blends with theirs.  The piece of your Light that you share, never goes away or disappears.  It simply becomes part of another’s Light.

In this way, we are all connected.  In this way, we are all the same.  Energy is alive and moving.  It never stays still.  We never stay still.  We are always alive.

The path to eternal life is Love.

Answers from Spirit

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Whenever we feel lost or alone, someone is always listening and watching.  Generally speaking, more than one someone is listening and watching.  Some of us have been taught that the only way we are heard is if we actively and formally pray to a specific being, angel, or God.  The real truth is, our thoughts project a vibration that ripples throughout the cosmos, 100% of the time.   In fact, this is why it’s impossible to lose communication with ‘Home.’  We are connected all of the time, and exchanging information even when we are not aware of it.

Spirit understands us completely and is a wonderful Teacher. There is nothing coincidental about the way your messages will come to you.  Many of my messages come to me by way of Nature because it I connect with animals, plants and even the vibration of the land, itself.  If you are similar in nature, you may notice the same. When I moved to Florida in June of this year, I had many internal conversations with my Spirit People around all of the new things that would be a part of my life.  It was a lot of change, very quickly.  The answers came through the wildlife that appeared to me during quiet moments.

I saw Otter, who reminded me that it was okay to take time to be playful and allow things to unfold without so much worry.

"Otter," from Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson, Illustrations by Angela Werneke
“Otter,” from Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson, Illustrations by Angela Werneke

Rabbit paid me a visit to help me see that my fearful thoughts about the future would chase me and to be mindful of this.

"Rabbit," from Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson, Illustrations by Angela Werneke
“Rabbit,” from Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson, Illustrations by Angela Werneke

Dragonfly fluttered past me regularly, nudging me to consider that my perception of things was not always reality, and to entertain the notion that the very opposite of what I saw was the real truth. Typically, we think of situations where we think things are okay, and assume Dragonfly is telling us it’s not.  This time, She showed me that when someone seems to be combative, what appears to be an attack is really an attempt to hide their true colors so I wouldn’t see the softness beneath.

"Dragonfly, ' from Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson, Illustrations by Angela Werneke
“Dragonfly, ‘ from Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson, Illustrations by Angela Werneke

The most important thing to do when you are actively working with your Intuition and Spirit, is to keep a journal, detailing what is happening in your life.  This way, when a sign seems to pop up out of nowhere, you can go back and see what was happening in your life when the sign showed up.  You may notice a pattern emerging.  For example, in times of doubt,  when I’m not even really asking for help or thinking particularly clearly, my main Totem, Bear, will appear.  It’s not until He finds me that I realize the issue at hand isn’t the 100 things I’ve been going over in my mind but my confidence that is behind my resistance to forward-motion.

A note of encouragement for any readers who may be new to receiving Spirit messages-  be patient and kind with yourself, and above all else, discount nothing as imagination.  If you keep your journal and remember to notice what catches your attention is significant, you will develop a vocabulary with Spirit over time that will be of immense comfort and value to you.  Remember also, that although all of us are born with the ability to communicate with Spirit, not all of us are meant to give messages to others.  Focus on your own conversation with Spirit, and see what comes.  Spirit knows your soul and its mission.  To give you clear messages about your own life is no less than prompting you to give them to others.  Everyone receives exactly what is needed to serve their soul’s purpose.

~Namaste, beautiful souls!~

Why do we suffer?

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It’s been said many ways by many people throughout the world.  Suffering is so terrible.  Why must we endure it?

Twice in my life I’ve spoken to Spirit about my own ‘pain.’  Both times I received an answer, but as with most lessons we came here to learn, it took some time before I really understood the messages I received.

The first time, I was getting to work as a massage therapist.  I set up my room and was feeling a very intense tightness in my shoulders, which not only hurt, but limited my range of motion.  My job was to help others feel better, and I thought I was doing a good job at being of service- which has always been my purpose here.   After charging my room with Reiki, clearing out any residual energy from the prior day’s clients, and blessing the space, I sat on the table and asked Spirit, ‘if I’m serving my purpose, why are you making it harder for me by giving me this pain?’  The answer I was given was, ‘your pain is a gift.’   That was all.  I rarely get a very detailed explanation when I ask about something that is a life lesson, and cannot be removed from my path.  Life lessons are for us to learn and move through, not to be erradicated.  I let the thought linger, then let it go.  That day, I had 3 clients.  Each time I reviewed their intake form, I noted their pain patterns.  I heard the same frustration in each of their voices, as they explained how it was affecting them.  And then I realized something.  They all had the exact same pain pattern I was having that day.  In fact, my pain that day was a gift.  It helped me to understand and be compassionate to each of my clients.  It put them at ease to learn that I had experienced the same type of pain.  In essence, it united us as human beings.


Suffering is the one thing that every one of us experiences.

Suffering gives us perspective,

and an opportunity to recognize suffering others.

As most humans do, I too, needed more than just once to truly understand this lesson on a level that would embed in my being so deeply, that it would no longer need explanation. So again, after a long day at work, and having to go home without any way to relax due to the spasm in my back, I asked.  ‘Why do I keep experiencing this pain?’  I mean, wasn’t it enough that I had experienced it, understood that it helped me with my clients, but didn’t that mean I completed the lesson?  Spirit’s answer- ‘Pain is a great Teacher.’  I knew in my heart, that it wasn’t only my pain that Spirit was referring to.  It was also the pain of others.  You see, my ex-husband had chronic pain.  It was to the point that he could not sleep, and the only way I could sleep was if I worked on him to reduce the swelling and inflammation enough for him to get some rest.  After a day of working on other people, and having my own pain, I resented having to do it at home, when I felt it was my time to relax.  My pain kept showing up to remind me what it feels like to be in pain.  How many times had I behaved in an uncaring way when he was in pain before?   Spirit had given me the gift of knowing seeing that I had not been as loving as I could be to someone who felt pain.  My pain was a reminder of that.  It was then, that I truly understood how powerful empathy was, and that I was not meant to shut off that part of me, but to use it for this purpose- to be connected to my brother and sister souls incarnated here on the planet.

Never doubt that your prayers are always heard, and your questions answered.  It may not be the way you expect, which is why it’s so important to to be too narrow in your focus when striving to hear the answer.  Be open.  Notice things that draw your attention.  Be still and quiet within yourself.  This is when you will have your ‘ah-ha’ moment.  Thoughts can drop into your consciousness that never occurred to you before.  Feelings may arise that help you understand.  Spirit is not only all around us, it’s within us.  You are Spirit.  Listening is easier when you remember this.

Walking with Spirit by your side, as you continue your journey.

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Today, Spirit wants me to pass on a message to my readers:

Your spiritual path and purpose are not a separate part of your life that is floating around, waiting for you to notice it.  It is an integral part of you, and you are living it every day.  

Having shared that, here’s a little update on my own spiritual path and progress.

My move to Florida to build a new life from a fresh start has challenged me to remember this very thing.  I’m still in the process of looking for a full time job, which is a job in and of itself.   In the interim, I’ve been very actively meditating and talking to my People in Spirit about my new life and what my Human self can do to move the process along.  I’ve been instructed to work on making friends with my body, and to work toward making it healthier and stronger.  I have physical limitations that do not allow me to just go gangbusters at the gym.  In addition, I’ve not been active in a very long time, so I’m very much a beginner, all over again.   My People have helped me understand that my idea of how to make my body healthier is too narrow.  It doesn’t need to involve my ‘pushing’ through the pain, and going further than my body can comfortably handle.  I’ve been drawn to Yoga for some time, but have held off on that too.  Why?  Because I couldn’t do each pose perfectly, and therefore I thought I just couldn’t do it.  My People have brought this to the surface and made me see it for what it is.  Fear.   I’d be the first one to tell another person they don’t have to be perfect, but when it comes to myself, I show no mercy.  I’m grateful for the experiences I’ve had that have allowed my fear to surface, so I can see it, understand it, and heal it.  Now I do a very mild Yoga routine that may seem very easy to most people, is still quite challenging to me, but you know what?  I’m okay with that.

In general, I must learn to be more gentle with myself.  I admit, I am a very harsh critic.  Most people have been made to cry by what others think, but I am best at making myself cry with my own hurtful thoughts– but that is part of my journey.

It’s been very interesting, just plopping myself down in a new city, and a new state, not knowing anyone and having no real plan other than ‘get a job!’  But I’m actually very comfortable with where I am.  I trust Spirit.  I’ve never been lead in the wrong direction when I tune in and listen to my Soul.   While I know I am to work in a specific type of way with people, I’m still unsure how that process will unfold.  I had thought I would be going back to school- and I still might- but I am starting to see there is more than one way and I need to stay open to that.

I’ve been guided to become a part of a community of people here that I never would have approached on my own.  Typically, I like to stand at a distance first, and make sure everything looks okay before I make the decision to step into the Light, so to speak.  This time the decision was easy, because it came from a higher place, and I have learned to trust it.  There’s need for my brain to evaluate and overthink things, or for my mind to race through possible scenarios that I may find myself in.  I listened and I stepped into my place.  I’ve only been to 2 gatherings, and I’m already overwhelmed with the amazing souls I’m encountering as a result.  On the way out of the last gathering, it was raining so hard that you couldn’t see the grass in some areas outside.  I had no umbrella, so I just said out loud, “Oh, I’m going to get wet, but that’s okay, it’s only water.”   When I turned around, the head of this organization was standing there with an umbrella for me.  He said I could return it the next time I came to the center.   Now let me make this clear before I say anything else-  It’s not so much that I expect people will not care, it’s just that I’ve never felt the degree of openness and genuine caring for others that I’ve found here.  This is another confirmation that I’m where I’m supposed to be.

Know that you are safe and being looked after, even if you are not aware of it.  My wish for all of my readers is to discover their own inner voice, and to know it comes from a place of Love.  Many blessings to you, and the beautiful Soul I know you are.

Who do you think you are?

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This question is one that we can carry with us all of our lives.  Who are we, really?  I’ve had my own battles with conflicting philosophies, or world views.  When the time was right, Spirit explained a simple truth to me that shines a light through all of the conflict and it is a beautiful truth.

We all have a soul.  In fact, all living things have a soul.  The soul is our source of life.  The soul has an identity.

When we incarnate as humans, we take on the task of experiencing life from a new perspective.  We willingly let go of our infinite knowledge in order to experience life as human beings.  This results in a new identity with each incarnation, which I will refer to as the Ego Identity.

The conflict that we face as humans, is demonstrated beautifully through the life of Jesus Christ.  That is, we are both Human and Divine.

When we come into Human form, consciousness of our Soul and its Identity is diminished.  However, it is not entirely absent.  Modern man and his inventions have shifted our attention from having a greater consciousness of our Soul by distracting us from our inner world. The more we have turned our attention outward through technology and artificial attachments, the more we have grown to embrace our Ego Identity as our only Identity.

All ancient and indigenous Peoples have known we are Spirit incarnate.  This was not ‘religion,’ it was a universal truth, that connected us to all living things, and allowed the consciousness of our Souls to be present.   Evolution is the explanation for how, as a species, we went from here to there.  But, evolution is a scientific concept, not a spiritual one, and accounts for the physical only.  Science can only explain what we have the ability to perceive through our human senses and current technology.  In other words, it operates purely from the Ego Identity.

Why is this important and why am I talking about this today?  Well, it’s not a secret that mass consciousness has undergone a major shift, with 2012 being a major milestone.  People have been confused and without their internal compass for a long time, seeking means outside of themselves to understand who they are and their place in the world.  Now that the energy in consciousness has shifted, our awareness of our Soul Identity is coming to the surface at a rapid pace.  We are becoming more aware of who we really are.  This sudden awareness is frightening to those who have molded their reality based on science and religion, each which tells a story about reality that is finite, and limited.

I noticed most of the good people who have come to me for spiritual guidance have had the same dominating theme in their lives- a sense of uncertainty, and a crisis of direction.  Spirit’s explanation regarding our Soul Identity and Ego Identity is the answer to all of these issues, simultaneously.  It is precisely the shift in consciousness that has brought us here.

The best example of this is the unemployment crisis.  It’s more than just the economy.  As a society, we’ve created industries with hierarchies, and jobs as a means to obtain money in order to live.  Many have wanted more than the means to live, creating competition for resources and a world that appears to be more of a battlefield than of interconnectedness.  Because of the consciousness of our Soul’s Identity, we are no longer contented with our Ego as the only source of Identity.  People who have spent 20 years in an executive role, making tons of money and climbing the corporate ladder are finding themselves conflicted, simply because their Soul knows this is not their highest purpose.  The lack of awareness that drove people to pursue power and wealth cannot compete with the power of our Soul, which is why so many of us are calling our lives into question.

Our well-formed concepts of who we are and what we are here to do, are being challenged by the expanded awareness of our Souls.  For example, how can a person go to work in a cubicle every day, entering data and taking a one-hour lunch possibly feel a sense of deep fulfillment when their Soul is calling them to a life of healing others?   So many people have found themselves in a position where they have done all they have been taught to be correct, and feel something must be wrong with them because they are still not happy.  They are learning that there is one simple truth that must be followed in order to be whole, fulfilled beings:

Trusting in the outer world, those who possess power through prominent positions,

wealth and worldly knowledge is not enough to propel you

to that place of peace and happiness we all long for.  

Trusting in God, and the voice of your Soul is.

If everything you know is being challenged, and what you thought was the truth is suddenly unstable, this message is for you.