What happens during a reading?

Since I have decided to start offering readings again, I thought it might be useful to offer some basic information about my process, so you may better understand how I work.

Not all mediums and psychics work the same way.

How we receive information is quite individual and much more than your stock answer – clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. Here’s what’s happening with me during a reading.  First, when you make an appointment with me, know that it’s a partnership- both here and in the Spirit world. My part in this partnership is the commitment of my time and my commitment to Spirit to help them bring their messages through. Your part in the partnership is also a time commitment– bear in mind that having that appointment is like a target for your Spirit people. It gives them a time and a space where they can focus their energy so they can reach you. They begin working on this as soon as you make your appointment with me!  The other important component in our partnership is for you to be open, which helps your Spirit People connect with both you and I. Your openness provides an open channel for them to enter our energy fields and work with us to communicate.

How the communication works:

The first pieces of information that I receive usually have to do with identity. In a sense, they introduce themselves to me. I receive information about their appearance, relationship to you and their personality or character traits. This is how it would be if I met them here, except the way I receive it is very different.  The way I ‘hear’ is much like the voice in your mind that appears when you are silently reading. It’s not audible to the ears, it’s almost like a very loud thought… that I wasn’t actively thinking. I actually just relax and stop thinking, creating an invitation for the information to drop right in. When I ‘see,’ it is much like the way you’d see something in your mind’s eye when someone tells you a story and you picture it.  The Spirit People will also use their energy to pull up memories of mine that relate to what they are trying to get across, the same way you might try to get your point across by comparing it to something your friend has already experienced. During the reading, I may ask you a question or two that pertains to the information I”m getting, purely as confirmation that I am getting it clearly. They sometimes will use symbols that I do not understand, but that YOU do. For example, during one reading, I received a very strong image of a daisy. I told my client this and asked if it was her favorite flower, to which she replied, “No, it’s what we called her! That’s amazing!”  In that case, the message wasn’t clear to me, but crystal clear to the sitter.

I continue to bounce back and forth between all of my psychic senses until I’ve received the message the Spirits want to convey.  Occasionally, my grandmother will pop in and act as an ambassador!  It’s quite comical. She’s like my spiritual sidekick.  Once, during a reading, I heard her say, “she is very nervous, but it’ll be okay,” referring to my client as she was coming into the reading.  My grandmother knows I am highly empathic, and sometimes cannot distinguish my own feelings from those of the people around me, and in this way she is very helpful when she chimes in.

When you are open to Spirit, each day is an adventure.

Oh… if people could only know what goes on inside my mind and energy field all day, they’d understand why I am so inclined to be in a more peaceful environment, with as little chaos as possible. My ‘internal dialog’ is never-ending, AND it’s not just between me and myself, so you can only imagine the conversations going on in there at any given point. I truly am a satellite for Spirit. My lack of ego is often mistaken for low-self-esteem, when in reality, it’s simply the nature of my soul to always be in a position of service. Being of service means you set your own needs aside.  It’s not that I do not care about myself, it’s that my commitment to my soul’s work is paramount. My physical self sometimes can suffer if I don’t keep this in mind, but in no way do I suffer from low-self-esteem!  Actually, I think I’m pretty awesome, humbly speaking, of course.

If you would like a reading, please email me at healingstarspirit@yahoo.com. I prefer to do readings via Skype, as it doe not require any travel time (so distance is not an issue for either of us). If you are in the Boston area, I can make arrangements to meet you at an agreed upon location. My availability is limited, so if you do book time, please be respectful of this and have the courtesy to keep the appointment unless it is absolutely necessary to cancel it. I require a 48-hour notice for cancellation.  Bear in mind, I never know what is going to happen during a reading until is happens, so I cannot make any guarantees regarding the information or people who will come through to you. Spirit is in control of my sessions. I am simply the instrument. FYI, I do not work with predicting future events or finding lost objects. My work is strictly as a medium or channel, meaning I am like a telephone. I can only relay what the People tell me. The messages that come through are determined by them! If you are looking for someone who does that type of work, I will happily refer you to someone who can help you.

Many Blessings and thank you for reading!


~ by healingstarspirit on May 9, 2013.

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