Spirit Guides and Connectivity

A Spirit Guide is a special spirit that is assigned to you while you are here on earth to help you with your lessons and your purpose.  Most people have several, and everyone has at least one.  During those times in your life when you were in the right place, at the right time, you were most likely being guided by your Spirit Guide.  They help keep you on track and protect you from harm.  People sometimes refer to that little voice in the back of their head as their conscience, or their intuition.  These are terms that people feel most comfortable with, and if you choose to keep using them to refer to this little voice, then that is what is appropriate for you.  I will be using the term Spirit Guide to describe this form of communication.  And yes, it is communication.

Now, for those of you who find this concept of being guided by unseen forces a little hard to digest, I would suggest a bit of reading that is more on the analytical side of things, as most of you will be more linear thinkers or left-brained people. The book “The Field,” by Lynne McTaggart is an excellent place to begin.  Also the movies “What the Bleep do we know?” and “The Living Matrix” would be helpful.  In a nutshell, science is proving that what we’ve all thought of as religious or mystical experiences to be perfectly natural ones.  How?  Well, we all have heard that we are made of matter, right?  Matter, when inspected on a deeper level begins to translate into molecules, atoms, etc; and eventually we learn that at the most fundamental level of our construction we are all made of energy.  The spaces in between matter- what looks like open space, air, or what have you- are also full of energy.  If this is true, and science has proved it so, then there are connections from you and I to everything else in the web of life.  This is the left-brained version of the ‘we are all connected’ love, and light new age concepts that seemed a bit too airy fairy to swallow.  What McTaggart has done in her book is to take the language of mathematical equations that are used by physicists and translate them into a more friendly, practical language for all of us non-physicists.    Our brains are more like antennas than they are like repositories of information.  We naturally plug into ‘the field’ and are able to retrieve information, much like we do on the internet.  (You’ll have to forgive the computer analogies, but they explain these concepts in a way that is relatable on a large scale. )

Having said that– why WOULDN’T you be able to connect with a spirit, a guide, or even your cousin Ida, who unexpectedly calls within a day of your thinking of her?  Yes, we are all connected, and we need to accept that as a given instead of constantly trying to prove it.  Work with it!  It’s yours for the taking.  Once you accept this, you can interact with life in a whole new way.  Now that’s not to say that you’ll automatically know everyone’s thoughts or you’ll be able to tell the future, but it is a step in the right direction toward our evolution as human beings and as souls on a journey.  The civil rights movment didn’t magically turn everyone all into all-accepting, loving people.  However, it was the first major step toward the goal of loving acceptance of all people, and gave us the momentum to continue working toward the greater goal.  It’s a similar concept.  It has a cumulative effect and it broadens awareness. 

If you know there’s a little voice in the back of your mind, you should know by now that it usually comes out when you seem to need it the most.  If you can’t hear that voice, fear not!   You are still receiving guidance, just in a different way.  That other way is through synchronistic thoughts or events.  You may find a thought coming up in your mind repeatedly for no apparent reason.  Maybe you get a sense of urgency about calling a friend that you’ve not seen in a long time, and when you do, you find out he just had a quadruple bypass surgery.  This happened to me not too long ago.  Another good example would be all of the people who had little things happen that made them late for work on September 11, 2001.  Their work here wasn’t done, and in order to insure they would be able to continue it, forces unseen put things in the way of their being in that situation.  *Note, those that were killed in the September 11th attacks did not die in vain.  There is a purpose in death, as there is in life even if we do not immediately understand it.  More on this at a later time.

Reach out to your guidance and invite it into your life.  You will never be sorry for having done it.  The method is as unique as each individual person.  For some, meditation works marvelously.  They are able to reach a state of relaxation that allows those voices to become magnified.  For others, it may be that “noticing” that I talked about in yesterday’s post.   Become aware of what is going on around you.  In the course of a day or two, are you finding that you have seen or heard something more than twice or three times?  Something that maybe seems oddly out of context or dredges up a memory long-forgotten?  This happens to me so frequently it’s hard for me to count the instances.   The last really compelling one happened over the span of a few days.  I had been asking over and over again (in my mind) about my job situation.  It’s been quite frustrating for me, as it has for many out there.  Well, I got my answer, and it wasn’t what I wanted to hear.  It first began with a word that you don’t hear quite often.   I drove by a store that I drive by all the time on my way to work, but this afternoon the sign seemed to be more vivid.  It just stood out.  The name of the store is Gypsy.  I thought, ‘hmm, that’s kind of interesting.”   When I arrived at work, a co-worker had her daughter sitting in the back room because she didn’t have school that day.  She introduced me to her.  “This is my daughter, Gypsy.”  Um, did I just hear that right?  Oh yeah, I certainly did.  I even saw a container in the refridgerator with her name on it, so I am sure I heard it exactly correctly.   I kind of knew what this word meant to me, personally, as it was kind of a figure of speech that my grandmother used to use a long time ago.  So I called my mother to ask her.  “Hey Ma, remember when Gramma used to use the expression ‘like a gypsy’?”  “Yeah, she used to say that all the time.” she said.  “She would say ‘Look at you, you’re like a gypsy. You never stay in the same place.’ ”  Uh-huh.  Okay, I’ll put that in the ole mind file and see what happens.   I still wasn’t completely satisfied.  Yes, mediums have the same gruelling trouble with accepting messages that everyone else does!   The next day I paid a visit to my chiropractor.  The receptionist is from Massachusetts- just like me- and I love chatting with her because it’s like I’m getting a little piece of home.  She happened to mention that she was going on vacation.  When I asked her where she was going, she looked at me and threw up her hands and said, “you know, we’ve got the RV, so I think I’m gonna just be like a gyspy!”   If I questioned that I was truly getting the message, this sealed the deal.  Okay, okay!  I get it!   I’m not meant to live a stagnant life.  I get bored more easily than I’d like to admit, and I really can’t see myself working for the same company in the same town for 40 years.  And that was my message- straight from my Gramma, who left us to go to the ‘other side’ over 25 years ago, but who still loves and protects me and keeps me out of trouble. 

I can’t stress enough how natural this process really is for all of us.  The most important part of  why I do this work- beside the fact that it is my calling and will not stop even if I protest-  is to help people.   Each time I do this a healing takes place, for my clients, those on the other side, and for me.  Some day this won’t be considered remarkable, but commonplace.  And maybe by that time, the classroom we call Earth will no longer be necessary for our growth.


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