Can You Really Schedule Spirit Communication?

Although I’ve been on this path my whole life, it took some time for me to accept it.  I’d taken for granted, all the times when I would simply ask a question and wait for the answer to come as something that everybody did.  It was a gift that I kept all to myself, for myself.  Not so anymore. 

I recently gave my very first ‘official’ reading.  It was a bit nerve-wracking and I wasn’t sure what to do, what it would be like or how it would go.  Listening to the advice of my mentor to ‘just do it,’ I just did it!  Now that some time has passed, I’ve been able to decompress and examine the experience on another level.  For instance, since the sitting was to be held at my residence, I spent most of the morning cleaning and organizing things to enhance energy flow and comfort.  I also made it a point to neutralize the energy by burning sage, then infusing it with positive energy with music and meditation.  Looking back now, I realize that the simple act of cleansing my space was, in and of itself, meditation.  I was in an alternate state of mind.  About 15 minutes before my client’s arrival I began to connect with someone who was giving me information about my client’s new house.  I did know that she was in the process of buying a house, but I knew nothing about what it looked like, and the image I was being given was very specific.  I had heard from my mentor that sometimes spirits will come to her just prior to the appointment to get you acquainted with them first, and I believe this is what was happening.  So YES, you can schedule spirit communication!  ‘They’ know when you are coming, and whoever needs to be heard will make preparations to come through during that time.  This is something they get quite excited over, actually.  It’s like Christmas time for them to be able to get a message through to their loved ones on this side.  It is a gift for them, as it is for the person receiving the messages.  Remember, they can hear you when you call to them, but it’s not quite as simple for them to get through to you.   They do try, but most times we don’t notice the signs or talk ourselves out of something we know means more than it seems.  (More on this in a later post.)

Once my client arrived, we chatted informally for a few minutes. I was as nervous as she was, but I had confidence that she’d hear what she needed to- which is really the main goal of a reading.  I felt nudged to ask her if she had any questions she needed the answers to.  This was a very good thing, because I was able to get information downloaded into my brain instantly as a result.  I had convinced myself a reading had some sort of outline it should follow, and like most other things, once I listened to my psychic senses it opened up and things began to flow. 

I had wondered about whether or not I’d be able to reach whomever my client had been hoping to hear from, and I was spiritually smacked in the head by my guides, who assured me that whatever was supposed to happen, would happen.  Okay, guys, I got it.  During this process, the other side is very much in control.  A medium does not have the ‘power’ to summon up a spirit.  At least not the ascended spirits who have crossed over.  Now I’m sure that other types of less than savory energies could be summoned, but generally they are of lower vibrations and not the kind of spirits you’d like to have around.   My ‘people’ (guides, helpers and protectors on the other side) are very involved in this process.  In fact, I know they are gatekeepers that help me raise my vibration just enough so that I can link to the spirits who come through for my (and my client’s) highest good.  Spirits who wish to communicate have to lower their vibration a little to make this link happen, so it is a partnership.  I can’t do it alone, but I also can’t tell them what to do or boss them around. 

Overall, the reading went well.  My client admitted she had been nervous and didn’t know what to expect, but felt good about the experience and thanked me.  At this point I am not doing this professionally, so I do not charge for my services.  The only thing I’m interested in right now is practice, confirmation of what I receive, and the opportunity to help others who are open to this type of communication.  Interestingly enough, when the session hit about an hour and fifteen minutes, I  was surprised I had been able to bring so much through!  I asked my tribe of helpers if that was all, and I immediately felt the sensation of being in a tube of energy and having it fold up and pull away over the top of my head!  Wow!  Now that’s something I didn’t expect. 

Even more interesting, I knew that I was no longer connected because my train of thought changed and I was ‘me’ again.  I’m ‘me’ when I’m reading, but I’m more of a ‘plugged in’ me.   The difference in sensation is so defined.  It shocked me a little bit.   But this is what I need to pay attention to and begin to understand in order to continue growing and doing this work.


~ by healingstarspirit on January 28, 2010.

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