Knowing Your True Identity

Although spiritual in nature, today’s post is also about our perceptions of reality.   It’s more of an observation coming from my human side, than a message straight from Spirit.  But I will say that almost all of my ideas are peppered with truth, as I live a very integrated life in terms of incorporating Spirit into my everyday consciousness .  I often find it hard to separate the two, and writings such as this one are a result of that state. 

Most people are walking around every day not realizing who they really are.  Now that’s a statement, huh? 

Each person experiences the world through our five senses- touch, taste, sight, sound, and scent- hence each individual’s evaluation of the world yields a potentially different reality from person to person. -Except when it comes to the value and measure of who we are.  This brings me to the main idea of this blog: Our identities do not lie in our experience of the world.  We are not defined by our jobs, families, relationships, bodies, or anything else that is perceivable through only our 5 human senses.  The world we live in is merely a place we come to in order to experience things we cannot do without a human body.  Your true identity is Spirit. 

They say the true test of a human being is how they handle tragedy and adversity.  How can you explain how one man who grows up with both a mother and a father who are loving parents can develop into a social deviant or murderer, and another man who has not only grown up an orphan but has endured much abuse and suffering at the hands of multiple foster families grows up to be a minister?   Clearly each had a different view of themselves, and the meaning of their experiences.  Life truly is what you make it, and what you make it has largely to do with the ability to understand that you are a tiny spark of God.  The more you are wrapped up in what you see around you, and reacting to it as if it is the end-all, be-all of reality, the further away from that truth you move. 

Now, I’m not here to judge and debate the individual deeds of persons dead or alive, as that would defeat the point of the message.   As soon as you start to point to someone else’s deeds you are measuring your identity through the outside world.  We aren’t in control of everything, and we aren’t meant to be.  It’s a concept of this physical existence to measure the value of a person through these criteria.  If you listen to that inner-voice, you’d already know who you are, and you wouldn’t wake up each day looking for things outside of yourself to prove your own identity to yourself.

Situations themselves, can often be the criteria we measure ourselves by.  For instance, when a person who has been with the same company for 20 years suddenly gets laid off without severance, we generally consider this a bad thing.  Well, yes, there are things about that situation that are awful, but overall we can’t judge the situation as wholly bad, because it may be the catalyst for something much better that cannot happen unless this experience unfolds.  While changes like this can be very uncomfortable, the important thing to remember is that ultimately it is only an experience.   One that will lead to another experience and so on.  The concepts of good and bad aren’t truths- they are judgements and labels.  Your heaven may be another man’s hell.  Perception is reality, and each of us has our own senses to assess that reality, but a lot of the time because of society’s preprogrammed beliefs, we don’t bother. We simply accept the labels that are most easily accepted by the masses. 

What if we were to stop this automatic train of thought and look on the inside for the answers?  This is no easy task, as we’ve been trained not to do this.  Why?  Well, one theory is that if we did this, we’d realize the powerful beings we truly are, it would result in a breakdown of all the systems that hold us neatly into place in society.  

Now I’m no different than anyone who may be reading this blog.  I struggle daily with the same types of setbacks in life that most people do.  The way that I deal with it, however, is a bit different.   I grew up Catholic, received sacraments and even went to an all-girls-Catholic High School.  You would think this would be my spiritual identity, right?  It is not, although it did give me a foundation.   Each of us has that little voice in the back of our minds, and mine was so loud, I couldn’t write it off as fantasy or imagination, although for most of my early life that is exactly how I operated (based on the beliefs that were instilled in me, ahem).  Now, after 15 years of studying metaphysical concepts, attending lectures and classes and realizing  seeing spirits and the ability to receive messages from them isn’t just a figment of my overactive imagination, I have to say I’m glad that I didn’t ignore my Spirit’s voice.   As a result, I’ve moved from a place where I constantly compared myself to others and beat myself up for not measuring up to their standards, to a place where I am able to take in my experiences and see the hidden messages and underlying lessons within each of them. 

How differently we would feel about ourselves if we could learn not to measure our worth by the numbers on the scale, an academic test, or our bank account.  What many call ‘success’ is based on a faulty system of judgement, which is based on the 5 senses.   It’s the growing population who are learning that there is great validity in that 6th sense or the voice of their Spirit, that is changing our world and getting us closer to a time when all of our thinking will change, and all of the concepts we reject on the basis of what we’ve been programmed to believe will become the new, acceptable knowledge.  Knowledge that is based on personal truth and not on living a limited, 5-sensory lifestyle.

Be inspired.  Listen to your Spirit.  Remember who you really are, and your experience of life will change.


~ by healingstarspirit on February 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “Knowing Your True Identity”

  1. I loved reading this entry so much that I will copy several lines into my personal journal. So beautifully said and right on time.


  2. Glad you enjoyed the post. 🙂


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