Ask… but be sure you are open to receive.

They say when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  I’ve found this statement to be true.   This doesn’t only include people who are advanced in their respective field, but peers who are on a similar path who may help you learn more about yourself just through your interaction with them.   We attract people into our lives at the right moment in time.  You can try to rush it, but you can’t make it happen.  It’s best to be in the present moment, rather than to worry about the future and when something is going to happen.

So many people miss signs and messages they are getting from their loved ones, angels and guides.    I think the bulk of the problem is that growing up, many of us have been taught that the opposite of giving is taking- and being a taker is BAD!  Well, the opposite of giving isn’t taking.  It is receiving!  Be open to receiving and your whole world will transform.  You may even find that the things you usually shy away from are the very things you needed in the first place!  You just haven’t been letting people give them to you!  Sometimes, you have to get out of your own way. 

Growing up Italian, my value system has always included being a giver.   My family is very big on serving our guests, and always making sure everybody has enough- more than enough, really.  But nobody ever taught me how to be a gracious receiver.  Have you ever noticed that when it comes to allowing someone to enjoy the same joy and satisfaction of giving to US, we immediately shut down, as if we’re about to commit a crime and need to flee the scene immediately?   ” No, please, you don’t have to do that,”  we say.  “Please don’t bring anything, we have more than enough”, etc.   A friend of mine taught me a valuable lesson in receiving.  We were having a typical conversation and he paid me a very nice compliment, which I, of course, refused to accept.  I did the usual- “aww, come on you’re just saying that!” etc.   Suddenly he got really serious and said, “from now on, whenever anyone gives you a compliment, just say ‘thank you’…. and that’s it!”  I smirked because I knew he was right.  You know that feeling of happiness you get when you surprise somebody with a gift or give them something to brighten their day?  You do, don’t you?   So why would you take that same joy away from someone else by not allowing them to give to you?  Sounds a little different when it’s said that way, doesn’t it?   Accepting a gift with open hands and an open heart is often a gift to the giver, so catch yourself the next time the occasion presents itself.   (Thank you, Ed!  See, I DO listen to you!)

When it comes to receiving from the Spirit World, a huge part of being a good receiver, is to be open to the way you receive something.  If you ask for help, don’t limit yourself as to how you will receive it.  Just stay open and watch.  Miracles will happen.  Here’s are a couple of examples from my own life.  When I started to open up to becoming a Medium, I  really wanted to know my guides- get a name, see a face, etc.  I used many guided meditations based on this concept and I got nothing!   And you know why?  I was trying too hard.   I let go of the end-goal, and just decided to do the meditations for the sake of relaxation. One night while I was in the tub listening to one of them, I heard a voice  and everything just hit me all at once.  I heard her name, and saw a whole bunch of flashbacks when she had given me little signs of her presence.  I opened my eyes and said- out loud- “that’s what that was?”  Uh-huh, it was really that simple.  Later, when developing my clairvoyance, I tried to ‘see’ my guides.  I tried and tried, and once again, nothing came.  Finally,  I just flat-out asked-“why am I not able to see you?”  Their response?  “When you stop trying to fit us inside a box, you will see us.”  In other words, I was expecting to see a specific form, or get some specific information, and because I was focused on what I EXPECTED to see and hear I completely missed what was there.  I was making it harder on myself by limiting my experience  to my own set of expectations.  It didn’t take long  after that realization before I finally had my ‘vision’ back.   My best advice on this is to try not to be too rigid with your expectations or you will miss the messages and signs.  They are there, if you allow yourself to see them.

Be open, be ready, be in the moment– and before you know it your moment will arrive.


~ by healingstarspirit on February 14, 2010.

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