What Mediumship is, and what it isn’t

As I go through the process of giving readings, it occurs to me that it’s important to set expectations for the session.  So here is a list of points that is important to understand as you prepare to enter a session with a medium- and by medium, I’m mostly talking about me!

1.  The medium is not in charge- the Spirit World is.   the best way to describe the relationship between the Spirit World and the Medium is to equate it with a radio receiver.   The medium acts as an antenna, tuning into a frequency.  The Spirit World provides the programming.  And, as you may have guessed, while you can make a request to the DJ, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll play your song.  The best way to come into a session is to be relaxed, open to receive anything and to be receptive to hearing from anyone who has something to say.   You may want to hear from someone specifically because you are SURE that it is what you need, but we don’t always know what’s best for us.  The spirits do, and they will give you what you really need without any prodding whatsoever.

2.  Please resist telling the medium too many details before or during the session.   It is understandable that you will be a magical combination of nervous and excited to have a session, but don’t let those feelings get the better of you to the point where you are letting all sorts of information out.  Why?  Because knowing too much information can inhibit the medium’s ability to objectively receive the messages coming through.  Example- if you start to tell me about Aunt Mabel’s bright pink hat that she used to wear to church every Sunday,  and she comes through showing me a beige hat instead, it  may cause me to have doubts about whether or not I’m getting the message correctly.  Now, it is perfectly okay to answer questions I may ask, or to confirm the information I’m receiving as it comes, but giving me too much to think about just seems to foul up the whole process, not to mention the doubt you may have as a result of knowing you’ve already told me too much.

3. Names and Dates are nice, but they aren’t always important.  For some people, getting a name or a date means it’s real.  Well, if Spirit decides to bypass or omit that information, so be it.  ‘They’ tend to give you exactly the right information so you will know who is speaking right away.   They may even identify themselves with a song.   It’s all part of the mystical experience of communicating with the Other Side.  It’s very right-brained and can be a creative process, so don’t restrict yourself to names and dates.  Oh, and you may think they will bring up things that are important to you, and they might, but they will also bring up things that are important to them, so keep an open mind.

4.  If you didn’t like the opinions of your loved ones while they were here, don’t be surprised if you still don’t like their opinions now that they are in Spirit! Our personalities remain intact when we cross over.  If Aunt Gretchen was a bit cantankerous when she was here, chances are that hasn’t changed.  When we transition to the Other Side, we don’t suddenly become enlightened beings, although our perspectives change as we are seeing things from a different vantage point.  Generally, the more time a spirit has been on the Other Side, the more they have learned about themselves, and their lives on Earth.   They may be able to impart some of that wisdom to you during your reading, if they feel it will help you heal.

5. A reading with a medium isn’t like shaking the magic 8 ball.    Too many movies depicting psychics and fortune-tellers may have you thinking you can bring a hit list of questions and BAM!  You’ll have all the answers when you walk out.  Think of it this way- getting all of the answers for a test may seem like a great thing, until you move on to the next subject and realize that you haven’t learned a single bit of the material.  It’s okay to ask questions and see if an answer comes, but don’t be disappointed if you aren’t given a clear answer to your question.  Generally, you will only be given enough information to get from where you are now, to the next step.  Such is life!   You’re here to make your own decisions and experiences, so don’t get hung up on this stuff, or you’ll miss the big picture.

6. Yes, your pets do cross over to the Other Side.  They love us unconditionally and are such a big part of our lives, and yes, they do wait for us on the Other Side.  You may be acknowledged by a pet that has crossed over, and possibly receive a message from him  or her during a session.   I’ve had this happen on several occassions and it still takes me by surprise!

7. A session with a medium is not a solution to grieving.  Please understand that while receiving messages from loved ones can help give you closure and the comfort of knowing that they are truly okay and are still with you, it will not stop the grieving process.  It is your right as a human being to grieve for your loss.  Please honor these feelings, and allow yourself to move through them.  There is no time limit on grief.  We all do it in our own time.  If you are severely grief-stricken, my recommendation before seeing a medium would be to first see a grief councelor, as they are much better equipped to help you through this time in your life than a medium.

8. You may hear from your angels and spirit guides, and this too is an important connection.  Your angels and spirit guides wait patiently for you to ask them for their help.  If you’ve done this, then you may see signs of their presence.  It seems to be a rare occassion when I do NOT receive some information from these loving beings, as it is their job to see you through your journey on Earth.  They want you to accomplish your mission here, and will help you as much as they can.  They see the ‘real’ you, and help you to remember who that is.  If you hear only from these beings and not from any of your loved ones, please don’t see this as a sign that they aren’t with you as well.  The Spirit World always has your best interest in mind, and if they feel you are most in need of hearing from these beings over any others, they will arrange to be present during your session to tell you exactly what you need to hear.   Angels and spirit guides are usually not people you knew here on Earth, but trusted souls that you knew while you were in spirit who agree to keep you safe and on track while until you come back ‘home.’

I hope this helps you to understand a little bit more of how the Spirit World works and what to expect during a reading.  The most important thing is to have an open heart and an open mind and to relax.  The more relaxed you are, the easier it is to open up and receive all of the wonderful things that will come from Spirit.


~ by healingstarspirit on March 12, 2010.

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