Can Massage be a Spiritual Experience?

Some people get a massage so they can pass out and have peace from their day for an hour.  Others come to open up and connect to another human being.  I’ve had both, but the latter seem to be the bulk of my steady clients.   That being said, there’s a sort of taboo in the massage world about talking during a massage.  I completely understand this and respect each client’s right to relaxation and if that’s what they want, I am happy to administer a loving touch that will soothe the mind, body and soul.   BUT, I have found that for every handful of clients who fall asleep during a session, there are a number whose minds are quite active and seem to seek out some sort of conversation.  I use my ‘spidey sense’ to dicipher which I’m dealing with, so I can give them the best possible experience I can.  There are those who are quiet, then as soon as they are face-down on the table, they open up like a flower to the sun.  Others lay silently, but I can tell by the rhythm of their breathing that they are not drifting off.  They give off a vibe that says, “please, ask me something!”   I don’t mind this at all, and I often prefer it.  I am a Massage Therapist, but because I’m much more than that, I am picking up on much more than which muscles need my attention.     I do not think it’s an accident that they happened to cross paths with me.  It seems to enhance their sessions to know that I’m on the same wavelength, and am willing to listen to their stories, experiences and connect on a deeper level.   In short, the clients that find their way onto my massage table are looking for much more than a typical relaxing massage.  They want a connection with someone who understands them, and they look forward to their sessions almost the same way you might look forward to a visit with someone.

So what’s the bonus?  For me, it’s knowing that there are so many more people who are like me out there than I ever thought.  I mean, I am not the type to advertise myself to everyone I meet.  I listen.  That’s it.  If I pick up on that little something in their voice or turn of phrase, I’ll insert a word that will either ring a bell, or send them running for the hills.  Luckily for me, I have a pretty good working relationship with my guides (who I sometimes call my guys) and when they nudge me to do something, it turns out to be the right thing for all involved.  For the clients, I know they feel as though I’m more than just their Massage Therapist.  I’m a confidant who creates a space where they can be themselves, and feel safely doing so.   More than once, a client or even a colleague, has told me that they feel very comfortable around me and that I never judge them.  I respect and understand that getting on that massage table is an act of vulnerability that can cause fear and anxiety, and it’s my job to essentially create sacred space for every client I see.

I’m a firm believer that when the body is tense, the soul cannot be allowed to come out and play.  Our bodies are not prisons, though we sometimes feel that they are.  What we need to do is allow ourselves the acceptance that will unlock the soul.   I’m just as guilty as the next person of looking in the mirror and making all sorts of negative judgements about my body.  However, I’ve made it a point to stop myself and just look at myself as I do my clients.   When I look at my clients, I see the amazing creations we are, in all of our strength and frailty.  I don’t judge, and I know it’s hard to believe, but I truly don’t.  I look down and I see muscle.   I close my eyes and I feel for the energy.  That’s that.  From there it’s clear sailing.  On the way out, I make sure to check on my clients and seek out a calm, serene, and sometimes smiling face.  That’s my job satisfaction.  That’s why I do what I do.

As  a Reiki Master, I’m also happy to integrate elements of this energy into the massage or by itself, whichever is preferred.  The energy is still flowing, but the experience of the energy is a bit different.  When a person receives Reiki by itself, they are more in-tune with the energy as there are no physical sensations competing with it.  The other energy healing I offer is Reconnective Healing.  This cannot be integrated into a massage.  It is its own wonderful experience.  The client is fully clothed and lays on the table face-up.  As the Practitioner, I work with their energy field, and very seldom lay hands on the client.  This is VERY powerful energy work, and although I do Reiki as well, if a person has a serious issue and would like me to work on it, this is my preferred method.  Reiki is soothing and relaxing, and can be used to “charge” a room, or an item with the energy of love.  Reconnective Healing focuses strictly on healing.  Healing takes place on every person who experiences the energy- even if you are unaware of it.  It can take place on a physical, emotional or spiritual level.  I have personally received my own healings working with this energy and am grateful to be able to share this with others.

So can massage be a spiritual experience?  Of course it can!  It all depends on the experience you are seeking.  All it requires is for you to make the decision to open up and receive what comes.


~ by healingstarspirit on April 29, 2010.

One Response to “Can Massage be a Spiritual Experience?”

  1. Nicole is a superior massage therapist. She always remembers that I like Eucalyptus on the face piece, that I prefer Hindi or Celtic music instead of birds and water. She remembers where I always have pain or tension. I never have to remind her about anything. i’m one of those talkers she references in her post but I always leave relaxed and in better spirits. i don’t always leave energized because she gets all of the “toxins and dis-ease” out, I have to take a nap after 🙂 Or maybe I just want to take a nap and that’s my excuse. 🙂 She is very intuitive with me and knows exactly what to say and do. She has done Reiki with me as well and it is an amazing experience. She instictively knew where to place the energy and I did not tell her a single thing. If you get the chance—have her massage you, do Reiki or Reconnective Healing on you. You will not regret it and you will need one at the very least every other week. Don’t forget to vote for Nicole in her contest to become the next spiritual author. She is on target with all her advice from her “guys”.


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