Earth’s Children

Even though I grew up in suburbia, I’ve had a love of nature from the very beginning.  I always wanted to be near a window and would keep them open a little bit even in winter.  I considered the maple tree in front of our house a friend, and spent many hours just looking at it.  When it rained, I would collect my coloring books and go outside into our screen house so I could breathe in the rainy fresh air as I worked.  I never questioned these feelings of connectedness with nature.  I knew it was real.

A curious little female squirrel, watching me, watching her.

Before the thinking brain begins to take over, there exists in us another kind of intelligence.  It’s the kind that all living things are born with.  It’s got a million different names, but it’s all the same thing.  Call it intuition, gut feelings, instinct, psychic or whatever you like.  We are all born with it, and we are all joined together by it.   You see, we’ve been taught that we exist separately from everything else around us.  We aren’t separate, and it isn’t new age witchy-woo that we’re all connected.  The spaces in between matter aren’t empty.  They are filled with energy.  In fact, everything here on Earth is connected by one giant energy field that I like to think of as a huge grid, or net.  Science is only beginning to understand that what spirituality has been saying for so  many centuries, is true on a scientific level.  But let me throw this out there- why do you need science or anybody else for that matter to tell you if something is real?  Regardless of what can be proved, the experience is ALWAYS real.

Belief and knowledge are often confused with truth.  Truth is not necessarily one or the other.  Some people believe the pyramids were built by aliens, but does this make it true?  Knowledge becomes obsolete with each new discovery.  I don’t like to use the words, “I believe,” or even the words, “I know,” when talking about any subject other than something I’ve had a personal experience with.  Both are potentially misleading.   Belief implies that I may be on board with something that isn’t necessarily true.  Knowledge is always being expanded, so how can I really know anything absolutely?   The only truth that a person can know is their own truth.  To come from any other place would be an facade.  Remain open in your heart, and you will always know truth.  I am a messenger and teacher  of personal truth and the way of the heart.  My greatest joy comes from seeing others discover their own truth, stopping the merry-go-round of acquiring knowledge of things that will never help them understand who they are and who they can become.  Knowledge is fleeting and only brings temporary satisfaction. For there is always more to know!  Truth is forever, and gives a deep feeling of peace that cannot be broken by some other new piece of information.

As Earth’s children, we are all capable of returning to the place within ourselves that knows our truth.  No one need give you reassurance that what you are thinking or feeling is valid.  Truth comes from within, and many of us are now learning that we can and do have the ability to go inward and seek out our own truth.

Step out of this endless circle of chasing your tail for answers, and step into the light that is the radiant core of your very being.  Turn off your mind, and tune into the essence of your being, and you will begin to experience life through the eyes of your true self, your Spirit.  Everything you see around you is a part of you.  Take your hand and hold it against a tree and know it is your brother.  Go out for a walk at dawn and breathe in the fresh morning air,  knowing it is part of you as it enters and exits your lungs.  As the medicine of the Bear says, “go within.”


Recommended Reading: “The Biology of Belief,” by Bruce Lipton


~ by healingstarspirit on June 11, 2010.

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