The Ripple Effect and Masculine/Feminine Energies

If we’re all connected, it stands to reason that anything that affects the ‘field’ will be felt as a ripple by all of us.  And this would mean that what we all think of as being psychic is just a natural reaction to our environment, the same as feeling a cool breeze go by on a hot summer day.  It’s about awareness, and the ability to shift your attention to one thing or another.

Our brains are considered to be the most valuable part of ourselves.  We value reason above all else-  but this was not always so.  Society and cultural standards have evolved over time which have caused our values to shift to this paradigm.  Incidentally, logic is considered a very ‘male’ energy.

Everything  in life exists at both sides of the spectrum.  Up and down.  Warrior and Peacemaker.  Man and Woman.  Everything that exists has its polar opposite.  So it is with the Divine Masculine and Feminine.  God is not a single energy.  God is composed of all that you see and that includes the darkness as well as the light.  Now, just like anything else, energy has an ebb and flow.  Imagine a wave as it slowly forms, then peaks and crashes.  It then retracts and the cycle starts all over again.  So it is with the state of our world today.  The Masculine has been valued over the Feminine but the time is coming for that wave to crash, and retract.  We are entering a time of the Divine Feminine.

Because Feminine energy is passive, and Masculine energy is active, we’ve somehow come to think that one is superior to another.  This is simply not so.  That would be like saying that Fire is more powerful than Water, and we all know that these two elements are polar opposites, both capable of creation as well as destruction.  When one is out of balance with the other, chaos ensues.

What if 2012 was never meant to be public knowledge?  What if the ancient Mayan mystics never let this information out- that there would be the ending of a great cycle here on Earth?  Would we still feel the shift that is rippling over the entire world right now?  Is awareness of a specific thought or idea the key to initiaing the reaction, hence becoming the catalyst for change?

I’ve struggled for many years wondering what the value of the logical brain really is.  Let’s face it- I’m a highly intuitive person who operates largely from feeling, living in a world where logic is king.  It’s hard to escape the fact that you’re not operating on the same level as those around you when you’re the complete polar opposite.  Having said that, I do use my logical mind, I just trust my intuitive one more.  Why?  Because the intuitive mind has access to so much more than my logical mind does.  My logical mind only knows what it’s experienced and accumulated in the way of knowledge, facts, etc.  The intuitive mind is connected to the collective consciousness.  This, again, is an example of the power of the Feminine that has gone undervalued and largely ignored by many.   We are living in an amazing time here on this planet.  It’s a time of transition, and we are all going to be here to see it- a priviledge and an honor.  Those of us that are incarnated on this planet right now, are all catalysts for the change we are undergoing.

Right now, an outpouring of energy is happening that can be felt all over the world- especially by those of us who are more in tune with what I call ‘the field,’ which is the collective web of energy that connects us all.  The oil spill in the Gulf is one of the events that is tragic, yet is making people aware of the need for change.  As humans, our immediate surroundings represent our whole world.  As sparks of the Divine, we know there is more.  It is time to reclaim the unseen.  It is time to acknowledge our Divine heritage.  We are all Spirits.  Being human is a temporary condition that will fall away, for all of us.

The Hopi prophecies (as well as others by indigenous people) speak of ‘Star People’ or ‘Star Spirits’ that are about to return to this planet to assist us in healing and in our transition.  I did not know any of this until after I got my own taste of who these beings are.  This happened about a year ago, just as I was beginning to read Eric Pearl’s book, “The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself.”  Through a patient who had the ability to channel, Eric learned some information that, at first, comes across as a little ‘out there.’  The healing frequencies of Reconnective Healing, come from the Pleiades.  The beings there are seeking to help and heal this planet, according to Dr. Pearl.  I thought, ‘oh boy, Nicole, you’ve really gone over the edge with this stuff.’  I had followed my intuition, and had been very drawn to this book for no logical reason.  In fact, at another point in my life I came across this information and it scared me, so I dismissed it.  I suspect this is the case for most people when they come across something they are not able to absorb or ready to process.  It’s the way of the universe, and part of that ‘law of attraction,’ thing that’s so popular right now.  In any event, Dr. Pearl mentions that just by reading the book, the reader is already beginning to become attuned to the frequencies.  I huffed that off pretty easily.  And then one day, as I sat in a chair at work discussing something and talking with my hands– as Italians often do– I felt something.  It felt like I had thrown a ball of energy from one hand and it landed in the other.  I stopped mid-sentence, and got quiet. (Yes, funny to those who know me, I know!)   Not long after that, I began to clairvoyantly see beings that did not appear human.  No, they weren’t physical entities like you see on TV when someone claims to have been abducted.  These were spirits.  What I saw scared the life out of me to the point where I hid under my covers at night like a little kid hiding from the boogeyman.  At some point I got up the courage to enter a space where I could dialogue with these spirits and what they told me was amazing.  The first thing they told me was that they were here to heal me.  That was it.  Nothing more.  I asked, ‘why?’  Their response was, ‘this is our job.’   Hmm, okay.  I began to feel a bit less threatened and allowed these beings into my personal space to do their healing work.  It often feels like little electrodes pulsing on various parts of the body.  I also felt what I can only describe as the feeling of standing in a bottle of carbonated water.  It was that feeling of effervescence bubbling under the soles of my feet.  Of course, this was all becoming normal…for me… but still I felt the need for understanding.  This is where the other side- the Masculine side- comes in.  Intuition brought me half way by allowing myself to accept the experience.  Now it was time for the logical side to make sense of it.  Both sides need to work together in order to have the full experience.  So I started to punch in some of the phrases I heard from these Star Spirits into the internet.  This is where I began to understand the full extent of what is happening on this planet, at this time.  This is real.  The energy of these beings is real.  We are not alone, and much of the energies that are aiding us at this time are not visible to the naked eye, but are perceptible if you can open up and allow yourself to receive… which is also of the Feminine side of the spectrum.

Spiritual guidance alone is not the whole story, but it is the part of the story that has been ignored up until recently.  The explosion of people beginning to understand that spirituality is every bit as important as science and logic speaks volumes of the shift we are undergoing.   It’s time to wake up, and wake up fast!  Logic isn’t all there is, and proof is not necessary when you allow yourself to open up to receive.  What proof do you need that you have had a direct experience with the Divine?  None.  However, without the logical mind, we cannot understand.  Hence, both sides are important, and we must begin to integrate all of what consider ‘separate’ pieces of reality into one field.   This is how we create our reality.  It doesn’t mean that if you think of a horse, one will instantly appear.  It’s more subtle than that.  It means that if you look at a man and feel disgust, that is your reality.  If you look at a man and feel love and security, you create that reality.  The collective consciousness is in charge of the greater reality that we live in, and that will change more slowly over time, as it takes time for so many people to shift on an individual basis.

I will speak more of my experiences with the Star People in my next post.  Please read with an open heart and an open mind.  This information is not easy for me to dispense, and I’ve found out I’m not the only one who is receiving it.  I am, however, one of the beings on this planet who is charged with the challenge of bringing it to light.


~ by healingstarspirit on July 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Ripple Effect and Masculine/Feminine Energies”

  1. Wow, I just loved this post! And I felt the same way when I got to that part in The Reconnection, like “OK this is wayyyyy out there!” But I have been inexplicable drawn to it and called by it ever since! Thank you for having the courage to share your story, and I look forward to hearing more about the Star People!


  2. Yet another awsome post Nicole….as usual you know I’m always with you on this and am finding my own path. Can’t wait for the next one


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