The Changing Face of Mediumship

Recently I had a discussion with a friend of mine about the topic of Mediumship.  She is also very connected to Spirit, and like me, she doesn’t seem to be restricted to only one facet.  She has the ability to channel, get guidance, etc.   It opened up a greater discussion on what the expectation level is when you go to someone like us for a reading.  I have great faith that whenever I’m in the presence of someone who needs to hear something, it comes through- no matter if its through a loved one on the other side, or from Guides of various sorts.  The information that I give is always from Spirit, and not from me.  I’ll tell you when what I’m saying is from me.  I’m a genuine soul, and it’s just how I work.  But when I come up with a personal story or reference that I feel the need to share, without knowing why it comes to mind, I know it’s from Spirit.  That’s what makes all of the mediums out there so different.  We each get the messages as WE understand them.  After all, how can I explain something to someone if I don’t understand it, myself? From there, we relay the info to the sitter.  When I first meet someone and Spirit sees the opportunity for me to get some needed information through, I’ll actually feel nudged by Spirit to ask some questions.   The ‘nudge,’ as I call it,  is something of a gut feeling or sense of urgency that comes from the Spirit world.  I am not a person who does that sort of thing lightly.  I have great respect for privacy, to the point where some of my friends through the years have accused me of not being concerned about them!  It’s not that I’m not worried about one situation or another they are dealing with.  It’s more out of respect for not forcing them to feel the need to entertain me with details they may not want to share, but feel obligated to once the question is out there on the table.

I truly want to demystify mediumship for the common person, so they don’t feel like it is so far out of their reach.  When we realize that little things like hearing a very meaningful song 3 times in the span of a day is actually a spiritual intervention, life becomes so different.  If anyone who reads this blog takes one thing away from it, I hope it is this:  my greatest wish for you is to truly ‘walk in the light of Spirit,’ as it says on my business cards.  And what I mean by that is, we all walk in two worlds- the physical world, and the world of Spirit.  True, we may have one foot more firmly planted in one or the other, depending on our makeup, but make no mistake about it.  We are all human and divine.  We’re also multi-dimensional, which I have no good way of explaining at the moment.  I’m hoping my guides will help me find the words to put this concept out there with, so others can begin to understand what this means.  We’ve been hoodwinked by our own 5 senses to think that this is all there is.  And don’t even get me started on the– “well, I smelled my departed loved one’s perfume, felt her around me, and thought I heard my name being called, but since I didn’t SEE anything, it’s probably all in my mind!”   So detecting something with  3 out of 5 senses is a fluke?  Most Spirit communication is much more subtle than this, so how can we possibly believe when we make it so hard for ourselves?   We can’t see air, but we are breathing.  We can’t see love, but we feel it in another’s embrace.  We can’t see thoughts, but we don’t question whether or not we have them.   Please believe that you are more than this creature you see standing before you in the mirror.  Because you are, and it is the truth.

I’ve recently started to meditate on the subject of love, with the intention of  trying to understand  the nature of the different kinds of love I’ve experienced in my life. I’ve loved different people in different ways, much like all of us do.  I love my friends.  There are some people that I love as if they were second parents. Of course, most of us think of love as in romantic love.  But the love that I feel the most intensely, no matter what context, is the love I feel from my soul to another soul.  It happens when you are with someone who you suddenly feel like you’re on ‘automatic’ with, as if you’ve been there before and know exactly how to behave.  It’s a soul connection kind of love that is special, because it is usually not easily detectable to most of us.  Being psychically aware makes it a bit easier to sense these kinds of connections.  There’s also the loving act of caring for another human being, when they are in need.  As a Massage Therapist, being in tune with my clients is a gift, as I not only find the areas of their bodies that are tense and causing pain, but I also find myself connecting emotionally.   Yes, I will receive insights from Spirit as I open up and connect to my clients.  I can remember one in particular, a woman, who seemed very sharp around the edges and although my ‘human self’ wasn’t very enthused at her demeanor, once I began to work on her back (right over the heart chakra center) I found myself receiving a message from Spirit about a past trauma she had suffered.  I did not share this, or check in with her to see if it were true.  It didn’t matter.  What I did do, was to adjust my technique to a more loving style of touch, and she responded immediately, as if it were something she had needed and wanted for a long time.  It’s things like this that make me take a step back and see that communication with Spirit is not always about ‘hey, I’ve got your Dad here and he wants you to know that you need to take that job you were thinking about.’   It’s also about nurturing and loving a whole human being, and the Spirit that dwells within.   Most people who know me, know that when I’m being ‘me,’ I’m swearing in traffic and rolling my eyes when I’m in line at the grocery store and someone is paying with pennies.  That’s the human side of me that has its own function and must be there, just as the ego does.  The Spirit is often ignored or undervalued, and part of what I’m doing here is helping others integrate it into their lives.  If you call yourself ‘spiritual’ and you put it on a shelf until you have time for it or when you think you need guidance, it’s no different than the those who call themselves ‘religious’ going to  church every week to spend an hour giving God some face time, only to put Him back on the shelf until next week’s tidings.


Love yourself.  Love your sensitivities, and go forth in the direction of your dreams.


~ by healingstarspirit on August 12, 2010.

3 Responses to “The Changing Face of Mediumship”

  1. Beautiful post! I love that connection that you’re talking about. That instantaneous, “Hey, I know you!” even though you’ve never met. So wonderful!


  2. Thanks, Suzy! It’s like looking into the eyes of an old friend and no words are needed, and for that one moment, your souls are connected. Infinite! I love it!


  3. Beautiful post. I could not say it better myself. Thank you for representing our community in the most beautiful and truest way. Much love to you!


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