Spiritual Guidance for Weight Loss?

Like many others out there, I’ve had my fair share of issues with my weight.  It started in college.  I went in there at a very healthy weight for my height, but faced with an entirely new lifestyle, began to make poor choices.  Pizza deliveries at 10pm were a regular thing in my dorm.  Not to mention the 5 pounds of chinese food that came in a neatly packed (and I do mean packed) container– and they delivered until midnight.  I spent a large portion of my college life training for the sedentary jobs I would have upon graduation.  They were marketing communications jobs which meant a lot of stress, deadlines, and no time for proper eating.  Lunch was ordered out.  Sometimes I’d have nothing but a large iced coffee until noon, then after stressing out over my projects for a few hours, voraciously gobble down whatever I had for lunch.

I ate too much, too fast.  I didn’t eat anything that really nourished my body.  And all the while, I had a little voice in my ear that told me what to do.  And I ignored it.  Later, I told it “that’s too much trouble, and I just don’t have the time.”  I went on many diets, one of them helping me drop an impressive 50 pounds.  But guess what?  I was starving!  Most of these commercial diets focus on trying to satisfy your cravings.  “Sure, we make our own version of caramel corn that’s low cal and you can substitute for one starch per day!”   Um, how exactly is this eating responsibly?   Then I asked my doctor, who sent me to the nutritionist for help.  I sat there and got lectured on the fact that muffins were actually ‘little cakes.’  I didn’t care for the condescending attitude there either.  Guess what?  Fat people aren’t fat because they are too stupid to realize they don’t eat right!  I know this is a revelation, right?

To bring me to my point – had I opened up to my guidance years earlier instead of pushing it aside with endless refined carbohydrates that successfully quieted that voice within, I would have known the solution much sooner.  At some point I even read Doreen Virtue’s “Losing Your Pounds of Pain,” and “Eating in the Light,” both of which are much closer to the truth than any other diet out there.  To take it a step further I purchased her lecture called, “Healing Your Appetite, Healing Your Life.”  One thing to remember here, though, is that unless you are ready to deal with your REAL demons, you will not be in a position to take in this information.  And at the time, I thought that this author may have had an agenda regarding veganism, based on what I was reading, so I shouldn’t listen to ANY of her messages regarding eating and food at all.

I, like many other psychic people out there, was afraid of my inner voice and struggled against it.  When I read Doreen Virtue’s “The Lightworker’s Way,” and realized that she, too, had an issue with her spiritual guidance that she quieted with food, the wheels finally began turning.  Just as my psychic, mediumistic, and intuitive self emerged with a burst of light, so began my quest to work with it.  Now, after working with it intensely for a year and learning that it’s been there to help me all of this time, I am in a place to really heed what I’m receiving, as anything you get from Spirit is always for your highest good, and for the good of those around you.  I mean, I really wasn’t doing anyone any favors by not being spiritually enlightened, so why not go the other route?

So a couple of weeks ago, I sat in my living room and invited the spirit that had been hovering around for at least a few days to come forward and share who he was and what his message was.   I had known he was there because when a presence is trying to make itself known I see little lights and sparkles hovering in mid-air with no apparent source for this light.  Right away, I found myself compelled to open one of the many books next to me.  This one happened to be bought for me by my mother while we were vacationing.  I told her I didn’t need it because I already had a book by Alison DuBois, but she insisted she wanted to get it for me.  Okay then.  I guess I am blocking my ability to receive if I keep refusing anyway, so she bought it for me.  Here it lay beside me, and I opened it to a random page, as inspired.  On that page was a story about a departed female who was speaking through Alison to make her presence known to her fiance.  As soon as I saw my own name, and his name next to it, it just clicked.  This was the name of my guide.  Got it.  Now what?

I expected to hear something profound about my station in life, when he suddenly started to talk about wheat gluten and food sensitivies.  Huh?  Well, he told me that he had come to help me with my body, or as I sometimes call it, my vehicle.  My spirit dwells within this body so I can do my work here on Earth, and like it or not, it deserved  my love and attention just as much as my spirit.   He told me that he would be there to speak with me every morning so he could help me stay on track, as this is very important for me at this time in my life. It was as if Spirit had been waiting for me to get to this point, and they assigned this Spirit Guide to come in and be the infantry!  He was strong, un-ignorable, and he was also cute!  If they come how best to be accepted by us, then I apparently needed him to be that youthful kind of cute that I admired during my teenage years.  No complaints here!  Then he told me that the first step to working with him involved me taking a photo of myself.  immediately I felt my self resisting.  “I don’t want to do that!  I don’t like the way I look!” I told him.  He sweetened the deal by telling me if I agreed to take the picture, he would be in it with me.  “Really?” I thought, very intrigued that not only was he trying so hard to help me, but that he was sort of “working” me a bit too, in a playful manner.  Yes, they have personalities, it’s not all love and light (wink).  So I said, “okay.”  He told me that if in order to go from here to there, I needed to really see what “here” looked like.  It was in the name of progress, not torture that he make me take this picture.  So  the next day I got up, got dressed and took out my digital camera.  I said out loud, “Okay, I’m taking the picture now, so I’m counting on you to keep your word and be in it with me!”  I set up the timer and took the first shot.  Blurry, and my eyes were closed.  Brilliant!  But in the corner of the shot, was a flash of light.   I furrowed  my brow and said, “oh no… no, no.. you need to do better than that!  This could be a bounce back from the flash.  I need you to appear at LEAST as an orb.”  And I proceeded to take the picture again.  Lo and behold, I saw a little blueish-colored orb, next to me in the photo. It’s small, but it’s there!  I nearly fainted.   I stopped and compared the pictures to make sure it wasn’t there before, or some sort of interruption in the pattern of the curtain.  Wow, seriously?  But by then, I knew I had the proof I needed.  He had kept his word, and even gone a step further to show me that this was real and I wasn’t going to get away with blowing him off.   The photo of me isn’t great, but I’ve taken a section here so you can see that it was a photo taken of me, and in the background is this little orb that I had requested my spirit guide to appear as.

It’s been about two weeks now, and although I don’t know what my starting weight was, by my guesstimate, I’ve lost about 8 pounds already.

My instructions from my Spirit Guide have led me down a path I should have been on for years now.  I don’t necessarily have celiac disease, but I do have sensitivities to certain things.  This appears to be the case for people who are sensitive to energy in general.  As I lay on the couch the other night watching some television, I noticed how tiny my feet and ankles looked.  Then I checked out my wrists and they looked smaller to me too.  I had a feeling that eating too much bread, bagels, and other fine confections that contain wheat gluten were making me swell, but I had no idea just how much.  Now that I’m not fighting it with excuses like “I don’t have enough time or money to eat better,” I am making some strides toward a healthier future.  I don’t have to be perfect.  Sometimes a situation will present itself in which I may have to think fast to keep myself on track, but setbacks aren’t failures. They are just opportunities for me to rise to the occasion.

If you need help with ANY specific problem, and you ask for help that will benefit you and everyone involved in the situation, you will receive it.  You  may be surprised how you receive it.  It could be in the form of a fortune cookie, a person who shows up in your life with the right answer, or even a spirit guide whose specific role is to be your personal coach until you reach your goal.  You may feel the urge to pick up a particular book the next time you visit a bookstore, or somehow stumble upon someone’s spiritual blog. 🙂 Spirit always finds a way.

*The contents of this page are in no way intended to take the place of any medical advice.  Always consult a medical professional if you are in need of any dietary advice.


~ by healingstarspirit on August 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Spiritual Guidance for Weight Loss?”

  1. 🙂 you don’t have to be perfect??!? You are right. But you knoe what?? You , Nicole Quinn ARE perfect!! Love your writing and I’ m proud to know you !!! ❤


  2. Nicole-Love this post. I was thinking something similiar the other day. That I didn’t need to diet as much as connect with what was good for me through my guides and teachers. I’m all about self nuturing from a true sense. I’ll let you know what I discover on my journey!


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