To Walk With One Foot in Each World

This is a very important time on Earth, and all of the souls that have bravely incarnated here have a role to play in the changing face of our world.  We are all here with a purpose, and no matter how big or small our human minds may judge that purpose, it is no less important than any other in the eyes of God.

I usually like to stay out of the political fire, but I feel the need to speak up about something that seems to come up quite a bit.  And as you know, when this happens it is usually Spirit’s way of getting my attention.  I saw a movie today called, “My name is Khan.”  It’s an Indian movie, and it is extremly emotionally charged.  The movie begins with the life of the lead character, Ritvan Khan, and the fighting that was going on between Hindus and Muslims during his boyhood.  Because he also has Asperger’s Syndrome, the added element to the movie is one very similar to a Forrest Gump- another movie that I’ve been moved to ‘notice’ lately.  Asperger’s Syndrome is a form of autism, in which the individual with this condition is unable to process emotions, recognize body language and facial expressions as communication, and also carries with it some sensitivities that make everyday living a difficult task depending on the severity of the condition.  Ritvan’s mother wants him to know that the fighting between these two groups isn’t what God wants.  She draws stick figures for him.  In one set, a stick figure is holding a sword to the other.  In the second set, a stick figure offers a lollipop to the other.  She asks him, “which is Muslim, and which is Hindu?”  He tells her they look the same.  She tells him he is right, and that there are only two types of people- good people who do good deeds and bad people who do bad deeds.   This is his understanding as he goes through the rest of the movie. I won’t spoil the rest of the movie for you, because I think it’s a movie that everybody should watch once.  The trailer can be found here:  My Name is Khan.

The political electricity around subjects involving religion is through the roof, and arouses passion in many.  The core of any religion is the belief system it revolves around.  Each has its own customs, rituals, and forms of worship.  So here it goes.  All religions are man-made.  There I’ve said it.  Religion is another aspect of the human condition, in which we are seeking a way to understand our selves.

Now I typically choose to use the word ‘Spirit’ when referring to the Divine, but because I want to drive my point home, I’m using the vernacular for every major concept of the almighty creator.   God is God.  The rules and rites that we’ve created here are for our own selves, and although they may have originally been intended as ways for us to be closer to God, they have driven us further and further away from God, and from one another.

This blog is my voice.  I voice what is in my heart with one purpose.  That purpose is to reach out to others out there who may be suffering from their own beliefs, which keep them from knowing themselves and from knowing God.  There are so many people walking around every day ignoring God’s voice.  Why?  Because our own religions and society tell us that we aren’t worthy to hear it, and if we say we do, a trip to the psyche ward along with some medication is often the result.

People talk to God every single day, and God talks back.  Only we don’t believe it, and we choose to follow our own man-made laws for what is right and what God wants.  Religion has put a barrier up and made God LESS accessible!  The name of the game is power.  If all of us knew that we had a direct connection to the Divine and to every other living thing in the universe, a very elite group of people would quickly lose their power and become obsolete.  At this point, the Vatican’s main goal is not helping others become closer to God, it’s self-preservation!

Which brings me to my next point.  Religion, in and of itself, is not entirely bad.   Like all things, there are good and bad sides to it.  The good comes from bringing together communities of people who raise money for the homeless or another good cause.   The bad comes from those who show up, not to do something good for others, but to give face time so that everyone there can see just how righteous they really are.  The sense of peace and awe that comes to those who enter a place of worship is a thing of beauty.  The fence that the clergy puts up in order for us to have access to God is, obviously, suspect.  No matter where you fall on the path of any particular religion, the most important thing to remember is that you are a spark of God, and part of the Great Spirit.  There is no separation between us and any other living thing.  It is all one thing, that for a given amount of time appears to be separate in order to help the soul experience what that feels like. It’s been said many different ways by many authors.  Neale Donald Walsch expresses this clearly in his Conversations with God series.  Belinda Womack puts it most eloquently and beautifully in The Angel’s Guide.

Through all of this, I am continually surprised at the power of my soul to remember itself, and to look through the eyes of this body I occupy and really see things from a higher perspective.   I do not look at a person and judge them by what they are trying to do here on Earth.  Why?  Because when I look at a person, I see the soul that has come here to experience this world and the illusion of separation from God.  We’re all born here equal.  We’ve each been a newborn baby, held in our mother’s arms and had a whole life full of hope ahead of us.  The experiences we have here on Earth are what color our judgement and shape our beliefs.  We forget who we are.  We forget where we came from.  It’s that simple.   To go back to my first line- this is a very crucial time on this planet.  The souls that have traveled to be here during this time are special.  It isn’t a coincidence that so many of us are questioning our spirituality.  It isn’t a mistake that so many people seem to have psychic gifts and the ability to see into other worlds.  This is the time, now is the hour.  Can you imagine the number of generations that have lived here, and the evolving souls that have come here time and again to get to the place we’re at right now?  We are a very special and unique group of souls that have come here to participate in this time, and usher in a major energetic shift on this planet.  The time of archaic belief systems that no longer serve us is coming to an end.  You feel it, or you wouldn’t be reading this blog right now.

It’s time for us to unite as one soul family and recognize that we are more than this flesh-and please don’t  misinterpret that to mean that these bodies are not important.  They are very important as is the world we live in!  It is all part of the overall plan, and necessary or we wouldn’t be here.  They are to be loved and cherished just as much as the soul and the world of Spirit.  This is one of the very important lessons we are learning when we come here.  Clearly we cannot know what it means to feel that our bodies are our ‘selves’ if we do not have one and exist only as energy, right?  It all has a purpose, so please understand that.  But know this, no person or thing separates you from God, and as long as the ‘voices’ you are hearing do not tell you to harm yourself or others, you can be assured that what you are experiencing is your direct connection to the Divine.   When we remember who we are, and we allow ourselves to live with one foot in each world, we experience the wholeness and the majesty of our true selves.


~ by healingstarspirit on August 29, 2010.

7 Responses to “To Walk With One Foot in Each World”

  1. Nicole. I just spent this evening working on my chapter on religion and then I come here and see your post. We are indeed connected! I so agree with you! I often think Spirit “looks” at relgions and says–“How did that get that out of what I have been whispering?”


  2. Carol- Oh yeah, there’s a definite connection. I think lots of us are picking up on the same info a lot of the time because we’re like antennas as we go through our days. 🙂 This is a tough subject, but it needs to be talked about as we move closer and closer to the ‘shift.’


  3. A big AMEN to this! What an exciting time we’re living in! So happy to be a part of it!


  4. Nicole,
    you are soooo right…I often wonder if Jesus or Muhammad or Abraham could see what the world has become all in the name of God, Allah, Yahweh…etc, would they be so very disappointed in us. People miss the main theme when it comes to religion…doesn’t matter how you do it so long as you have faith and do it. When I was away at some training, I had a Turkish student in the class with me. One of my fellow students asked him how he felt going to school with us when he was muslim and we in most respects were christian. His answer was so very profound…he said “most people in the world have computers…not all of them have the same version of windows but they are still computers…so I look at religion like this…We ALL have Faith and Belief in God but how we go about it are just different versions of windows”. Spot on with your thoughts


  5. Thanks, Stacy. On the DVD for the movie “Oh My God!” there is an excellent interview with Hugh Jackman where he expresses just this. He says something along the lines of- if Buddah, Jesus, Krishna, etc. were all sitting at a table, I can’t see any of them having a problem with another. The world is waking up!


  6. Wow… I was actually just checking google to see if my new website is showing up yet (I have quite a bit of work left to do before it’s ready – anyway, no need to get off track – this post is great. Anytime I stumble across a reminder like this, I’m very motivated. I am going to take a moment and step back inside myself to reconnect.
    Thank you Nicole!!!


    • Thank you for your comment, Ashley. I love it when that happens! You just stumble upon exactly what you need without knowing how you got there. Looks like your guides are giving you the help you need. Trust. It’s all unfolding just as it should.


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