The Tree People

I have always been in love with trees, and often my guides refer to them as ‘the Tree People.’  I love this, because it gives them their due.  They are alive, and they are also a part of Spirit.

As I sit on my balcony basking in the stillness of a cool, quiet morning, I am reminded of a time not so long ago, when I was a young girl, waking up earlier than everyone else on Cape Cod to enjoy the cool, quiet stillness there.  In front of the cottage is a giant, old oak tree with a trunk so big you couldn’t be seen if you stood behind it.  Its branches reach out to the top of the roof, giving us the gift of shade on hot days, keeping the cottage cool.

The summer of 2006 was the last summer I spent in that cottage on Cape Cod.  Deep in my heart I knew that this was the last time things would feel this way. It was as if I were saying ‘goodbye’ to my childhood and  I knew the minute I stepped on a plane for Texas, my life would never be the same.  In that moment of sweet melancholy for the beloved cottage and its protector, the mighty oak tree, I began to take pictures with the only camera I had at the time- my cell phone.   I held my phone above my head so I could get the vantage point of looking up at the trees as I had done as a kid, so many summers.

While at the airport on my way to Texas, I brought up the photos of my beautiful trees to comfort me while I nervously awaited my flight.  Unsure of what lay ahead, I stopped on this one and suddenly my eyes focused and this image appeared.

This image has not been altered in any way, except that it is cropped from a larger picture so you can see the detail, and for the copyright watermark.

'Tree Spirit' Copyright 2010 Nicole Quinn

I was, once again, in awe of nature and Spirit.  Just when you think you have been abandoned and forgotten, a sign like this one reminds you that you are never alone.  Not even for one minute. This Tree Spirit, as I call it, made itself known at just the right moment. As a child I didn’t realize that I had a gift, and assumed that everyone sensed the things I sensed. I had always felt that this tree was more than just a giant plant. I felt the spirits that lived within the tree, and knew they were watching over me every year I stayed in the cottage, protecting and sheltering me.  The Tree People want us to know that they appreciate it greatly when we recognize and honor their spirit.

Breath is our life, our Spirit.   When I say that Spirit is in everything, I mean that.  God isn’t one being.  God is in all of us. You see God every time you look into the eyes of a beloved pet, a newborn baby, even a homeless person, and in the trees and plant life.  God is everywhere- all around us.

Trees are the closest thing we have to understanding how CONNECTED to each other we are, on a grander scale.  Trees produce the oxygen we breathe.  The carbon dioxide we breathe out is what the trees breathe in. If you can, sit or stand by a tree and breathe deeply and thank itfor the gift of life here on this planet because without the trees, we could not exist here.
Don’t be afraid to hug a tree!  They love it when we show them our love and gratitude. If you listen closely, you may hear a ‘thank you’ in return.


~ by healingstarspirit on October 15, 2010.

5 Responses to “The Tree People”

  1. Dang, I don’t see it! Help!


  2. Suzy- it’s right smack in the middle. Looks almost like a native american face, slightly turned to the side. Maybe you’re looking too close!


  3. Okay, since my Mom had some trouble seeing this amazing feat of nature, I’ve added a second photo that shows the whole picture, that way you can see what to look for in the detailed image. ~Nicole


  4. It took me a few minutes but i saw it. if you look at the second picture and slightly to the left and down, you see two spots that look like a bear. Let me know if you see it.


  5. Hey Stacy- Hmm, I’m not seeing that, but I’m sure you are right. There are usually lots of little anomolies in pictures like this one. Spirit knows what it’s doing, and my totem is the Bear, so that’s definitely something cool!

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