All that you feel is real.

Recently I’ve found myself in a number of very frustrating situations and it suddenly hit me that I was going through one after the other because I wasn’t getting the message.  Finally, a message from the Spirit World came through to me to show me exactly what was behind ALL of these struggles- owning my own power.  But this post isn’t going to be about the punchline or a message from beyond.  It’s about making you realize that I, like you,  am just a human being, and sometimes the expectations of a label like ‘medium,’ can wholly upset our entire view of everything.  Power is an emotionally charged subject, so stop reading here if you think you may be offended by what I might say.  I refuse to tippy-toe around out of fear of offending somebody.   You’ve been warned.

Right out of the gate-  I am not more powerful than you are because I can connect with the Spirit Realm.  It’s no different than an entire class of students learning guitar and having one excel at it while another struggles.  Who’s to say that the one that struggles simply isn’t putting their energy toward the right purpose for him or her and is instead trying to fit a square peg into a round hole in the name of fitting in and being labled successful?

So I guess you can tell by my writing style here, that you’re talking to me.  The earthly ‘me.’  Not the ‘Spirit Messenger me,’ but the ‘me’ that my mother gave birth to 35 years ago, at about 4am at the Malden Hospital.  I’m made of flesh and blood.  I have a mind, and I have 5 major senses that help me understand the world I live in.  I do have an earthly identity, and so do you.  Why am I talking about this?  I mean, you came here to hear something inspirational didn’t you?  Well, the fact is, that all of us are going to be  uninspiring from time to time, and you know what?  That’s okay!

This is about my beef with the spiritual community, and the way it comes across to so many of us out there who are merely trying to understand who we are and what we’re doing here.   The fact is, all of this talk about the Law of Attraction and some of the other more common trendy catch-phrases used by the spiritual community can do more harm than good.  They offer lots of well-intentioned advice and concepts, but they offer absolutely no practical use of the information they present, and even worse, they make us feel defective and inferior in the process.  The fact is, many New Age teachers are not interested in your enlightenment.  They are interested in being in a position of power, and  using that power to keep you in an inferior place so you continue  to buy their courses, books, and whatever comes next.  Much of what takes place in this world is about this kind of power, and the other major kind- the almighty dollar. Just as a commercial for anti-aging creme must convince you that your wrinkles are a shameful symptom of you having the nerve to grow old, many New Age teachers are out there convincing you that you are not spiritual enough, nor can you live your life correctly without their wisdom.  I have great respect for those of us out there who are doing ethical spiritual work, and remaining true to the purity of being a lightworker, but just like picking out a tomato at the grocery store, sometimes you need to pick up quite a few, squeeze, sniff and press into them before you know which one is the good one!

We don’t need to walk around trying to be all high and mighty beings, transcending this world as if it has no meaning, or purpose. I’ve heard other ‘spiritual’ people say, ‘well, this world is only an illusion.’  To tell you the truth, I have no idea what that means!  Our world isn’t some dream that we need to wake up from, nor is it something we need to overlook and focus only on the spiritual because that’s what’s really real.

And the real issue here isn’t what part of these statements is true or not true.  It’s the fact that in either situation, no matter which side you are on, that ‘knowing’ is what gives you a sense of having power.  The earthly concept of power revolves around control  If we can’t control something, we become insecure.  Then you’ve got the judgement system- this is good, that is bad.  This causes even more pain and insecurity.  No matter what the circumstances or what creates a feeling, that feeling is real!  The concept of being in control all the time is the real illusion.  The concept of power meaning ‘keeping the masses ignorant and feeling inferior/having low self-esteem’ is tired and I’m not sure why so many people continue to accept and tolerate this way of functioning in society.

My point is, we are all Spirit, yet we are all human.  We cannot simply dismiss all of the incoming information we receive and process from our world, as if being human is just a temporary condition we have to endure before we go Home.  It’s not that simple.  That’s like saying to God- “well, God, this life has been a huge pimple on my butt.  I’m sure you thought it would be a grand learning experience, but you were wrong.  It’s just been a waste of my time.”

I do not presume, assume, or any other version of ‘ume’ when it comes to knowing things.  I’ll tell ya flat out if I don’t know the answer to something. However,  when I’m in the mode where I’m connecting to Spirit, that’s a whole other ballgame.  You’re not asking ‘Nicole’ the questions.  You are asking the Spirit Realm.  ‘Nicole’s job is to be the medium- which is defined as ‘a means by which something is communicated or expressed.’  Spirit communication is much like all of the radio waves that are around us every day, all the time, but we are unaware of.   If you take a radio and flip it on, you literally are using it as a medium to translate what’s already there.  This is what I do.  This means so much more than what the typical traditional defnitions of mediums, psychics, intuitives and even gypsies mean!   Why have these become so important?  Once again, the ego/human side has come in to help us understand by defining things in terms we can understand.  And with these terms comes connotation, and the labels of good or bad.  Once again, we are seeking to have a position of power.

Power is not a dirty word, but when the meaning of it requires you to be unethical, it becomes a dirty practice.

Remember that you are human, but more than that– RESPECT that you are human.  Don’t belittle your emotions because you think they make you weak.  Don’t beat yourself up because you are not all-knowing.  This is what’s missing from many metaphysical teachings- they do not value the state of being human.  It’s about life.  It’s about living and experiencing. Not about rising above our humanness!  It is a facet of who we are, and it is not a waste of time to be human!


~ by healingstarspirit on October 19, 2010.

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