Our Bodies, Our ‘Selves.’

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with my body since I got here.  I’m told that as a baby, I wouldn’t sleep.  I’d literally scream and cry for half the night.  They say I had colic.  I say I didn’t like the feeling of being confined to a body.

As time went on, that relationship hasn’t really improved.  I’m just as guilty as the next person of accusing my body of not being up to standards.  Too fat here, to wide there, and I’ve colored and permed and teased my hair unmercifully.  We find ourselves becoming victims of our bodies, battling disease and addiction.  We beat ourselves up at the gym, and squeeze ourselves into molds that allow us to wear the latest fashions.

So why do we have this kind of reaction?

Well, first and foremost, we are seekers of our own identities when we take on a human form.  We forget who we are and we begin to look for that information outside of ourselves.  We compare ourselves to others and make judgements about what is good and what is bad.  We decide who we want to be, and many of us do this in lieu of the beautiful gifts we have that we choose to ignore.  A great example of this is Matt Damon’s character in ‘Good Will Hunting.”  Here is this amazing young man who has the ability to solve equations even the most intelligent, prestigious professors at MIT cannot solve.  He can practically do it in his sleep.  Instead of making it his life’s pursuit, he chooses to do ‘honest work,’ which translates into working with his hands, being a janitor or working construction.  Now I’m not knocking either of those professions at all.  They ARE honest jobs, and I can certainly see how this character viewed white collar jobs as deceptive, inhumane and outright dirty.  However, having a gift as strong as Will’s could easily alter the course of the world, depending on how he chooses to use it.  This is an internal conflict being faced by so many of us today.

“Do I follow my heart and use my gifts


do what I know will support me.”

The real answer to this question is, of course, both!  We don’t have to choose between one or the other.  Times have changed.

Ladies and gentleman, you are absolutely responsible for your vehicle- aka your body- while you are here.  You have to sustain yourself, and if that means you need to work a job that supports you but does not fulfill your dreams, that is okay.  BUT, and this is a big BUT, you should not ignore what your heart is telling you. There are still ways that you can experience the joy and freedom of living your dream even if it means you have to do it only part-time.  It’s not all or nothing.  You do have options.  If you’ve always dreamed of being a musician but find yourself working as a florist, then find a way to incorporate your music into another part of your life, but don’t give it up.  We are tricked into thinking we have to choose and can’t have it all.  Don’t you believe it!  While your day job may not fulfill your soul’s purpose, it supports you and allows you to live, so that you CAN work on your dream.

So where does this bring us?  Our bodies are our responsiblity to maintain while here on Earth, and that means loving them.  Harming our bodies only harms our ability to do what we came here to do.  Your body isn’t your identity, no more than your job is.  These, and many other facets of your life, are all aspects of the self that are reflected back at us through the relationships around us.

Take care to keep your body well, and remember to listen to your inner voice, your spirit.  Your dreams are whispers from your soul, but your soul’s voice doesn’t outweigh your need to be a human being, surviving in this world.  Both are important and necessary to living a full and happy life.

As always, walk with one foot in each world, knowing you are never alone, and that you are loved.

*Recommended reading: The Answer is Simple: Love Yourself, Live Your Spirit, by Sonia Choquette.


~ by healingstarspirit on November 20, 2010.

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