Power is not a dirty word

Power is often looked at as something that draws in the seven deadly sins quite easily.  People who take on positions of power are seen as vane, selfish, gluttonous, and sometimes downright abusive.  I believe that these views that are instilled in us through pop culture and mass media are the major source of the energy that contributes to our view of power.  And we give them that power over us, to program our minds daily.

As promised, this blog will contain the wisdom from the  conversations with one of my guides, who refers to himself as ‘Grandfather.’   Grandfather started the conversation by asking me some questions about my life and circumstances, and the motivations behind what I wanted and had been asking for through prayer.   I answered him as I would have answered anyone who asked me the same questions.  The response he gave me, however, was very different from any other I’d received.  He said, ‘Can’t you see that you are afraid of owning your own power?’  I was stunned.  I have had guidance come through to me before, but never in this way.  I have come to know Grandfather as more than a Spirit Guide, but an ‘Elder.’  Elders come to us as teachers.  They are very wise and give counsel in ways that you’d least expect, as he did to me with that line of questioning and that bold answer.

I wanted to say a few brief words about the concept of power, as it relates to everything that we are experiencing here in this world.  We all know that there is power in numbers, and yet the masses have very little or no power at all.  Why?  Here in America, we elect our officials to their positions, however, even that is not true.  If it were, there’d be no reason to have a ‘popular’ vote versus ‘electoral’ or any other kind.  The people we elect are rich and have no idea what they are being asked to do in representing the masses.  Then we later find out that these politicians are not only crooked, but they hide secrets even from their wives and families that when brought to light, bring them shame and disgrace.  No wonder we all think that having power is a bad thing!

Grandfather stated that there is always some kind of power at work whenever we are in a situation involving more than one person.  He asked me to look at it from that point of view- the interpersonal one.  In daily conversation I would hear people trying to outdo or one-up each other, for example.  In a work setting, I paid attention to the power struggle between the manager and the employees.  Even among employees, there was competition, creating another small vacuum with its own power struggle.  It would seem that one cannot escape this force, even in seemingly mundane situations.  It made me stop and really think.  How many times have I had an opinion or insight that I did not voice because someone else’s voice was louder and I chose to shrink back just a little bit?  How many situations had I been in where I stood by and let others take the lead as to avoid the issue of being in power?

It became clear to me that I needed to find a way to ‘own my power’ as Grandfather put it.  I began paying attention to interactions I had in everyday life.  I found that there were many times I was just  ‘keeping my mouth shut’ to keep the peace, and have always chosen not to rock the boat whenever possible.   I realized that it was my fear of power that created this, and that I did not have anything to be afraid of.  He told me when I allow myself to be treated with disrespect, I was telling myself that I am not as important as everyone else.  I was responsible for the judgement, by virtue of my own beliefs.  With Grandfather’s words still fresh in my ears, I took baby steps to taking back my power from all of those who I gave it to without ever knowing I did so.  I took it back from rude people who cut in line at the store or even from store clerks who wouldn’t listen to me and brushed me off.  I was determined that I would no longer be invisible, unimportant, and quiet for the sake of not starting trouble.  I had realized I was the one who was responsible for putting myself in situations where I allowed myself to be second-best, or just a bystander.

As time goes on, I check in with Grandfather and without even asking him a question, he seems to give the answer.  It is not always a long one.  At times it is as simple as, “I see you are finding your power.  Good.  Keep going.”  His presence is gentle and patient, but he does not allow me to hide from myself.   I asked for a teacher and expected one to show up in the flesh.  Instead, I was blessed with the presence of this wonderful old soul, an Elder, willing to teach me.

Please join me for next week’s show on Spirit Guides. I look forward to hearing your feedback, and your experiences with your own guides!


~ by healingstarspirit on December 7, 2010.

One Response to “Power is not a dirty word”

  1. Nicole,
    powerful thoughts. Makes you truly think about your stance in life and how you behave or act or even when you choose not to act.
    Blessings and love to you this holiday. see you when you get back.


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