Christmas 2010- on a mission from above

I promised I’d tell you all about my trip back home for Christmas and my special mission from my Grandmother, so here it goes.

Christmas without a loved one is always hard, and although my grandmother has been on the other side for 27 years now, her absence is still felt. During the weeks leading up to Christmas, I had this nagging feeling that I really needed to get back home for the holidays and reconnect with the family.  It had been 4 years since I’d had a big family Christmas. For me, the mess of taking unpaid time off, trying to get people to cover my shifts, and ticket prices were enough to keep me grounded in San Antonio for the holidays.  Something compelled me to make it happen.   Somehow I pushed past the fears and said, “I’m doing this.  Nothing is going to stop me. This has to happen.”  And so it was.

I started to feel my grandmother trying to get my attention.  Of all places, I happened to be in the doctor’s office waiting to be seen.  I took out my day planner and turned to the notes section to write down the concepts being relayed to me.  The first thing I saw was an old photo of my mother and aunts when they were little. I remembered seeing it before, but wasn’t sure who had it. Then she started to convey information through feelings.  I felt what she felt when she saw her babies for the first time.  Each of them was perfect and had all the potential in the world. She wanted big things and a better life for them than she had.  It was really beautiful.  I realized what she was getting at, and started to resist.

My grandmother told me that I didn’t have to get involved or in the middle of anyone’s issues.  I just had to do what she told me to do so she could get her message across. “You’re only the messenger, Nicole,” she said.  Her instructions were simple.  Get a hold of that photo of the three of them, and buy three frames.  She also had a special message that needed to be included, but I couldn’t figure out how I was going to do it. I asked her if I could put it in a card, and she said ‘no,’ because she knew the card would become separated from the photos and they needed to be in the same place.  So I got the photos printed and on my way to the store to buy the frames, I kept asking, “how am I gonna do this?”  Was I supposed to get them matted and write this special message on the matting somehow?  Then she showed me a frame that had room for two photos, and I got it.  I’d put the photo in one and print a card with the message on the other, and that would ensure the two would never be separated.  Okay, got it.

On Christmas Eve, which was always the most fun in my grandmother’s house growing up, I took each aunt and my mother aside and told them I had a present for them from their mother.  In any other family, I’m sure this would have raised some eyebrows, but not in mine!  I told them they all had to be in the same room when they opened it.  She wanted them all together (this was very significant).  They agreed and we all gathered in a bedroom away from the rest of the party.  When they opened it, they each had a reaction.

In the space opposite the photo the message read:

On Earth or in Heaven

wherever I may be

you will always be

my daughters, three

Underneath this little poem was another message saying that each of them were to put the frame somewhere where they could see it every day, and that when they look at it they are seeing themselves through her eyes.

There were several messages in this gift. For one, she was letting them know that they still had a mother who cared about them and was watching out for them, even if she wasn’t here in the flesh.  They each got the same exact gift- no more or less than the other. This was a clear message about how she loved them equally, without favoritism and that all of those bad feelings were to be put behind them.  The last message was more subtle, but clear from the way the whole package was put together and the fact that she wanted them all in the same room when they received it.  My grandmother has been watching the small degrees of separation grow bigger with each year and with every little argument. If she were here, she would not stand for it, and from where she is now, she still isn’t standing for it.

The message was received loud and clear- “I am still part of your life, and I will still weigh in every once in a while to let you know how I think you are doing.” Oh yes, she’s still the same in Spirit as she was here on earth.

I am glad that I was able to do this for my grandmother because she really needed to get this message across.  I am also very grateful that I was able to remain in my role as messenger, without getting in the middle or involved.  It’s kind of hard being a messenger when it comes to things like this, because in a perfect world this ‘conversation’ between my mother, my aunts and my grandmother would have happened behind closed doors, without my involvement at all. I felt a little like a peeping tom doing this, but when I asked my grandmother about it later she told me I did a good job, and she’s very proud of me for being able to do it.  If I had tried this last year at this time, I would have broken down in sobs, unable to get a single word out.  I’ve come a long way in my development, and I have a fantastic sidekick in Spirit to share it all with.  She says, “If I were still there, we’d be like the bopsy twins.  You’d never see us apart.”  I believe it, Gramma.  I really do.


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3 Responses to “Christmas 2010- on a mission from above”

  1. This is very touching to my heart…Very happy for you and your family 🙂


  2. What a wonderful story! You did a fantastic job, dear. Although it must have been difficult you stayed out of the situation and where able to give a wonderful maybe lifechanging gift to the three “girls”. you listened!! And took the message seriously. Your grandma sure is very proud of you!! It’s a lot easier to accept a message for a stranger than for a family member. And even more challenging if coming FROM a family member. You came a long way, dear Nicole! And you’re almost there. I’m very happy for you! Remember:almost there! :*


  3. Nicole, this is amazing! Thank you so much for sending me the link. Yes, I can see you and auntie in cahoots if she was still in the physical world!! Although, it sounds like the two of you are somehat anyway regardless of the planes. You did a great job with this (as you continue to with many other aspects of life both the spiritual and physical worlds) and I am sure she was proud of you. I know I am!


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