Fight the good fight.

As I’ve often said on my weekly Confessions of a Spirit Messenger radio show, whenever  Spirit wants you to know something, you will get a sign of some sort. The signs and symbols themselves are as varied as each individual person receiving the message.

When you invite Spirit into your life, be sure to be open because you may not receive the message the way you think you will.  For the most part, there will be no booming voice from the sky, fireworks or lightning striking.  It will be more subtle, but it will get your attention.  ‘They’ are very good at knowing just how to reach you.

Because I am a ‘Messenger,’ and Spirit knows I will be sharing my experiences, I tend to get them in varied and interesting ways, so they can be well-received and understood by others.  Having said that, I’d like to share a message that came through to me through synchronicities over the last three days.

I’ve always been a ‘reader,’ and because of that, Spirit likes to send me messages by way of words- especially words that embody a distinct, unmistakable concept.  For me, they always come in three’s.

I decided to catch up on all the shows piled up on my DVR.  One of them was “Hot in Cleveland.”   The  main characters were having a day of beauty, and when asked what they were doing Valerie Bertinelli said  “You know, fighting the good fight.”  It was as if this phrase was the only thing I heard come out of her mouth.  The words stood out in a way that really caught my attention.  When this happens, I feel as though I’m in a state of altered perception for a split second- just enough time for me to get the message.  I thought, ‘Ooo, this means something.”  I let it go.

Yesterday I went to see ‘The Rite,’ starring Anthony Hopkins.  Great flick by the way.  Check out my review here.  At some point during that movie, there were the magic words again- “fight the good fight.”  I became really alert and remembered that I had heard that once before and this was the second time.  A third time and I would be sure it was a message for me from Spirit.

Today, I worked at the spa, as I do every Saturday.  I never know what I’m in for, but it’s always interesting.  I was supposed to get out of work around 4, but one of my clients spent a little more time chatting after her session than expected and it set me back about 25 minutes!  My last customer was my boss, and since both of us were finished up with our ‘real’ clients for the day, it was not a big deal.  On the way home, I tuned into my favorite radio station, KZEP 104.5. Since I was in no hurry, I took the long way home.  After a block of commercials, the dj announced the next song as Triumph’s “Fight the good fight.”  Good thing I was at a red light because I’m sure I would have drifted over into the next lane!  There it was again! This begs the question, “if I had left on time at 4, would I have missed the sign?”  They say everything happens for a reason, and sometimes a slight change of plans is for a greater purpose.

Okay, so three times is my confirmation that it’s a message.  Then comes the next part of the assignment interpreting the message.  I asked my guides what this meant.  They told me it was a turn of phrase that would have a reference.  They like me to do the work.  No hand-outs!

After some checking online, I found a site that gave me what I was looking for. It said this:

Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses.   -1Timothy 6:12.

How amazing is this?  Um, crazy amazing!  Imagine the work my Spirit Guides had to do in order for all of these events to come together, in close succession, so I would get the message and accept it without question. This is how Spirit works! Oh, and in case the actual message isn’t clear, I’ll give you the punchline.  When asking for guidance, I don’t always get an instant answer, but that doesn’t mean it won’t come at all.  With all of the balls I have up in the air, I was worried that I was spreading myself too thin and, in the words of George Thorogood, should just get a haircut and get a real job’.  This was my confirmation to keep going and to ‘fight the good fight of the faith.’  If you didn’t notice, this passage even uses the word, ‘confession,’ that has been the trademark theme of all of my writings. My confession, is my coming out of the spiritual closet and coming into my own- to the presence of MANY witnesses, for sure!  I’ve always considered myself a rebel, and this is not without purpose!

Spirit knows you need encouragement while you’re on your journey, and  your guides and angels are always close by, waiting to offer you assistance.  All you have to do is ask.  It’s not always what you’d expect.  Sometimes its just a confirmation that you’re going in the right direction.


~ by healingstarspirit on January 29, 2011.

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