2012: A Return to the Old Ways

On a day like today, when it’s 20 degrees outside, most of us like to bundle up on the couch with a movie and some microwave popcorn. But for a lot of us in San Antonio, that’s not going to happen. Why? Two words: power outage.

This may seem like a disaster, especially because of the cold. No heat, no tv, no cooking, and no electronics. But you know what we do have? Absolute quiet, and stillness. Think about it. When was the last time you had no distractions? Even if you turn your cell phone off, you know that as soon as you turn it back on, you’ll have missed something, thus destroying your sense of peace. The things that were once a necessity have become a novelty. Lighting the fireplace is no longer for heating our homes, but for ambiance.

Today, as we light our fires out of necessity, we see the absolute power that we have given over to technology. Businesses will lose money because they operate with computers and cash registers which require electricity. Even the pumps at the gas stations cannot do their work without power. Without our reliance on modern technology, where would we be? There were times not too long ago when things like hot water and electricity were luxuries. We COULD live without them, as undesirable as that may now seem. These wonderful modern inventions that we owned, now own us. Even now as I type on this laptop (which has only 20% battery life at the moment), I can remember a time when I sat in my bedroom as a teenager with nothing but a notebook and my favorite pen, never feeling deprived of anything at all as I let my imagination flow out onto the pages. Because I live in the modern world, I’ve adapted to this lifestyle of being reliant on technology. Truth be told, if I had the choice I wouldn’t bother with any of it.

When I was a kid, one of my favorite movies was “The Wilderness Family,” which, if I remember correctly, was the tale of a family who chose to live out in the wilderness due to their daughter’s extreme breathing issues from living in the industrialized world. What a dream to live in the middle of the wildest parts of this country, gathering water from a nearby river and living in a log cabin. Sure there were dangers, but the beauty of the land and the bond of the family as they worked together seemed to outweigh any of it. I can still sing the theme song: “We work together- cut, trim, nail those boards. We’ll build a home forever more. This is the land that loves and keeps us free. That’s why we are the wilderness family.”

When I talk about the cottage on Cape Cod, I feel that same sense of oneness with nature. Without internet access, a cell

Me and Mom at the cottage on Cape Cod

tower signal, or even basic cable and phone, it’s still my favorite place to be, feeling nestled in nature, cared for by the shade of the trees on a warm day. There was no microwave or dishwasher. There was no washing machine or dryer. And you know what? I never noticed. The absence of these things made doing these tasks a more interactive experience. The things I remember from my childhood are things like standing by the sink as my mother washed the dishes, and gathering up the laundry together (on the Cape) and going to the laundromat. Working together toward a common goal as a family is what created these bonds. My father never packed a bunch of toys in a car and drove us to the beach. We took a pail and a shovel for each of us, and we walked down there ourselves, my father carrying nothing but his chair and maybe a small cooler. We didn’t need mp3 players, handheld gaming systems or any of that to busy ourselves. We kept each other company.

The doomsday prophesies of 2012 have more to do with returning to the old ways, than nature overriding us. Before all of this infrastructure, we had family bonds that could never match the distance that we see in families today as a result of technological advancement. Where have we let technology lead us? The more we us it to communicate with one another, the further apart it drives us.

The Pleiadeans have spoken to us about this very thing through the messages that people like Barbara Marciniak have channeled. If they truly are a more advanced race that is reaching out to us to help us save this planet, then we should heed their warnings– not about the advancement of science and technology, but about the misuse of it. All of our modern inventions have been modeled after nature. The computer is modeled after the brain. Irrigation is modeled after trees and plants. The difference is, the things that exist in nature were created to exist in harmony with all of its counterparts. The things we build to replicate those functions are synthetic, and cannot replace what God has already made perfect. Man is fallible by design. So why do we think we can do better than God?

I leave you with this thought. If there is one thing you can do to improve your sense of well-being and even your health, it’s removing yourself from the electronics as much as possible. In the absence of these things, you will be immediately transported into the present moment, no longer worried about what comes next, or what you missed. Spend time in nature. As for 2012, If anything is going to destroy this planet, it’s us. The technology we put in place to keep nature at bay is what will cause these so-called ‘natural disasters.‘ The radiation, the pollution and the structures we’ve built on landfills are made by man, and do not exist in harmony with nature, but seek to replace it.

I’ll tell you this- all of these things cannot hold a candle to the intelligence that is within even the smallest leaf of a tree, nor can they ever replace the life force within that is our God-selves. Return to the old ways, and you will never have to worry about how to survive on this planet, whether your electricity goes out, or you are stranded in unfamiliar territory. Remember who you are, and trust your instincts. They are our natural reference points, and require only the power of our souls, unlike the internet. 🙂 Namaste.


~ by healingstarspirit on February 2, 2011.

One Response to “2012: A Return to the Old Ways”

  1. We are being self destructive,self suicidal,because overusing technology is killing our true spirit.We are not made of wires,we are made of flesh and blood.We don’t belong in a tech world,we belong with nature.Returning to the old ways is the very thing that can save us and our beautiful planet,Earth,the only home we have.
    Blessings )o(


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