How can I change the world?

This is a question that many of us ask, but the answer seems illusive… or does it?

For many years, I would ask questions and I would be answered by an inner voice who would tell me one simple thing: lead by example.  My ego mind would then wonder how that would be enough.  How could it be that simple?  But my heart knew this answer was the truth.

Every day I make an effort to live from the heart.  In my work, I am often told by my clients and even friends that they just seem to feel better whenever they see me.  I take this as physical evidence that what my heart knows is true. There is a physical effect when we live from our heart.  It is the only way we can make this world a better place.

If there is one action that we can take to bring ourselves to that blissful state of inner peace it is taking responsibility for our own actions and choices.  This is the first step.  By living this way, we are remembering who we are.  We are more than someone’s mother, brother, or whatever our job is.  When you live from your heart, and take responsibility for your choices, something magical happens.  You realize your power, and you begin to understand that you really do have control over your state of being.

Then something else happens.  By living this way, others will begin to notice you.  At first you may just notice strangers whose gaze lingers just a little longer than you might expect.  What do they see?  They see YOU.  Not the you that is the mother, brother or job, but the authentic you that has always been there, and is finally beginning to shine through.  It may not be a conscious process to others who will pick up on this, but it will definitely be happening.  Simply by being your true essence, you are affecting everything around you.

This is what is meant by the power of the divine feminine.  We have been taught for many years that being women means being weak.  That vulnerablity is weakness, and showing emotions is unacceptable.  Remember this one thing- you were taught this.  Left to your own ability to discern what is good and what is bad, without these teachings and more importantly, without these EXAMPLES, you may have drawn another conclusion.

You change the world, simply by being in it.  You affect everything around you, simply because you exist.

The Spirit People want me to let you know, today, that there is nothing more powerful than compassion, and that no sword could compete with the power of loving.  Think of how quickly a wicked heart melts when it finally recognizes the love in the eyes of the one gazing back at them.  Remember how even the worst wounds can heal when given the loving energy of nursing and caring for it- both deemed feminine qualities.

The mighty oak began as a tiny acorn. When that acorn receives the gift of  resting in the soil, and is nourished by the rain and sun, it becomes a strong and mighty oak tree.  Being loving, compassionate and nurturing does not make you weak.  In fact, it is quite the opposite.

It’s time to un-learn what we once thought of as absolute truth.  That the male energy of destruction and war is not the answer, and that the only way we can affect everything we see around us is to be living examples, living from the heart.

You cannot will others to live this way so that your world will be a better place. You have to make it a better place by living this way yourself.  Stop looking around yourself and turn your attention inward.  That truly is the place we all need to start.

This is a simple truth, and that is what makes it so powerful and so beautiful.

You must be the change you want to see in the world. ~ Mahatma Ghandi


~ by healingstarspirit on February 16, 2011.

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