Taking time to care for the ‘Self’

Today’s message isn’t necessarily from Spirit, but from the part of me that has had to learn this lesson the hard way  and that the limits we place on ourselves are largely self-imposed. As a Massage Therapist, I see people every day who do not take good care of themselves.  I hear things like, “I just don’t have enough time,” and “my job has me working all hours of the day.”  Many of my clients are busy taking care of their children, spouses and homes in addition to working full or part-time jobs. Our culture demands us to be bigger, better, faster, and more than we could ever imagine.  But they seem to leave out one little detail- how to manage the many moving parts of our lives so they all work in harmony and create a life of balance.

We live on auto-pilot and allow ourselves to get swept up in everyone else’s drama. Which of these stories do you tell youself?

Myth #1:  I don’t have enough time.

This is utter and complete BS!  You have the same amount of hours in every day (with the exception of daylight savings time). Don’t blame it on the time you have, blame yourself for how you use it!  You choose what to do with your time. If there’s something you’re not doing it’s not because you don’t have the time, it’s because it’s not something you think is important enough to do. Be honest with yourself!  When you have free time, you know you find other things to do so you don’t ever have to do the things you ‘dont’ have time for.’

Myth #2 :  Choosing to do something for myself over others makes me selfish.

Women are especially guilty of this. Now I’m not saying that men have it easy. Both sides have their crosses to bear.  Women, however, are generally expected to care for everyone else’s needs before they so much as even think about their own. Please for one moment, take a little time for yourself!  Now if you’re wearing a Chanel suit while your kids are wearing rags you may have a problem, but if it’s the other way around it is just as out of balance. You are just as important as everyone around you.  Here is a tip: try to treat yourself as good as you do others.  You’ll see right away that there’s a major difference, and that you’ve not been kind or humane with yourself by not respecting your physical, mental and emotional limits.

Myth # 3:  I have to do everything all by myself.

This is another one that way too many people are telling themselves. Where was it written that it is the ultimate sin if we reach out and ask for help?  Or even worse– why is it that when we are offered help repeatedly we refuse it because we have issues with ‘taking’ from others?  If it is offered, it is not taking!  If you are a giver then you are well-aware of the joy it can bring to be able to give something to someone who needs it.  Why would you take that away from someone else?  Be a gracious receiver. This goes for Heavenly help as well! When you ask for help, you will receive your answer, but it may not be the one you expected.  Keep an open mind and trust that your spiritual support team is hard at work to ease the burden of your daily woes.

The Solution:

Taking 10-15 minutes in the morning and the evening to be still.

Take this small amount of time for yourself to do some breathing exercises, meditation, affirmations or whatever you need. This step, though small, will get you moving in the right direction. It CAN be this simple.  Little changes have a great effect and change behavior over time.  If you have trouble being still, use the time in the morning to set your intentions for the day, and then reflect back on what worked well before retiring at night.  You may not see this as being particularly spiritual, but when you honor the God in you by doing a small ritual like this, your soul will feel it.

Take time to nourish your ‘self.’  And instead of all the excuses which always stir up negative energy, start telling yourself a new story about the life you want to live and how you can take a small step toward that life each day.


~ by healingstarspirit on March 24, 2011.

One Response to “Taking time to care for the ‘Self’”

  1. I remember a Jack Canfield tape I listened to years ago where he had the audience say, “My needs are as important as everyone else’s needs.” It was hard to say. When we put ourselves last on our lists we end up tired, frustrated and unhealthy–not necessarily how I want to show up in the world. Now I try to remember that–not that I’m more important but as important as others. And it is all about choices of how I use my time. I can fit me in! Thanks for the reminder!


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