Never waste an experience!

Today’s wisdom from my guides is this- Never waste an experience!

No matter what is happening in your life right now, it is there for a purpose.  It is when things are at their worst, that we are at our best.  When we have what we term to be ‘bad’ experiences, we compartmentalize them and tuck them safely away. Why?  Because pain hurts, and we don’t like to be hurt.

See the hidden gifts in pain.

Pain brings us into the present moment. It tells us that we have been ignoring something that is valuable for us to know. It helps us to sympathize with other people who are in pain.

You see, all of your experiences have value. Good or bad, however you judge them, they have meaning, value and purpose.  The secret to life is to reap the lessons in every experience.  Instead of putting your experiences into little boxes and stuffing them in the closet of your mind and body, remember that you are not the sum of your experiences– you are a reflection of how you handle them.  Even in the situations where you reacted poorly, there is value that should be carried with you as you move on to the next lesson.

All of your seemingly separate sides seek to be integrated!  Mine the treasure from your darkness as well as your light. Take all the energy of all of your experiences and the lessons you take from them and allow them to blend together.  It is in denying our feelings that we cause our own suffering.

What lessons can you find in your most recent experiences?


~ by healingstarspirit on April 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “Never waste an experience!”

  1. This post puts me in mind of my interactions with the others around me. No matter how I am being treated, I take each experience in as a reflection of my behavior and use it as a lesson in how to treat people. It’s great to make connections with a full-spectrum of individuals for this reason.


  2. Exactly, Ashley! Everyone is both a student and a teacher for everyone else. 🙂


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