Knowing when it’s time to give it up

As I’ve said before both on my radio show and in my Facebook posts, there comes a time when all of the resistance you are feeling is not a sign for you to fight harder, but a sign that you should yield to Spirit.

The concept of surrendering to a higher power is not new. In fact, it’s a key component to the 12 steps in Alcoholics Anonymous- which if you look closely, is more than just about addiction to alcohol.  It’s about our unwillingness to tell ourselves that we cannot do it all alone.  Alcohol is only one of the ways people try to avoid facing themselves.  We also use things like sex, food, over-exercising, even over-working. Whatever you use as a means to escape your self, is an addiction.  It’s also a hard thing to stop once you’ve trained yourself to turn to it in times of trouble and need.

Sometimes our lessons in life aren’t about endurance, but surrender.  At this time of change on the planet, we are being asked to recognize and accept the gifts that surrender has for us. It’s not always about fighting.  Sometimes it’s about giving it up to a higher power, knowing that we see only a tiny piece of what’s happening but God can see it from infinite angles and possibilities.

It helps to know that all of the woo-woo that you hear from the spiritual community can be proven scientifically as well. I mentioned this on my last show but it’s worth repeating.  In the movie “What the Bleep do we know?” Marlee Matlin’s character finds herself on her way to work, only to be distracted by a young man on a basketball court who asks her to play. As the scene unfolds, the narrators- comprised of well-respected physicists, neurologists, and other experts on the science of consciousness- begin to introduce the concept of superposition.  This concept says that everything around us exists in multiple places and it is only the act of observing that collapses the possibilities into one place.

I highly recommend this DVD, but this clip will show you what I’m talking about.

Here’s what this means:

In essence, the act of letting something go and giving it to God, is the act of giving ourselves the gift of  infinite possibilities instead of using our limited perspective to make a decision.  

If this clip just blew your mind, then good!  It’s the same thing that religion has been telling us for centuries- we are all connected, and that includes a connection to Spirit. The act of engaging in any situation changes it, just by virtue of the interaction.  As the “observer,” you affect what you see around you, yes.  That is without question.  BUT, there comes a time when things aren’t working and it’s time to invite Spirit to merge with your human self.   They appear separate, but they are not.  We create that notion in our own minds.  The same way a pain in your wrist can be linked to an old shoulder injury, your emotions, thoughts and actions are directly linked to the way your life plays out. Invite in the holistic concept that your soul is an integrative part of your being and you will have learned the answer to one of the best kept secrets in life.

Thanks for reading!


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