How to Pray For Money

My Teachers in Spirit have asked me to write about Money, and how we can remedy all of the struggle with this substance.  They offer one simple action that everyone can take, and it will only take a few seconds.

How to Pray For Money

1. Take out your wallet or whatever you used to keep your credit cards, cash and checkbook in, and place it before you.

2. Hold your hands over the items, close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths to focus.

3. State with intent, “I ask (God, Source, Spirit) to cleanse this Money of all negative energy, and  infuse it with love and healing.”

4. Continue to breath while visualizing that anything negative the Money may have been used for such as, buying something illegal, gambling, blackmail, corporate buyouts, or even dirty political campaigns, and see it as soot that is being removed and vaccumed up into the heavens to be transmuted into pure love.

Many spiritual people see money as evil, but that is not entirely true.  Money, itself, is just paper with printing on it. It is the INTENT behind how we use Money that makes it something bad.  If we all take a moment to pray over our wallets, our paychecks, or whatever else we use as currency about once a week, we can clean away a lot of the bad feelings associated with it, and instead, send it back out into circulation with good intent and love. Imagine the change we can affect around Money if we all put our energy toward this simple endeavor.

My “People” ask that we begin to make more conscious decisions when spending our money as well.  We feel too small to ‘take the system down,’ but this is not so.  There is great power in this.  It is important for people to wake up to the power they hold whenever they spend a dollar.  Each dollar you spend is your choice to participate in what you are putting your money toward.  Are you supporting businesses that are local and need your help, or are you funding the already rich and greedy companies that are putting hard-working people out on the streets?  With every dollar you spend, you are casting your vote for what it is you demand.

We can create a ripple in the supply-and-demand chain simply by making conscious decisions to spend our hard-earned dollars on products and services that have more than the bottom line at the top of their priority list.  What can you do differently to make this happen?  Let’s get back to that old “Power to the People” attitude!  The hippies had it right! (Wink)


~ by healingstarspirit on August 18, 2011.

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