Finding the way to enlightenment.

I started off this journey with the realization the things I saw and heard that I thought were imagination were actually happening.  As I’ve walked my path, I’ve come to know that one of the reasons for my strong connection is to be a spiritual teacher.

Of all that I’ve come to know through Spirit’s teachings, one is clear:  Everyone is looking for something but few are willing to do the work to obtain it.

What is that something?  Inner peace, spiritual evolution and that knowing that all is in its right place.

We, as a society look for the shortcuts to everything- gourmet meals made in 30 minutes, 7 -minute abs, pills that will solve all of our pains with one dose, etc.  It’s no different in the spiritual community.  Seekers that go to a guru to obtain a blessing that will send them straight to nirvana, or using technology to sync our brain waves so we don’t have to actually meditate are just two examples.

When will the human race realize that the true treasure is not in the destination, but in the journey?  That speeding toward the next achievement only appears as advancing, when in reality it’s the spaces in between these achievements that make us who we are?  I mean, didn’t anyone see the movie “Click” with Adam Sandler?  At least somebody in Hollywood tried to help us get it!

If you want to achieve enlightenment, spiritual evolution or simple inner peace, there is no shortcut- you have to do the work.  There is one analogy that Spirit gave to me that sums up this teaching- the beauty of the butterfly.

Most of us take the exquisite symbol of the butterfly for granted. We watch these lovely creatures fly through the air, giving tiny kisses to the flowers.  But we forget that these winged beauties were once little worms!  Imagine the caterpillar in the darkness of its cocoon, feeling the changes in its body and wondering when it will all be over.  The true transformation happens in darkness and uncertainty.

 There is a perfect process to every transformation that occurs. In other words, nothing happens without a purpose. We think the uncomfortable parts are unnecessary, and we can just skip to the ‘good stuff.’  But without the process,  we remain little worms, wondering how others become butterflies, while we remain unwilling to go into our cocoons to make it happen. 

There is only one way to enlightenment. You  must face yourself.  You must move through each experience, appreciating the gifts each one offers you.   There is no way around, above, below or beneath. You must walk in through the door.



~ by healingstarspirit on September 22, 2011.

8 Responses to “Finding the way to enlightenment.”

  1. Beautifully said…and so very true…I myself have a butterfly connection to my mom in ‘spirit’…everytime I see a butterfly…I will remember your words. Thanks for sharing. xoxoxo


  2. Thank you for your comment, Joan. ❤


  3. As usual, you say things that make total sense and have that unique “boston” like way of presenting it. So when I popped in to see your latest blog….i found something that “seemed” like it was written especially for me. When I saw you last, I had picked up a box of Doreen Virtue Life Purpose Cards. You said that I needed these, I bought them and about every other day the same four cards come up….Study, Read, Write, and talk to your “angels”.

    Well, I don’t need a house to fall on me….I get it now and am taking the steps to allow things come as they are meant and focusing on what I need to do. You are a wonder, Nicole, and I am so very lucky to count you as a friend in my life.



  4. Thanks for your comment, Stacy. I’ll miss our talks and I hope we can continue to stay in touch. You’re further along than you think. You just need to take that final step and allow yourself to fly! 🙂


  5. Are you already gone? I would hate to have you leave without a good bye…We will keep in touch, who else can I turn to when I have questions or find myself frustrated with my progress. You were spot on with me getting those life purpose cards. I get the feeling that there is a cycle I have to break before I can finally get in touch with my path( the whole path). Its like having a half of a map and you are stuck until you can find the other path. Just know that when times are frustrating or tough, that you did good and the right thing to push me forward in my goals. remember me hen you are famous 🙂 BTW, I finally broke throug and got my lower 3 chakra’s unlocked and now it is my heart and throat chakras that are block…no rest for the weary. Drop me an email when you get settled. xoxox hugs and I will miss you desparately as noone understands as you do, my friend. Bright Blessings and Blessed Be on your journey from here.


  6. Stacy- I’m glad you are finding your way! It’s not easy. Thank you for trusting me to help you with your journey. ~Nicole


  7. *chuckles* I know I’ve left a lot of comments,but I simply couldn’t not post this, after reading this post. I wrote this a few months ago.

    Meant To Be

    I feel her inside,
    The woman that’s meant to be.
    Her heartbeat is fierce
    Keeping pace with my own.
    The concrete in which
    She’s been encased
    Has cracked
    And it shudders
    As her breath exhales
    Like Spring’s first blush.
    Ripe with promise
    And growth and life.
    I feel her flex.
    Like the caterpillar flexes
    Upon first exiting the cocoon.
    The flex when it feels
    its wings for the first time
    And realizes what it has become.
    No, not become.
    What it had always been.
    The caterpillar does not BECOME
    The butterfly.
    The butterfly was inside the caterpillar
    All along.
    And so it is with her.
    She has been here all along.
    Shut down, walled off.
    Waiting for the moment
    The chrysalis cracks.
    That moment has come.
    The woman that’s meant to be,
    Her time is come.
    She has begun to unfurl.
    Her beauty and power
    Are terrible
    And glorious.
    She is I
    And I am she
    And when the woman that’s meant to be
    Becomes the woman that is me
    And she begins to speak
    The world will tremble
    In the face of her fire
    And she will be amazing to behold.

    -Amanda Taylor


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