Discovering who we are IS the journey.

I’ve waited a long time to share these thoughts and messages from the Spirit World, not because I have difficulty with expressing them, but because they are some of the most powerful truths I’ve received. What do I mean by that?  Well, it’s simple, really. The more truth something holds, the more it takes for our human minds to absorb and assimilate the information. Why?  Because our lives are filled with messages from so many places, telling us what is and what isn’t that when we finally witness real truth, it is often in major conflict with the things we’ve accepted as ‘reality,’ or our own truth.

I’ve had some time to commune with Spirit during this dark time in my life- and don’t take that as a negative, because it’s not. It is merely the dark night of the soul, which is a necessary part of the journey, offering us the opportunity for growth and learning. Truth can happen upon us at any time.  You can be in line buying cough syrup, driving home late at night, or in the middle of a conversation with a complete stranger when you suddenly have an ‘a-ha’ moment. How it happens isn’t nearly as important as the moment itself.

For most of my life I’ve struggled with my ‘gifts’ and with my truth, constantly trying to define them, then satisfied with a definition for a period of time, it would suddenly melt into something else– blurring the lines once again. And as is often the case, in my struggle to understand, I was over-thinking things when I should have just turned inward. In a moment of quiet, I finally asked the question.  The big one.  The answer to why I feel so alone, so isolated, and yet in the company of others I feel so much. I asked why all around me there were people who said ‘be self-sufficient,’ and ‘you are all you need,’ and yet those statements dishonored all of the precious connections (not attachments) to the world and all of its miracles around me.  Why is it that people say, “all you need is love,” and yet it makes no sense in the context of society and the world we’ve created around us. I felt a distinct separation between my human self and the experiences I’m having in the world, and my higher-self or soul, and how She sees the world through different eyes. This has been my struggle. A battle of the lower and higher self.  They each speak with equally loud voices, and appear to compete for my ultimate view of life, but there is one difference. The voice of the higher self never argues or speaks out against the ego/lower self. It may appear to disagree, but it never lashes out. It is loving and although it is not superior in the traditional use of the word, it does have a higher perspective and speaks to us in our hearts when we are ready to hear it speak. Here is what mine had to say.

“All the gurus tell us we must learn to love our selves. I tell you I do! I love the part of myself in each person I see around me. If each of us is only looking in a mirror each time we see one another, then all that we send out is truly being sent out to our own selves. I see in one, a fear of love, which I can only recognize because I know it within myself. I see in your eyes beauty and tenderness because I recognize them as my own eyes. Each person I fall in love with is a small piece of myself that I cannot see until I see it looking back at me and I recognize it. With every new lover I meet, I see and love myself more. I am looking for me in their eyes. In essence this life limits our viewpoint of the vastness of ourselves, forcing us together to fulfill that longing to know ourselves once more. We spend our lives looking for our seemingly ‘missing pieces’ which are always there but are hard to see in this existence. The meaning of life is simple. We come here to experience ourselves through each other.”

The multitude of issues I had with the concept of what we are doing here, seem to be satiated by these words, but the conscious mind likes to counter with its limited perspective, so I had to know more. Why is it that we are told (by the gurus) that we are powerful beings that can manifest everything and can create our lives when all of the incoming information from our world tells us quite the opposite?  And why is it that most of us cannot simply sit and will things into being if the former is the case?

“The trouble with manifestation (as you understand it) is that it only concerns the conscious mind. We are always in control, but the conscious mind doesn’t have absolute power and control. Cultivate a relationship between the intuitive mind and the thinking mind and you see a clearer picture. This is why we cannot will something with our conscious mind at times. Because the conscious mind is not working alone and is not the supreme authority.”

Many of you have identified with me as more of a medium and while I have that ability to do so, it is only a very tiny facet of what I’m doing here. In fact, there are so many others here with this gift that I’d be doing an injustice to limit myself to that role. My true gift is to help humanity understand the bigger picture by being an example, and aligning myself with my higher self, as well as communing with the Spiritual realm.  I do not do this work alone. There are many like me who are part of the same energy, moving people in the direction of evolving their souls.

People who know me, know that this is not something I turn off and on.  At times I give it more focus than others, but it is always there, just beneath the surface. Why?  Because it is who I am, and through going within, and by coming into contact with all of the many people who have come and gone in my life, I have seen myself.

Start seeing life as an opportunity for discovering yourself. Meditate as often as you can to connect more fully with your higher self.  Lastly, allow that higher self to engage the ego/lower self in a student-teacher relationship. This will undoubtedly turn your world perspective around!

Believe in yourself. Own your Truth. And as always, walk in the light of Spirit, with one foot in each world. Namaste.


~ by healingstarspirit on March 3, 2012.

One Response to “Discovering who we are IS the journey.”

  1. Wow. WowowowWOW. This post totally validates some of the messages I received this weekend.

    I’ve been reading your blog for hours, and I am feeling a weight, along with a BIG push to write my (living) father a letter… an HONEST letter… a vulnerable letter. My father, whom I love dearly, was the first person against whom I constructed emotional barricades; he doesn’t want/know how to express emotion (except anger, frustration and the like) and be vulnerable with others… and, like you, communicating with others without being able to sense their emotions is like trying to walk through a minefield blindfolded, it’s an integral part of my interactions with other people, so despite my love for him, and his for me, we haven’t been able to share a deep, loving bond since I was a very young child.

    I think Spirit is trying to tell me that he is ready to see ME, and more importantly, to share HIMSELF with me, and that if I am willing to turn my walls into windows for him, he will do the same… and if not, that I am strong enough to finally accept that, and release myself from the emotional pain I have carried throughout my life as a result.

    Thank you for sharing your gift with those of us who seek understanding of Spirit and Self.

    As a last note; you have mentioned several times about seeing yourself in others, that others are mirrors into ourselves, etc, and on that note, I received an insight today (which was in alignment with the messages I have been receiving all weekend), while speaking to my dearest friend, which I would like to share with you (feel free to clean up the language if you prefer, this is coming to you exactly the way it was originally expressed);

    “… and I also realized why I love you so fucking much… You are everything I am afraid to embrace in myself… and I was lucid enough to recognize it in you when we met, it just took me a long time to realize what I was seeing, LOL.

    So just remember… no matter what is happening, what is going on, or how you feel… whatever it is… just always remember that you are perfect, just the way you are, because you are always someone’s perfect version of themselves. <3"

    (And please note, I do not use 'Namaste' lightly… it is not a trite signing off… I use it as a heartfelt acknowledgement and expression of gratitude, from my Spirit to Yours)


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