It’s the Same in Any Language

“It’s the same in any language. A brother is a brother, if there’s one thing I know. It’s the same in any language- wherever you go.”  

~ from “Same in Any Language, written by Nancy Wilson

One of the most powerful things you will ever come to recognize is that no matter what culture, continent or otherwise, people are people.  It’s something we seem to easily forget. Fortunately, there are reminders all around us if we have our eyes open!

It truly is the same in any language, wherever you go.  Human beings all have the same basic needs.

We all want to be loved without conditions.

We all want to be accepted.

We all want to feel needed.

Recently I attended an AA meeting in support of someone close to me. It was an ‘open meeting,’ meaning that anyone can attend, not only those who are part of the program.  I was welcomed by many warm, smiling faces as if I were family. After the announcements, a series of people who were invited to speak at the meeting came up one at a time to share their stories with us.

As I listened to the stories of these souls who not only survived some very difficult times, but were willing to open up and share their journey with everyone there, I began to realize something.  I wasn’t alone in my struggles in life. While I may not have a problem with substance abuse, I am not immune to the human emotions that each of these speakers expressed through their stories. Each of the speakers’ stories had a running theme. Each one had to admit they needed help, and ask for it– which is no easy task in any circumstances for most of us.

I believe that simply having a forum to express our pain is healing. American society conditions us to keep our problems to ourselves. Happiness is the only emotion we’re allowed to express freely without question. After all, if we’re not happy, something must be very wrong with us, right?  Opening up and sharing our experiences bonds us together, and helps us to realize that we are not alone, regardless as to how your internal issues manifest physically. So why do we hide ourselves from one another and our own selves?

Whether the pain in your life manifests as physical pain, depression, anxeity, or a substance abuse problem, it all starts with the same basic human needs not being filled. Loving and supporting one another is the highest order we have here in this existence.

We are all human, and LOVE is our universal language. 

 If you or someone you know has a problem with an addiction, please take the time to get to know AA and what it can do to help:  Help is out there, so please don’t be afraid to reach out for it.


~ by healingstarspirit on March 11, 2012.

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