Can Truth Really Be As Simple As Facts and Figures?

Recently I have been gifted with the challenge of being around some very logical, linear people, who do not seem to understand me at all– big shocker, right? These are the kinds of people who require facts, timelines, references etc, in order to accept anything as truth. Let me also add, that some ‘facts’ turn out not to be actual facts in the long run.

To these people I say this– there are many ways to perceive truth beside intellectually. Those of us who are psychically open, receive our information by letting go of the conscious mind and allowing other areas of our minds to open up. I know this firsthand. I could equate it to typing a term into Google. You ask the question and see what you get. Period. The end. That’s the whole point of being a receiver.

There exists a language beyond words, which we are all capable of speaking, hearing and understanding.  This is the place where I live, and it is a deeply satisfying place to be. 

You will not find me in a debate over… well, anything.  I am terrible with memorizing facts- which incidentally I find quite boring and meaningless, and I have very little interest in what passes for journalism, as I am well-aware from my background that most of what is presented is created, not actually reported. Not to mention the countless ‘studies’ that are run by people with a huge stake in the outcome, so really, how can I ever really fully embrace any of this as truth?   A doctor can use a large piece of equipment to scan my body, and for all I know it could just be a hollow prop that makes noise. After all, I don’t understand the workings of such things. And when the scan comes in, how do I know it’s mine or that what I’m being told is accurate?  Unless I have firsthand knowledge of the subject, I’m left to trust that I’m being told the truth.  So, you see my issue with this, yes?

Maybe it’s just my personal bug-a-boo, but I’ve often found that language is as much a barrier to communication as it is actual communication! Definitions and labels are limiting and create confusion because we assume that we understand each other’s definitions when we use certain concepts and words. Hence, trying to explain this concept would further muddy the waters!

Let me take it one step further. Let’s say we’re having a conversation and I tell you that I’m in love. Would you accept this as true or would it be something you’d feel the need to question because you need it to fit into your own personal defnition of what it means to be in love?  And, if that’s the case, would that make my truth…untrue? What if I told you a certain man or woman was absolutely lovely?  Would this also pose a problem?  How about listening to a beautiful piece of music?  Truth is not based on facts. It is based on perception. I own my truth, and it is not up for debate.

Truth is not based on supposed facts.  Truth is a personal experience. 

Truth is a passionate pursuit of mine, but I do not run around trying to pursuade people to believe what I believe. Why? Well, the word ‘believe’ in and of itself poses a problem here to begin with, but put that aside for a moment and humor me. Personal experience equals personal truth. I cannot convince you what is true, because the only real truth I know comes from my own experiences.  Unless you are able to slip into my skin and travel with me through my experiences, you have no business judging (or maybe you call it interpretting) my truth and I cannot tell you yours.

Human beings love to argue, limit, label, and they revel in the pursuit of being correct. But guess what? In many cases, we will never be ‘correct.’ New information that is perceived by way of our senses, or even technological instruments are changing the face of truth minute-by-minute. Even then, much of what our culture decides is true, is actually just a judgment based on a set of information that someone interpretted, based on his or her own viewpoint…and/or experience.

So why not bask in the glory of the present, and let go of the argument about what is right and what is wrong?  Why not be open to understanding the thoughts, feelings and conditions of one another as human beings and leaving it at that?  I mean, wars are fought over this stuff! And for what? In the end, it’s only our egos that are seeking to be satisfied.  And guess what?  Ego is the very part of ourselves that tells us ‘bigger, better, faster, more!’

Call it a philosophy or perspective, but this is the place I speak from when it comes to ‘truth.’

Find the quiet place within. Stop fighting the intuitive mind. Release your urge to qualify and quantify everything you see around you. Learn the art of quieting the conscious mind and find your freedom there.  When you do this, you learn to listen with a different sense. Give it a try, you might enjoy it.


~ by healingstarspirit on April 21, 2012.

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