Walking Your ‘Right’ Path

My mission as a Spirit Messenger, has always been to help others on their own path. While there are some universal truths that I’ve spoken about often on my show, there are other truths that are individual and cannot be labeled or judged as right or wrong. Today’s wisdom comes from one of my People. His words are always simple, and although they seem straight-forward, many times they are meant to be picked up and put in your pocket as a pebble on the road, and pulled out at a later time when they will suddenly have a world of meaning you did not anticipate.

Personal truth is the highest calling for many of us. We do not seek to compete, compare or convince. We simply seek to live our personal truth in a way that is fulfilling and does no harm to others.

Having said that, there are many who will be threatened by the very sight of you living your personal truth. Be prepared for this, and ask for guidance when you encounter beings who feel this way- human or otherwise- that appear along the path.

There is a distinct difference between something that appears in your path as a challenge for you to overcome, an obstacle for you to move, or a piece of scenery that is meant for you only to see as a learning experience. Learn to recognize these things for what they are and you will move through your lessons at the speed of lightening, evolving much more quickly than those who remain asleep.

The path you are walking is uniquely yours, and although you will meet many who are walking in the same general direction, there will be many variations. Sometimes you will need to guide others, and sometimes you will need to continue to be present in their lives only as an example.

Be kind and respectful when you see someone who is struggling with their truth.  Patience is a gift to yourself as well as to those you meet. It is through patience that you will learn to see the folly in your methods of problem-solving, because we often jump to a conclusion that is not connected to the actual problem at hand.

Learn to listen to the heartbeat of your fellow man and animals. There is wisdom in the pulse and energy of every heart. It is the heart that is the key to unlocking the mind, and not the opposite.

Thank you for reading these words. If you would like help with receiving insight on your path, please email me at healingstarspirit@yahoo.com

Namaste to you, meaning:  

The Divine in me, recognizes and honors the Divine in you. 


~ by healingstarspirit on May 14, 2012.

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