Reaching out to Spirit

Those of you who know me, know that in June 2012, my grandfather passed on to the Other Side. It was like the end of an era for my family, and although we know he’s ‘Home’ with my grandmother now, our sadness has not yet dissipated.  About a week later, I moved into the space downstairs in our house where he lived with us for over 20 years. It wasn’t long before I realized that this area is the heart of the house and I’ll explain what I mean by that.

I believe that each structure- school, church, home or otherwise- has a ‘heart,’ a specific area where Spirit energy can enter and gather. In this house, it is the area around the fireplace and the room where my grandfather slept. It sounds cliche, but it is right next to the boiler room!  When I first moved into the space, every night I was awoken by some sort of Spirit activity. I won’t go into detail, but not all of it was good. I spent a lot of time clearing the space using prayer, sage and the methods taught to me as a minister of Our Lord & Lady of the Trinacrian Rose.  It took a little while, but things finally calmed down and I gained a level of control over the ‘opening’ that I sensed was in that particular spot. I also set up an ‘altar for the dead,’ which is a shelf above the fireplace with the photos of my loved ones that have passed on, along with illustrations of the Archangels, many 7-Day candles, some crystals and of course, a small candle lit for each of them, placed just in front of their respective photos.

A photo of my grandmother on her wedding day, pinning a flower on my great-grandmother.

A photo of my grandmother on her wedding day, pinning a flower on my great-grandmother.

This was done as a sign of respect and rememberance- and when you are as sensitive as I am to energy of all kinds, it is important to acknowledge and respect it. It’s sort of like having a house guest that you continually ignore, walking by and going about your business. Most of the time, all Spirit seeks is recognition. They aren’t much different than the rest of us here in the physical world.

Last night, I was dog-sitting for my brother’s dog, Rocky.

This is Rocky. He's such a cutie pie.

This is Rocky. He’s such a cutie pie.

He’s a very cute little guy, and not used to being in his crate at night, he was making it known by barking and scratching. I decided he should come sleep downstairs with me. I used my comforter to make him a little bed and he settled in for the night, next to my bed.  I should mention that in a reading I had a couple of months ago with my dear friend and talented medium, Jackie Waitkus, my grandfather came through to mention, very specifically, my brother’s dog, Rocky. He said that when the dog growls or seems to be looking at something that isn’t there, it’s him, playing games with the dog.  I had known there was an energy afoot because my tell-tale is that my hands will vibrate, and they were definitely buzzing. And here I was with Rocky right next to me. I noticed he was sniffing at the air and growling at the door to the bedroom and I knew exactly what was happening. I was getting validation from my grandfather, himself.  I told him I knew he was there and to please stop making the dog crazy because it was so late.  Rocky seemed to settle down and I decided to snap a photo of him, as he lay there so sweetly.

What I saw on my screen as I snapped the photo shocked me. Although nothing appeared in the photo, as the flash lit up the room for that split second before the photo was taken, there were a bunch of flying orbs all over! I thought I was seeing things, so I tried again, and again there they were! I could only see them on the screen with the light from the flash, so I had to find a way to keep it on. I decided to take a video and see if that would work…and work it did!

As I was ‘playing’ with the energy that was literally flying around the room, I made no assumptions, and simply interacted with it. To be honest I’m not sure who this energy was, but it felt very light and playful, almost angelic. I had been speaking to my angels and receiving messages that they were surrounding me with their love and protection, so I believe this was a validation of that message as well. Here is the video. Please excuse the clutter in my bedroom. I didn’t get up to clean before I filmed this! Also, there is a movie playing in the background. It’s actually ‘Always,’ which is a story about a man who dies (the engine on his aircraft catches on fire and explodes) and comes back to help his friends and say goodbye to his lady. Coincidence? I think not. Watch very closely. It happens at least 4 times, particularly right after I ask for it to fly by my hand.

The Spirit World is closer than you think! BELIEVE! And remember that when you ask for help, you are always answered, although it may not be the way you expected it. No prayer ever goes unanswered.


~ by healingstarspirit on January 13, 2013.

2 Responses to “Reaching out to Spirit”

  1. Great story and video, Nicole!! Thanks so much for sharing. I love the picture of your grandmother and my grandmother. I too, know my angels are always around me. Although I have never seen (I am more of a clairesentient), I have no doubts and been given different types of affirmations. I would love to see an orb, so it was so exciting to me to see yours. I also know that when my cats dash off and run around crazy for no apparent reason, it’s possibly my dad. Glad to see that you were able to clear your space and connect with your grandfather. Happy New Year, Let’s try and talk soon!


  2. ..sorry, make that your grandmother and my grandmother


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