So you really think talking about your problems does nothing?

If you’ve read my past blogs, you know that I spent 5 years as a Massage Therapist, and my insight has been that the physical is the last place problems manifest.  Unfortunately for most people, problems are not addressed until the physical calls out to them- an ache, a pain, a stiff neck.  These are not the inconveniences we think they are.  They are Messages.  And when you don’t listen, they become LOUDER.  When they become loud enough, some people may see a doctor.  Other people end up on a massage table.

Some issues were relatively simple at first glance.  Of course, administrative workers came in with neck and shoulder problems, atheletes came in with sore muscles , and waitresses came in with stiff backs from standing and carrying heavy plates. Their pain made sense in a practical way, but that’s not where the problems started.  Each person had their aches and pains, but they also had a story.  This is where the Message Therapy comes in.

Rule of thumb in massage- the client is there to relax, not to chat with you.  I would turn down the lighting, put on relaxing music, and start my work– and my clients started talking.  They didn’t just talk, they were animated in their story-telling, and even passionate. There’s something special about saying something out loud and hearing it in our own voice.  This is where the healing began. My clients would suddenly have insights and come up with solutions they’d never considered.  Some of them would simply let out a sigh of relief at having unloaded a heavy emotional burden.  All of them received what they needed to heal and let go of the pain they were holding on to.

When I hear people say talking about their problems does nothing, I can’t help but shake my head.  The funny thing is, I hear this kind of thing most often from frustrated, disgruntled people who don’t talk about their problems.  Of course, I respect that they may not be at a point where they are ready to heal.  Sometimes of our lessons here are hard to take, and we avoid them by building boundaries and being defensive.  Some may never be ready to face them.

I have seen people transform right before my eyes,

just from sharing a story or confessing a worry.

Just seeing a look of recognition in they face of another human being when voicing our emotions can be transformative.  Talking about our problems helps us relieve stress, come up with new insights, create a sense of community with others, and validates our feelings, to name a few benefits.  It helps us get perspective.  It helps us feel less alone and isolated.  Might I also mention that those of my clients who did tend to open the floodgates would get better faster?

Massage really was the gateway I had to walk through to get how the process works for us stubborn humans.  We feel depressed but we tell ourselves we are fine.  We stay in situations that are detrimental to our mental health.  All the while, we know what must be done, remaining blissfully ignorant until it reaches the physical level, where we can no longer ignore that something wrong!  We may try to get rid of it with a pill, but if there’s a Message for you in the pain, it will persist until you get it.  Most people will put themselves through enormous amounts of suffering before they are willing to address the underlying problem.  That’s how far the lies we tell ourselves can go.  Speaking your Truth really is the best medicine.


~ by healingstarspirit on April 11, 2015.

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