Why do we suffer?

It’s been said many ways by many people throughout the world.  Suffering is so terrible.  Why must we endure it?

Twice in my life I’ve spoken to Spirit about my own ‘pain.’  Both times I received an answer, but as with most lessons we came here to learn, it took some time before I really understood the messages I received.

The first time, I was getting to work as a massage therapist.  I set up my room and was feeling a very intense tightness in my shoulders, which not only hurt, but limited my range of motion.  My job was to help others feel better, and I thought I was doing a good job at being of service- which has always been my purpose here.   After charging my room with Reiki, clearing out any residual energy from the prior day’s clients, and blessing the space, I sat on the table and asked Spirit, ‘if I’m serving my purpose, why are you making it harder for me by giving me this pain?’  The answer I was given was, ‘your pain is a gift.’   That was all.  I rarely get a very detailed explanation when I ask about something that is a life lesson, and cannot be removed from my path.  Life lessons are for us to learn and move through, not to be erradicated.  I let the thought linger, then let it go.  That day, I had 3 clients.  Each time I reviewed their intake form, I noted their pain patterns.  I heard the same frustration in each of their voices, as they explained how it was affecting them.  And then I realized something.  They all had the exact same pain pattern I was having that day.  In fact, my pain that day was a gift.  It helped me to understand and be compassionate to each of my clients.  It put them at ease to learn that I had experienced the same type of pain.  In essence, it united us as human beings.


Suffering is the one thing that every one of us experiences.

Suffering gives us perspective,

and an opportunity to recognize suffering others.

As most humans do, I too, needed more than just once to truly understand this lesson on a level that would embed in my being so deeply, that it would no longer need explanation. So again, after a long day at work, and having to go home without any way to relax due to the spasm in my back, I asked.  ‘Why do I keep experiencing this pain?’  I mean, wasn’t it enough that I had experienced it, understood that it helped me with my clients, but didn’t that mean I completed the lesson?  Spirit’s answer- ‘Pain is a great Teacher.’  I knew in my heart, that it wasn’t only my pain that Spirit was referring to.  It was also the pain of others.  You see, my ex-husband had chronic pain.  It was to the point that he could not sleep, and the only way I could sleep was if I worked on him to reduce the swelling and inflammation enough for him to get some rest.  After a day of working on other people, and having my own pain, I resented having to do it at home, when I felt it was my time to relax.  My pain kept showing up to remind me what it feels like to be in pain.  How many times had I behaved in an uncaring way when he was in pain before?   Spirit had given me the gift of knowing seeing that I had not been as loving as I could be to someone who felt pain.  My pain was a reminder of that.  It was then, that I truly understood how powerful empathy was, and that I was not meant to shut off that part of me, but to use it for this purpose- to be connected to my brother and sister souls incarnated here on the planet.

Never doubt that your prayers are always heard, and your questions answered.  It may not be the way you expect, which is why it’s so important to to be too narrow in your focus when striving to hear the answer.  Be open.  Notice things that draw your attention.  Be still and quiet within yourself.  This is when you will have your ‘ah-ha’ moment.  Thoughts can drop into your consciousness that never occurred to you before.  Feelings may arise that help you understand.  Spirit is not only all around us, it’s within us.  You are Spirit.  Listening is easier when you remember this.


~ by healingstarspirit on August 10, 2015.

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