2016: The Year of Manifestation

Manifestation is a hot topic, and there are plenty of ‘experts’ that will tell you, or rather ‘sell’ you, how it all works.   Just like you, I, too, have had my eyes and ears open to the maelstrom of information that exists on the topic.  And like most things, I’ve found that when it comes to how to accomplish something, there’s only one way that works for me- my way.

No, I’m not ego-tripping on you!  When I’m helping others, I often try to use story as a method to illustrate this very point.  I’ve been through workshops, readings, training and certification on various techniques on how to do one thing or another.  The exercise wasn’t really to find ‘the way,’ but to observe and uncover the hidden truths in the applications of techniques and methods- resulting in what I call, ‘my way.’   In the end, the truth that always rings the loudest-

To thine own self, be true.

Now be careful with your definitions.  Words don’t always mean what you say with your lips.  Before there are words, there are ideas.  In order to communicate them, we use the words available to us to explain.  Sometimes it doesn’t always translate, as is the case when people use a phrase such as this.  It can easily be taken as a self-important, pompous way of being. But consider this-  that is only the case when we separate ourselves from all that is, as if we are not connected, not a part of all that is.   Read that last sentence aloud, and then see if you find a difference in where you are coming from when you now repeat the phrase, ‘to thine own self, be true.’

2016 is the collective reawakening of humanity to the idea that there is strength within communion that is not attainable through separation.  What I mean is this-  in comtemporary society, it’s acceptable to think in terms of Darwinsm, even if you don’t necessarily subscribe to that teaching.  We are tiny machines, competing for resources and only those who separate themselves from the pack and rise above it are successful.  This mindset is responsible for every act of violence taken in everyday life.  The fear behind the thoughts that we must be stronger than the next person, and eliminate competition for resources in order to survive and thrive, creates a system of subsequent values that move us even further in the direction of separation.  The result?  War on a multitude of levels, including war within our own selves.  It is true that change is not easy or comfortable, but I believe we are coming into an age of awareness that will allow us to adopt the concept that we are all connected, and that everything you do affects others, and everything others do, affects you.  In this model, all of us have a stake in doing the right thing because it makes a better world for all of us- thy self, included. So celebrate the accomplishments of others.  Be in awe and appreciation of the things your fellow brothers and sisters have and are- because they are yours as well, by virtue of our connection to all there is and to one another.

So what does this have to do with manifestation?  Well, if you are willing to become aware of your connection to all there is, then you can’t help but notice that you have access to all there is.  And if you know that we are all connected, you also can’t help but notice that means you are in communication with all there is.  This is an important shift.  As you awaken to this sense of connection, you are also becoming aware of the aspects of your self.

You = Thought/Mind + Emotion/Heart + Intuition/Spirit.

Each aspect of our ‘self,’ has a role and function.  Manifestation does not come from thoughts alone. Big news flash- Thoughts do not program your entire being. They are not responsible for the whole of you! Thoughts attempt to explain and decipher, and that is where you are lead down the primrose path of confusion. The way to the Truth, is to become aware of the other aspects of yourself that a you are discounting, and allow them to be a part of the conversation.  The Heart is the bridge that connects Thought and Spirit through Emotion. Once you begin to see this as the true ‘Trinity,’ within, you will begin to understand what real wholeness is about, and for the first time, perhaps, alignment is possible!

So, my dear readers, the key to manifestation is awakening to our whole, recognizing your connection to all living things, in being in communion with all there is.  Once you come from this place, and not a place of fear, separation, and hierarchy, the universe conspires to bring you what you seek, and you begin to see synchronicities and omens that validate the process.

It would be so much easier to sell you a package for $199 that will give you the steps to manifestation, and then continue to sell you the sequel and so on, but my purpose here is not to keep you attached to me, it is to set you free!

Wishing all of you a Blessed 2016! Happy New Year!

This is your year to transform!

This is your year to transform!


~ by healingstarspirit on January 1, 2016.

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