To be of Service to Others, or to Self?

There are many of us right now, who are discovering the myths behind what we thought were our truths. This year is all about that, so it’s fitting, and if you are one of them, you’re on track.   Something that needs to be addressed in the process of self-discovery is self-love.

Like many others, I have had my own struggles with understanding what the difference is between being loving and kind to myself, versus being selfish.  I’ve also struggled with that calling to be of service, while trying to understand how that translated into self-care.  Spirit has shown me through my own experiences, that there is a need for clarity in this area.

I am brought to a time when I was so down in the dumps I couldn’t see my way out.  Others came to me for help, and the tiny bit of strength I could muster was given freely, as my calling to help others is so deep.  As is the case with many of us, I found that my great love for helping others did not seem to be reciprocated.  In my humanness, I thought about what that might mean.  Was I not giving enough, even still?  Was I not worthy of receiving?  Is this from a past life or am I paying some kind of Karmic debt? It’s normal to look for reasons when something is not working the way we anticipated it would work.

In that space, I was asked to think about what it was I was giving the people who needed my help.  Was I being fully present with them?  Perhaps not.  How could I, when I was in such a state of discomfort, depletion and hopelessness?  Was I giving them a clear picture of what was possible?  Maybe, but not from my own example.  It’s tough to see much from that deep place of processing grief, shame, or the other emotions that are considered ‘negative.’

So the lessons is this- self-care, self-love, and self-development are key to being whole and healthy.  We can’t wait for someone to pick us up and dust us off.  We must find that within ourselves.  You may be asking, “If I have nothing left to give, what can I possibly give even myself?”  That’s where the truth comes in.  We are not just these physical beings.  We carry a seed of the Light of God in all of us.  That seed is the door to our strength.  The strength within you is the Light within you. You may not realize it, but it’s that place of Light inside of you that you are calling in when you help others, and it’s that same place that will help you to help yourself as well.

You’re not just your body, and your body/brain, is not the source of all things.  Use them as tools and resources, by all means, but do not mistake that they are your only source!  Your connection to the Light of God, is what makes you who you are.  It’s not your education, style of fashion, choice of automobile or your job.  Those are all things that are physical, but they do not define the whole of who we are.   At the end of the day, you can lose all of those things- even your physical body, and you will still have your Light.

You are entitled to the full spectrum of the Love and care you offer others, and it is available to you, always.  Call upon it when you need it.  The supply is Limitless.


~ by healingstarspirit on January 8, 2016.

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