The Love of Spirit and Angelic Connections

Last year around this time, I was out having lunch at the Ninety-Nine with my Bestie.  As we waited for our food to be served, I flipped through the pages of the latest edition of Wisdom Magazine.  As I looked at the articles, I noticed a single word on one of the pages jumped out at me, 3-D Spiritual style– ‘lightarian.’  I didn’t know what it meant, but I knew if it was appearing all shiny and sparkly it was because it had significance.   “Hmm,” I said, “I don’t know what it is, but that is something.”

After we finished our lunch, we headed off to The Sanctuary, right on 6A in Barnstable Village on beautiful Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  I had only just heard about this little shop, and was very excited to visit.  When we arrived, we were greeted by a sense of warmth.  The fireplace was lit, and the store was filled with all sorts of treasures, from jewelry and artwork to oracle cards and magical tools.  My Bestie and I took our time, exploring all of the nooks and crannies of the space.  I could feel in my bones that the energy here was of a high vibration, and that is something that I look for whenever I enter any space, but especially a ‘new age’ shop.

As we started back toward the front desk,  the lady at the counter asked, “Are there any questions I can answer for you?”  It was Karen, the smiling face that first welcomed us to The Sanctuary.  My spidey senses were tingling when she asked us this, and I immediately flashed back to that word- “Do you have anyone here who does ‘Lightarian’ work?” I asked.   The answer was a resounding, “Yes, we do!”  This is where I first learned about the AngelLinks™, a series of attunements that connect you to a Seraphim named Rose Aura, and to each of the 4 Archangels.  I intuitively knew this was what Spirit had intended for me to be drawn to.  I took home the brochure that explained these attunements and made a phone call to Rev. Amy Marino, who was the store’s proprietor, and the facilitator for the AngelLinks™.

A day or so passed by, and I found myself in my car, driving back from my lunch break.  I was only working part-time, and did not have any extra money to spend on things I deemed non-essential to living.   I was thinking out loud.  “The only way I can afford to pay for these attunements is if I can take one class a month, over the next 5 months.”   I knew I would be moving to Florida by the end of June, and I did not want to miss out on this opportunity I was being guided to experience.  Within minutes of having this thought, Amy returned my call.  I asked about the process, and if I would have to make individual appointments for each attunement.  This was the moment that any doubt I had, was wiped from my mind.  She told me that a few people who had one or two of the attunements were suddenly calling her to take the others, and since there was enough interest, she was putting together a schedule of one attunement per month, that would be done with a small group.  My smile must have been enormous.  I silently thanked Spirit, and signed up for the first class, which was the attunement to Rose Aura, on February 14th, Valentine’s Day.  What a perfect day to express my gratitude for the Love of Spirit.

One year later, almost to the day, it has been become clear that the time has come for me to share these AngelLinks™ with others.  As such, I am currently taking appointments to pass on these attunements, which have greatly enriched my relationship with the Angels, and brought me a new sense of being connected to Spirit.

Please click on the image below for more information, and to sign up for your personal attunements!




The Lightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation

The Sanctuary




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