Tell It Like It Is!

We all have recurring themes in our lives that we chalk up to coincidence, bad luck, or blame on outside influences.  The truth is, they are none of those.  They are forms of communication from that place of knowing inside of us and if we take the time to work with them, they transform us.  One of my biggest personal lessons in this life has been to have the courage to use the power of my voice.   The most recent symbol from Spirit for this specific lesson was written about in a previous post, which you can find here.

When a lesson is presented by Spirit as something you are meant to learn or understand, the signs you receive are often repetitive. This way, you are sure to trust them.  Today’s blog will give you some insight of how this one continues to present itself in my life, and why this lesson is of such great importance to me to take this opportunity to use my voice in regard to a very specific topic.

As human beings, we naturally look for solutions to ease the pain and unpleasantness of our situations in life.  But we don’t live in a society that values truth.  We live in a society that values capitalism.  So, naturally, the response from a business perspective is to give the people what they want.  This has led to a lot of seemingly helpful products that are presented in the guise of being the complete solution to what ails you, and yet, falls very short of the mark.

Spirit has taken me through many experiences to show me that there is a need for spiritual warriors here.  When I see people that are let down when their expectations are not met, and even worse, they are blaming themselves for ‘not doing it right,’ I can’t help but feel that fire in the pit of my belly, asking me to do what is necessary to stop this unnecessary misery.  One of the worst offending misrepresentations in the spiritual self-help genre is the  illusion that all of our ‘negative’ emotions and traumas can be washed away into thinking happy thoughts.  This is nonsense.  Nothing exists without a purpose, even if it creates discomfort, sadness, grief, or pain.  Ignoring these natural forms of communication from our own beings is detrimental. No rain, no rainbow.  The real gold is in being taught how to work with and through these feelings,  not in pushing them away.

The predominant attitude at large that it’s someone else’s job to solve our problems is creating a world where we are less and less in touch with ourselves.  We are all too busy with the ‘important’ things, and have no time to give to such matters as healing our traumas.  Why put ourselves through the anguish of examining our difficult feelings when we can pay a ‘shrink’ to take care of it for us?  That’s a very easy question to answer.   It’s easier for us to give someone else the responsibility of handling the difficult tasks in life.  But what’s the trade-off?  Giving away the responsibility, also gives away your power.

You know all of those books out there that tell you how powerful you are?  They are right.  You are powerful, and yet the counterpart to really standing in your power– taking responsibility for it– appears to be oddly absent, doesn’t it? Recognize that when something is uncomfortable, it is calling your attention to it, so you can use your power to transform it.   If you are truly following your path, your guidance will always be present, even when you think you are just disappearing into the sweet escape of watching sci-fi in your pajamas.

You are worth more than the collection of books on your shelf, filled with the theories of other people.  Have the courage to have an original thought, and to gain knowledge through your own personal experience.  Rely on you!


From the Deck of I AM, by Deb Barrett,

With Love and Respect for all of my Readers, ❤️


~ by healingstarspirit on February 16, 2016.

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