Self-Aware is not Self-Centered

From the very beginning, I’ve let it be very clear that this blog is largely about my own spiritual experiences.  I share these to help others find solace that they are not alone in their spiritual experiences. They can be so varied and intricate, that no two are exactly alike.  I believe in the power of taking the events of my life, and using them to find a higher meaning that will serve a higher purpose and usefulness in my life as well as those of my readers.  My words are never meant to be a gospel for you to live by, but a place for you to relate your own experiences and entertain the idea that there can be useful insight when seen through the eyes of a different perspective.  I love and respect everyone who reads this blog, and has supported my life’s purpose just by reading these words.

 I’ve found a universal truth in the many conversations I’ve been privileged to have with people who have shared their stories with me.  I’ve learned that the only truth we can possibly know, is our own.  The only way that I can understand your truth is to find a commonality that would allow me to build a bridge from where I’m standing in my own truth. In conversation with self-aware people, you will often hear them speaking about things from their perspective, and then using comparisons to come to an understanding. You may hear “The way this feels to me is…,” or, “In my past experiences I’ve observed…”  These are statements that come from an individual who is aware enough to speak on what he or she has experienced, while simultaneously communicating a respect that the person they are speaking to may not have experienced the same event the same way.   Spiritually awakened people communicate with one another with one common goal- connection.  Establishing connection is everything to us.  But there is another scenario that takes this beautiful concept and turns it into something ugly.  This is where ‘self-aware,’ becomes ‘self-centered.’   When someone who is not self-aware participates in a conversation with someone who is, all they perceive is that the conversation is being hijacked and re-framed around the other person.  It becomes a threat.  Beings who are insecure, or ‘playing the game,’ rather than being in their authenticity, will make you the source of the negative emotions they are feeling. Hence, you will hear them accuse you, of being all about you.  For them, conversation is not a means of understanding and connection, but a way of establishing status and identity, mistaking what they are hearing as selfishness.  Many of us are guilty of walking into situations where the very people who want to be perceived as ‘open,’ invited us to share our feelings, only to mock them behind our backs.

For every misunderstood soul, who by stepping back to give another space has been called rude, or who by speaking from their own viewpoint with the intention of respecting that others may have experienced something differently have been called self-centered, please know that you are simply a vibrational mismatch for the situation or environment you are in.  There is nothing wrong with you, and there is no reason to feel that you need to change yourself.  It is not a criminal act to love yourself enough, not to tolerate hurtful behavior directed at you, and to create healthy boundaries that help you feel safe to be in your authenticity.  If you are a lamb, it is not wise to sleep with lions.  If you are awake, it will not serve you to struggle to be understood by those who are sleeping.  Find the ‘3rd’ option, and go in the direction that your speaks to your soul.


~ by healingstarspirit on May 19, 2016.

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