Confirmation is King!

Hey Spirit Bunnies! I’m sharing something today about a personal experience that I hope will help you on your journey with developing and trusting your abilities. I was questioning a current situation.

My thoughts, like yours, have an electrical charge that go out to the universal grid that connects all of us as well as those in Spirit and Source. “Will this always be like this? Should I just cash in my chips and accept that it’s just the way it is?’ The answer came clairaudiently- ‘No.’ I asked ‘how in the world could it be possible for any of this to change?’ And there it was, ‘because something will happen that will make it impossible not to.’ Well, okay! But guess what? I woke up and I felt like I wanted to know for sure that I heard it right- which happens even to the most seasoned people.

I pulled a card, and laughed at myself, because I should know better by now but there it was. I’m posting the meaning verbatim from the guide book, because the message is unmistakable. Happy journeys and know even when you are sure you’ve fallen off the grid, your problems are not invisible, and your prayers are heard! If you think you got it wrong- Spirit will not give up on getting you the confirmation you need to move forward in confidence.

From the Earth Warriors Oracle by Alana Fairchild, Blue Angel Publishing


~ by healingstarspirit on July 12, 2021.

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