The Magic in the Stillness

When was a little girl, my most favorite place to be was in our screen house in the backyard during a rainstorm. When it was sunny, I’d be out on our enclosed front porch, which was mostly used for storage, including my mother’s ‘Hope Chest,’ from days gone by. By the time college came, my sanctuary was the library. I even got a job working in the microfilm and microfiche room, so I could spend more time in the dimly lit, muted environment that was filled with an air of order.

As I look back on my life, I realize that the most productive times in my life were those times when I was able to spend in a peaceful environment. Adult life has a way of robbing us of this kind of stillness. Our responsibilities become a lot of fast-paced activities, and when there is time to rest, we feel guilty for not using the time to do something else on the checklist.

It’s time to make room for the sacred, the stillness, and the deep soul-need for peace. It’s the only way to ‘right’ the ship, as they say. We can chase after all sorts of very impressive-sounding solutions and systems of thinking to try to make sense out of why we aren’t feeling that sense of centeredness, but the truth of it is, we will never find it until we allow ourselves time and space for stillness.

You are responsible for making this happen. It’s your life. If you are letting other people or circumstances dictate your choices… if you are creating a list of priorities that does not include your own mental and emotional health… if you are willing to trade an ounce of comfort in your own life so another can enjoy comfort in theirs… this blog is speaking to you. Know that the state you are in is not just a result of your choices, but the place from which you make them. While it is considered loving to give up something for another- such as a mother who sacrifices her own peace to offer more of her energy to her children- there is always an opposing, contrasting energy to every decision.

Nothing is all good or all bad. All of life is both.

There is a deep seed of truth in the Universe that permeates everything, and that truth is that all of us will experience ups and downs, sometimes simultaneously. Life is about balance. If too many decisions favor one side, there will be a strong reaction from the other side of the scale. The key is to be aware that this is a law of the universe that will not be ignored. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

As humans we have many things in our lives to prioritize, in order to complete the things we wish to accomplish here. Today, ask yourself if you are being balanced in how you go about weighing the importance of those priorities. While time is a factor that can help us manage the order of things that we need to accomplish, do not forget that it is you who is ultimately the master of your domain, and you who have the power to reorder, reorganize and recreate at any time. Life is more than a series of making and cleaning messes. It’s about recalibrating and readjusting to maintain balance in all aspects of our lives. This is possible, I promise. You will still get where you are going, but you don’t have to do so in a state of exhaustion and disarray. You have the power.

Find the moment when you can feel that stillness, and that peace will return to you, long enough for you to adjust your sails and see clearly again. If there is no such moment- create one. The magic is in the stillness.


~ by healingstarspirit on June 28, 2022.

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