The Hidden Gifts of Hurricane Ian

My friends- especially my fellow Floridian friends- we have been through something that I can only describe using one word- horrific. As the 100mph winds gusted, whistled, and warped the frames, blowing in the heavy panels of the sliding doors on my lanai, I knew one emotion- fear.

In the wake of this ordeal, many have their own stories to tell about what they went through, how they handled situations they never thought they would have to, and what it feels like on the other side. Please listen to all of them. All are valid, and all have something to teach us.

My ‘gift’ of sensitivity, intuition, or whatever label you prefer, has been with me always. I’ve never known a time when I was truly alone, though my human need for connection made me believe I was. I’m not ashamed of my experiences here in this life, as I know from a much higher place, many were chosen by my soul, for a purpose I will only know when it is over. The struggle is having the ‘knowing’ but not all of it. No one does. However, the pieces of the puzzle have a way of coming together if you are doing the work. I was not given a vision of this hurricane. I had no idea it was coming, but I was being given pieces of information that I was told I needed to share.

In the months leading up to this hurricane, the messages Spirit urged me to share were posted on my FB Page, Confessions of a Spirit Messenger. At this point, if you have been paying attention, you now know why they were there. Most recently, I did an entire video in a private group urging people to be aware of the answers to their prayers when they arrive. I was even given the image of a man struggling in a body of water, surrounded by pieces of wreckage, who was being offered a raft by a small boat passing by. The message was- you’ve prayed for help, please take the help.’ In addition to this very clear message, the card-pulls that are posted have been addressing topics such as removing the masks we use to be who others think we should be, and sowing the seeds for what you truly want. In one post I spoke to the need for balance, and another was about clarity. And now here we stand, in the wake and destruction of Hurricane Ian. Many of us, myself included, have had destruction to things like property, businesses, and sadly experienced the loss of their homes.

So with all that it has taken from us, what is the Gift of Hurricane Ian and what does it have to do with all of the messages that lead up to this storm?

This is a screen shot I captured during the hurricane, while I still had the ability to receive cell data.

Many of have you been praying for help, for months and maybe years. Take a moment to think about your passing thoughts during the day, for example, because those are not just thoughts, they are communication that is being broadcasted – AND received. Maybe you were dissatisfied with your work. Perhaps you had been feeling increasingly isolated or lonely and without a tribe. Indeed, many of us have been struggling with interpersonal relationships of all kinds for quite some time. In all its manner of destruction, Hurricane Ian is offering us a chance at creation.

Are you going to rebuild the life you had? You know, the one where you complained daily about the same issues, people, lack of opportunity, etc? Or will you take this chance to build the life you actually deserve for yourself? Will you go back to wearing all of your lovely masks, trying to fit in where you clearly do not belong? Had you been thinking of changing location, career, partner, direction in your life? This is the hidden gift of Hurricane Ian. It may take a moment for you to process this, and I am certainly not minimizing the enormous loss this has cause many of us, myself included.

But you’ve been praying for change. For things to be better. To feel more purpose in your life. To be loved for who you truly are. For a new life.

We cannot control the way our solutions come to us, and they surely do not feel like victories in the moment, but make no mistake, the wheel is still turning and it’s up to you how you move through and past this event. Just like the Tower card in the major arcana of the Tarot, in order for progress to be made, and for something better to emerge, we must first tear down the old.

Have you been saying you’ve wanted to move on but did not or could not because of the things already in place that you were not willing to let go of? Well, for many of us, those things may be gone, so holding on is no longer an option. So where do we go from here?

This is where you get to take a moment and take inventory of where you were, and where you want to be. To create the life you wished for, and can love living. Take a look around. Do you see now that all that you had around you to hold you up was a struggle because it was never really what you actually wanted? I’ve given readings for people who spoke with such passion and urgency about how much they disliked their lives, and wanted better, but at every single opportunity that came along to move in a different direction, chose to stay exactly where they were. They are entitled to their decisions, as are we all, but when you ask for help, and help arrives, it is only on us if we do not accept it.

Hurricane Ian is showing us where we were not in alignment, and struggling to keep those oars in the water even though we no longer wanted to move in the direction we were headed. Anything that is out of alignment will not be able to stand forever. We all tire of the fight, and eventually, it collapses. Spiritually speaking, this is your answered prayer, painful and destructive as it may seem. Take this and do something with it. Rebuild, redirect, readjust your sails.. but please, do something. Everyone’s ‘something’ will look different. It may be simply beginning to say ‘no’ to the situations and people who have drained you and left you wanting. It may be finally having the space and time to go to school for something you are passionate about. After all, you have to rebuild, so isn’t it worth it to choose a starting point that’s in alignment with your soul? It may be walking away from what you thought was a friendship, because in a crisis situation, you’ve seen someone’s true colors. If you were dreaming of packing up and running away to a faraway place, your gift may be the lifting of the burden that was stopping you. However big or small, you are being given the gift of a reset button.

If you have been affected by Hurricane Ian and are actively in the throws of this struggle, this message is not for you. I urge you to get all the care, support and community you can right now, so you can get to a place where this message makes some sense to you at a future time.

For those who hear it right now, and need further guidance, please reach out and book a session. It’s time for you to move in the direction of your dreams. This is your Calling.


~ by healingstarspirit on October 8, 2022.

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