So you came here to experience Earth? Are you ‘On-Task?’

One of the many reasons we came here to Earth is for our Souls to have experiences we cannot have any other way. As a Soul, we think, ‘Yes, this is where it’s at! Set me up and let’s launch this adventure!’ If you’re reading this, you’re actively on your Earthly mission. My question is this- how many times have you sat in the dark with yourself praying that you will be finished with your lessons and tests here, and hoping you are doing what you think you came here to do?

Oh, and did you realize that when you were ‘dropped off,’ you specifically chose others in Spirit to keep watch over you and help you with your lessons?

It’s not an uncommon thing for those of us who are spiritually aware or in touch with the higher self aspect, to have visitors drop in from other realms. Sometimes they are loved ones who come to show us they are okay and have made their transition. Other times they may be higher beings who are assigned to us as helpers, and will show up to assist with healing on many levels. Then there are The Guides, and they are many. In fact, you have an invisible team that you would find quite remarkable if you realized how dedicated they are to assisting you on your journey.

I recently met someone who mentioned an experience that I found quite interesting. He said his visitors appeared to be to be somewhat unhappy with him.* Following that, I had a conversation with a longtime friend who shared an experience that seemed to answer why they may have seemed unhappy. That’s what lead to this blog post.

Note: When similar things come up in close succession, we call that synchronicity, and you should definitely pay attention to these instances because they are genuine communication from Spirit.

The Guides are never sinister, however, if they appear with a sense of urgency, or intensity it is because THEY are on their task- which is to keep YOU on-task. Before you came, you asked for them to come tap you on the shoulder when you are getting off-course from the plan you created for this incarnation. A Guide’s presence at just the right moment can be like feeling lost at a really strange cocktail party, and suddenly looking over to see a friend who is giving you the nod. Suddenly you are able to excuse yourself, get a little pep talk or pat on the back and get your head back in the game.

So many of us, myself included, fear we will not complete the assignments we gave ourselves when we came here. If you’re there, know that help is available to you, however, a huge part of the exercise here is free will/choice. You knew when you came here you could choose to go ‘off-task,’ midstream, and/or included a bunch of side-quests. When you are in Spirit, you don’t worry about ‘incomplete assignments,’ for a few reasons. First, you are fully aware that you are an eternal being, and there is no end-game, there is only more growth and expansion. Second, your sense of perfection is much different than what we think of here in human form. For example here, you experience hierarchy and order, which creates the idea that perfection has a specific set of rules to follow. In Spirit, all is in unity, so our consciousness doesn’t feel the need to course-correct or control an outcome. Neither decision is correct or incorrect. They are what I call ‘choice points,’ and will simply alter your ongoing path.

Having said that, if you decide in your Earthly wisdom, that living your purpose isn’t all that special, you have the choice to ignore it. If you want to shut out your inner voice and treat it as imagination, you may. However, if you are reading this, I’m assuming your purpose is paramount and what you decided before you got psychic amnesia is worth pursuing and completing, so this next part is for you. Just as firefighters are at the ready, 100% of the time, so are your Guides. The essential part of this comparison is this- just as firefighters wait for ‘the call,’ so do your Guides. They are not allowed to interfere with your design. They must be invited to participate. They are your dedicated team and will come when called upon. Although they will not complete the task for you, they will help you by showing you signs, perhaps something to help you remember why you chose the tasks to begin with, why your purpose was important to you to accomplish, or help you see the effect your work will have on others.

It sounds simple, but as humans we think we are supposed to bear the heavy load and do it all ourselves. So, do yourself a favor, and allow yourself to entertain the idea that you’re not cheating by asking for help. After all, you made the choice to make the help available in the first place- so take it!

*Force is not a hallmark of Divine Design, so if anything appears to you that feels harmful, or menacing, please call on Source or for Divine assistance. Spirit is persistent, but not threatening *


~ by healingstarspirit on March 13, 2023.

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