Everyday Signs- the Language of Spirit

Hello, my readers! Today, I’m bringing you my teaching on signs from Spirit, and why you may not be recognizing them.

This is something that is quite often asked by those who come seeking guidance, as they become frustrated with trying to understand their own gifts. If you come to this work as a skeptic, then I welcome you. Frankly, skeptics are the ones who usually receive the most profound, undeniable signs. As my blog’s tagline suggests, “Walking in the Light of Spirit with one foot in each world,” I have fully embraced that there is an incredible, unseen world all around us. I have never tried to seek it out. It has always been something I’ve been aware of, however, I am honest that I didn’t always understand it. No matter where your starting point is, I hope this blog will help you find your way, or at least help you see how another person took a next step.

Spirit is Patient

When it comes to communication with the unseen world of Spirit, this is one of the hallmarks. You may discount something a dozen times, but if it is true communication, and on some level you have asked for it, Spirit will not give up until you have recognized it. In the early days of my learning to actually understand this new language, Spirit showed me things in threes. Over time, my healthy skeptical mind began to see the pattern and trust that I was not imagining it. I’ve been actively doing this work for over 20 years now, and even still, I may need something twice, just to verify, and Spirit is never upset or angry with me for not getting it right the first time. If you, like me, had impatient, disgruntled teachers as a child, who made you feel like you weren’t worth the time or effort, this is something of a healing of that trauma. Learning the language of signs from Spirit is gentle, and there’s never a time when Spirit will just give up on you.

Spirit Knows Your Secret Heart

We all have our own private thoughts and feelings that we do not share with the world. The thing is, in our physical world we primarliy rely on words for communication, along with body language, to relay information. Part of the unseen world is our energy field, and it contains ALL of the information, without needing words. For example, if you’ve always been fascinated by willow trees, but kept it to yourself and never spoke a word of it, you might think that unless you spoke it out loud, another couldn’t’ know it. It would require your permission, in a way. Your sign may come in a way that seems like a coincidence to you because you hold that belief that information is only available when you share it with someone. Let’s say you are thinking about taking classes so you can start a new business or just add to your skillset, but you are unsure about this decision. You then drive up to the first night of classes, and after sitting down, you notice a willow tree just outside the window where you chose to sit. Spirit does not require words to communicate to you because it sees all of you, especially the parts of your heart that are most precious to you. That is why the meaning comes through so clear when these signs appear.

Everything that is Alive Communicates

The spark of life that animates all creation means that we come from and are connected to the Source of all things- Spirit. Each of us is capable of this communication, because of that connection. You may think of someone and that person sends you a text or calls you, and think that’s just a coincidence. Perhaps it’s because we are so indoctrinated into this physical existence that we focus only on our five senses and rely on them only. This is where a daily practice is mandatory if you’re serious about really developing your other senses. Practice makes perfect. The only way to recognize signs consistently enough to develop your vocabulary with Spirit is to work with it consciously. As a tool to help you with your focus, I always suggest journaling. To some it’s a time-consuming task, and they don’t see the value in it, but the truth is, this is the only way you will prove to yourself that what you are experiencing is real. If you are the type that is not open to sharing experiences, then your only way to see the patterns over time is to keep a log of them that only you see. It does take time, but time is required in learning any new language. You wouldn’t expect to learn Italian overnight, would you? You’d need to see visual cues, repetition, and become comfortable with the translation. This language will be your personal language with Spirit, and only you can develop it. Referring back to my last point- if willow trees are sacred to you, but to me they are just like any other tree, they will not speak the same meaning to me when they suddenly appear. To you, there is a meaning. Keep track of when signs like this with personal meaning come to you, and over time, you will look back over your writing and notice they appear at a very specific moment.

Thoughts are not invisible to Spirit

Thoughts are only heard when we speak them aloud in the physical, or translate them into action. In Spirit, they are heard clearly and plainly. As you journal (or draw), notice if there is a specific thought you’re having just before the sign appears. For example, if you sometimes speak to your loved ones who have passed on, and there is a sign that appears, know that you are receiving a response in a way that helps you understand that person is present and has heard you. For many people, this type of sign comes in the form of a bird- perhaps a Cardinal- and it is one way you may receive confirmation that you are being heard, and maybe being helped by that person. Thoughts are very important that way, as they are broadcast in your energy field and require no words for those of us who speak energy, and especially for Spirit.

I hope this helps you on your personal journey to developing your intuitive, spiritual and other gifts. There is so much more than what our naked eye sees, but in order to discover all the wonder and possibilities, we must put in the focus. The rewards are priceless.


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