Moving Past Your Blocks, Part 2:  Your Shadow is Your Friend

Sometimes the darkness can show you the light!

Christmas Moon 2015

If you read my blog on how to move past your blocks and into your future, and have started the process, then this is a good time for you to move on to the next phase.

Simply gazing up at the beautiful Christmas moon, shows you the power of the Darkness, as the Light of that beautiful heavenly body pierced the night sky.  So too, can your darkness show you, your powerful Light within.

The Shadow Self, a term coined by Carl Jung is the part of us that we keep hidden from the world, and oftentimes, from ourselves.  This is not necessarily a conscious decision, however, taking steps to explore it and what it holds is a conscious choice.  After you have been journaling for some time, you will begin to notice things that didn’t pop up into your awareness before.  These are your personal Shadows, and they can help you move forward if you allow yourself to look at them without judgement.  For example, you may have been writing about your career, or lack of one.  Perhaps you will find that there are words or phrases you use frequently in your journaling about this topic.  Look carefully.  Pretend you are looking into the heart of another person, who is allowing you to peer into the window of their soul, revealing their darkest secrets.  Are you seeing patterns that suggest you feel undeserving of a successful career?  Do you detect an undertone that implies that people who seek to have an abundance of money are immoral?  These concepts may sound silly on the surface, but when we take the time to dig deep, there are patterns and beliefs, operating underneath the surface that are the origin of our blocks.

In order to move past these blocks, you must first acknowledge them.  Let yourself sit in the vibration of the thought pattern you’ve uncovered.  You can do this actively, thinking about it as you clean up around the house, or take a walk, or you can be still and meditate on it.  Either is fine, as long as it feels good to you.  Ask yourself if there may have been a specific instance or age when you first came to believe this to be true.  Go with the first thing that comes to you, and try not to second-guess.   The answers are not right or wrong in this process, and it is quite personal, so be compassionate with yourself as you move through it.  You may find something as simple as an incident from your childhood where you saw someone who had a lot of money using it to do evil things, for example.  You may have overheard a conversation at a young age around what is a good career choice or a bad one.  One simple thought can implant itself in your energy field and act like a virus, hijacking your dreams and personal fulfillment.

Once you have this information, your next step is to ask it to be released.  Intuitively, most people have a gut feeling of a ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ but you may also use a pendulum, muscle testing, or other form of accessing your subconscious that feels appropriate.

If you sense there is a ‘no’ or ‘stop’ energy around it when you ask if it is okay to clear the pattern, let it be.  There may be a number of reasons for this, such as a lesson your soul is trying to learn, or that you may not be ready to let it go.  This doesn’t excuse you from giving it the attention it needs to move past it. It simply means there is more for you to ask your Shadow about.  Continue to journal about what you have uncovered and repeat the process of reviewing your writing after a period of time, and ask again, if it is appropriate to remove it from your energy field.

If you sense an intuitive ‘yes’ or ‘go,’ then you may use the method of your choosing to relase the energy of the belief or pattern from your energy field.  Since we all have our own ways of intuitively sensing information, I will not prescribe one single way to clear your pattern, as one way does not work for everyone.  Some people find that visualizing themselves surrounded by pure Source Energy works well.  Others find that it’s helpful to feel or sense where the pattern exists in their aura and use their hands pull it into a bubble of light they send straight to God.  Doreen Virtue has a clearing meditation which may be helpful if you feel you need a bit of guidance in your process.  However you feel is best for you, is the right way.

If you’ve successfully removed the pattern,  you will feel a shift, or difference in your energy field of some kind.  It may be subtle or it may be big and booming.  Let it be what it is without judging it.  If you do not feel that it has been removed, you may try another technique, or you may try going back to your Shadow to ask for more information about the problem you are trying to clear.

As we look forward to 2016, creating our New Year’s Resolutions, it’s also important to also peer into our Shadow and see what is hiding there. You wouldn’t fill a filthy house with new furniture before you cleaned it out, would you? So it’s time to clean house to make room for the all the new, wonderful experiences ahead of you!


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